Top 10 – Luxury Family Villas in Mallorca

Mallorca, an island famous for its stunning beaches, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant culture, is also home to an array of luxurious villas perfect for families seeking the ultimate comfort and privacy. So, buckle up as we dive into the top 10 luxury family villas in Mallorca for an unforgettable stay.

Luxury Family Villas in Mallorca

10 Luxury Family Villas in Mallorca

  1. Finca Ses Plenetes
  2. Villa Son Pruners
  3. Villa S’eriasal
  4. Villa Ca’n Verd
  5. Blue Sky Mallorca Luxury Villa
  6. Sa Vinya de Son Bou
  7. Can De L’ausina
  8. Villa Sondó Blons
  9. Finca Sa Pedra Roja
  10. Finca Es Pujol
  1. Finca Ses Plenetes

Experience the charm of traditional Mallorcan living at this rural Finca in Binissalem. A restored farmhouse that still retains its historic character, the Finca is nestled in the picturesque wine region of Binissalem. It’s surrounded by extensive vineyards and almond trees, making it the perfect spot for a tranquil retreat. The accommodation is child-friendly and comes with a stunning outdoor pool. Best of all, the local town of Binissalem is known for its wine culture, and the property is ideally located to enjoy the best wineries on the island.

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Rural finca in Mallorca
  • 2. Villa Son Pruners | Luxury Family Villas in Mallorca

Situated in the bustling town of Palma, Villa Son Pruners is a stone’s throw away from the best nightlife in Palma de Mallorca, yet offers a serene haven for families. The luxury villa features a contemporary design, a bbq area, and an outdoor pool area and patio where families can enjoy the Mallorcan sun. It’s only 4km from the airport.

Luxury Family Villas in Mallorca
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  • 3. Villa S’erisal

If your family appreciates a blend of rustic charm and modern luxury, Villa S’erisal is the perfect choice. Located near the Binissalem wine region, this luxury villa provides families with a unique opportunity to experience Mallorca’s wine culture. With ample outdoor spaces and a private vineyard, it’s an idyllic home away from home.

Luxury Family Villas in Mallorca
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  • 4. Villa Ca’n Verd

Overlooking one of the 10 best beaches in Mallorca, Villa Ca’n Verd is the epitome of beachside luxury. Families can enjoy direct beach access, a heated pool, and a variety of indoor and outdoor entertainment options. This villa truly embodies the phrase “luxury family villas in Mallorca“.

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  • 5. Blue Sky Mallorca Luxury Villa | Luxury Family Villas in Mallorca

In the charming village of Andratx, Blue Sky Mallorca Luxury Villa offers an immersive Mallorcan experience. This luxury villa features modern architecture, a private pool, and proximity to some of the best restaurants in Andratx. Families can savor local cuisine and retreat to their luxurious sanctuary within minutes. This villa has 5 bedrooms, so why don’t you take your whole family to this beautiful villa in Mallorca?

  • 6. Sa Vinya de Son Bou

Perched on a hillside near Sóller, Sa Vinya de Son Bou lives up to its name, offering stunning views of the Mediterranean. After a day exploring the top things to do in Sóller, families can watch the sunset from their private terrace or enjoy a dip in the infinity pool.

  • 7. Can De L’ausina | Luxury Family Villas in Mallorca

Located in the tranquil countryside near Pollença, Can De L’ausina offers families a peaceful retreat with a touch of luxury. The expansive outdoor area, complete with a pool and playground, makes it a favorite among families visiting Mallorca.

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  • 8. Villa Sondó Blons

Embraced by rolling hills and a verdant landscape, Villa Sondó Blons is a destination that offers a perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and tranquillity. Ideal for families, this serene retreat presents ample amenities like a swimming pool, spacious gardens, BBQ facilities, and a playground. Experience the island’s culinary delights with Mallorcan Cuisine & Wine Pairing and add a touch of luxury to your family vacation. For exploratory adventures, Hidden Gems of Mallorca can guide you to the island’s secret attractions.

  • 9. Finca Sa Pedra Roja

Imagine waking up to the stunning views of Deia, a tranquil coastal village. That’s what awaits you at Finca Sa Pedra Roja. This enchanting villa, fitted with world-class amenities, promises an indulgent holiday experience for families. With a private pool and an open-plan design that accentuates Mallorca’s beautiful landscape, it’s the perfect base for your family getaway. This finca is located in one of the 5 most beautiful villages in Mallorca and definitely worth a visit. It’s also works well as day trip from Palma, if you prefer to stay in the capital.

Luxury Family Villas in Mallorca
  • 10. Finca Es Pujol

Finca Es Pujol, located in the northern region of Mallorca, is the perfect retreat for families yearning for a slice of luxury in a homely setting. Offering modern conveniences along with a private swimming pool, a vast garden, and a sun terrace, this villa promises a holiday experience like no other. Venture out and explore the 5 Best Things to do in Alcudia, or spend a relaxed day indulging in Mallorca’s sumptuous culinary offerings eating steak, paella or try out one of our favorite restaurants.


Choosing from these luxury family villas in Mallorca is just the first step in your unforgettable family holiday. Mallorca is brimming with exciting experiences, from exploring the hidden gems of the island to savoring Mallorca’s best steak at local restaurants. So why wait? Start planning your luxury family holiday in Mallorca today.

If you’re still hunting for the perfect accommodation for your family holiday in Mallorca, remember to check out our selection of the best finca hotels on the island. These traditional rural estates combine authentic Mallorcan charm with modern amenities, ensuring a unique and memorable stay.


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