Italian beach vacation – Why you should consider Sardinia

Italian beach vacation

Are you looking for an Italian beach vacation that doesn’t involve driving south to the Amalfi Coast?  Well look no further, because mainland Italy, plus the island life, is just a short plane ride away! Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, has everything you could ever want in a holiday. Water that sparkles in the most profound shades of turquoise, blue, and green, and Italian cuisine so delicious my mouth is watering just thinking about it! It also has sandy beaches, and a unique history that you can’t help but ponder as you sip the delightful local wines.  This big, little island has a lot of ground to cover! So allow me to introduce you to two of my favorite cities on the Northwest side of Sardinia: Alghero and Stintino.

Alghero, Italian delicacy

One of my favorite things about Alghero and why a visit is essential during your Italian beach vacation, is that you can enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches during the day, and the liveliness of the promenade and old town at night. I spent my days with my toes in the sand, and then at night I had my choice: I could stay near the beach at one of the many vibrant bars and restaurants, or it was only a 15-minute walk to the bustling and charismatic old town.

Near the beach, I had an unforgettable meal at Ristorante Enhorabona. I tasted my first Sardinian wine and mingled with an American couple that makes Alghero their second home. I dined on pasta, clams, and tomatoes, which were seasoned ever so perfectly. The dish was then sprinkled with Bottarga- a Sardinian delicacy that I would continue to find on many of my meals while on the island.  After dinner, I enjoyed a Negroni at one of the bars on the beach and watched an unforgettable sunset behind the mountains. All the ingredients you need for the perfect Italian beach vacation.

The Old Town

After a leisurely walk down the promenade, past the gelato stands and market where I would later purchase Sardinian meats and cheeses, I was finally within the great walls of the Old Town.  I found myself walking through the narrow and winding medieval streets, surrounded by unique shops, restaurants, and bars. Each one was more charming than the next! The night sky was illuminated by the most incredible lanterns hanging throughout the city that created an ambiance that was ever so lively and inviting.  From the buildings to the churches, to every cobblestone in between, Alghero has so much character and you can truly feel all of the historical and cultural influences.  

For dinner, I dined at Trattoria Cavour and had one of the greatest, most inventive meals of my life! I enjoyed sweet and savory prawns to start followed by pasta because well, when in Sardinia! I washed it all down with a refreshing Sardinian white wine while I practiced my Italian with the restaurant staff. After dinner I strolled through the streets, still full of so much life, to a Sardinian & Spanish bar called SardOa.  Their creative Gin cocktails, tapas, and atmosphere were the perfect ending to my time in Alghero. There was truly so much to entertain, are you already dreaming about your next Italian beach vacation?

Stintino, essential for your Italian beach vacation

The next morning I hopped a bus to Stintino- home to one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy!  The bus ride was about 2 ½ hours, and cost about 6 Euro. I stayed in downtown Stintino, and on my first day, I hopped another bus to La Pelosa, a white sandy beach with clear blue and green waters. It was a stunning sight to see!  The next day I went on a boat tour that took me just north of Stintino to Asinara island, a marine and wildlife preserve that was once a high security Italian Prison. Asinara Island has much history and a very unique natural environment both on the island and within the beautiful waters.  I spent my day snorkeling, learning, and enjoying the surrounding sea with the Futurismo Ecotourismo Asinara Tour. It was an unforgettable day. In the evenings, I had the pleasure of enjoying more Sardinian cuisine-lots of meats, cheeses, the freshest fish, and pasta. And for dessert, I enjoyed my first of many Seadas-a honey and cheese pastry, and a Sardinian specialty.
Italian beach vacation

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Did you know? Tips for your Italian beach vacation

Public transportation in Sardinia can be difficult to navigate, as Google Maps was not a complete reference guide.  However, after doing my research and trusting the locals to steer me in the right direction, I successfully made my way around mostly by bus. Car rentals are also available.  

English is not widely spoken, so come prepared with a smile and a willingness to learn as many Italian phrases as you can! Google Translate was also incredibly helpful with the language barrier.

Not every city in Europe flies directly to Sardinia, nor do flights go in and out of Sardinia every day of the week. Do your research ahead of time.  

All in all, Sardinia stole my heart with it’s charm, kind people, and mouth-watering cuisine!  This American girl cannot wait to go back.

Italian beach vacation

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