Unwinding at Camping Wien : A Hideaway on Lago di Garda

camping wien lago di garda

Nestled amidst the shimmering waters of Lago di Garda and the whispering olive trees lies a slice of Italian paradise: Camping Wien. This charming, family-run 3-star campsite, with a range of comfortable accommodation and a private beach, was my home away from home for several glorious days. Let me share with you the story of my adventure.

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My Home at Camping Wien | Lago di Garda

The welcoming family that runs Camping Wien offers various cozy accommodation options, from mobile homes to apartments and chalets. I chose to stay in one of their charming apartments, a perfect mix of comfort and style, providing a private retreat within the campsite’s lively atmosphere. And the best part? Waking up to the beautiful views of the lake every morning on my own patio.

Now, let’s talk about the services, which are second to none. The campsite provides free Wi-Fi for those who can’t quite disconnect, a market with fresh bread and pastries for your morning fix, and a bar for when you need to quench your thirst with a cold one. With laundry facilities, a children’s playground, a table tennis area, and a lovely garden, Camping Wien ensures all your needs are met and your stay is relaxed and enjoyable.

Wine Tasting at Camping Wien

One of the unique experiences I was fortunate to enjoy at Camping Wien was a tasting of their own wine, ‘La Conta.’ The family is currently rebuilding their winery, but that didn’t stop them from offering a delightful tasting at home! The Lugana wine, produced on their own property, was a celebration of flavors, reflecting the rich terroir of the Lago di Garda region. This special tasting is one of the unique experiences that guests can book during their stay.

A Day on the Lake

To further explore the beautiful Lago di Garda, I embarked on a delightful boat tour in Sirmione. The lake’s serene beauty, viewed from the boat, was an unforgettable experience, adding another dimension to my adventure. One of the highlights of my stay was the boat tour with Bertoldi Boats. It was a fantastic way to explore the lake and catch sight of the stunning surrounding scenery. And, of course, you might already know about my love for Bardolino and Desenzano del Garda, which are close by and worth a visit.

A Treat for Our Furry Friends

Pet owners will be delighted to know that Camping Wien is not only incredibly pet-friendly but also conveniently close to a special dog beach. This made the stay even more enjoyable, knowing that our four-legged friends are also having a wonderful time!

Exploring the Neighborhood

From Camping Wien, I had easy access to the beautiful lakeside towns of Bardolino and Desenzano del Garda. Whether it was immersing myself in the local culture, historical churches, and the delightful wines of Bardolino, or enjoying the beautiful beaches, lively nightlife, and rich archaeological heritage of Desenzano del Garda, being based at Camping Wien made these journeys so much easier!

Camping Wien Lago di Garda

Camping Wien Lago di Garda

Camping Wien provided the perfect backdrop for my Lago di Garda adventure. From tasting their delicious local wine to enjoying the convenience of a well-located, comfortable, and pet-friendly base, this family-run campsite was a joy to discover. I can’t wait to return to this lakeside retreat, a little piece of Italian heaven that captured my heart.

Exploring the Splendors of Lago di Garda

Lago di Garda, Italy‘s enchanting freshwater gem, is adorned with numerous picturesque towns and destinations. From the historical allure of Sirmione, the vibrant vibes of Desenzano del Garda, the serene beauty of Bardolino there’s a myriad of experiences waiting to be explored. Other notable destinations around the lake include Riva del Garda, Peschiera del Garda, and Salò. Each town, with its unique character and charm, promises a distinctive journey for travelers. Dive into these articles and let the adventures around Lago di Garda unfold. I’ve been coming here on the lake, from when i was a little kid and I’m planning to always come back and discover more hidden gems of Sirmione and the whole lake.

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