About Dutchbloggeronthemove

About Dutchbloggeronthemove

Current location: Amsterdam

Hello lovely followers and welcome to my travel blog!

On Dutchbloggeronthemove, you will find all the details and secrets of the places Lisa visits. Next to her passion for traveling, fashion holds a very special place. She is always looking for the next trends and on the move to new places & cultures to experience. Lisa is a luxury travel blogger and the founder of Dutchbloggeronthemove.com, a blog dedicated to inspiring people to explore the world and inspire them to see the beauty of different cultures. Lisa has always been passionate about traveling and exploring new places, and she wants to share her experiences with the world. She is an experienced and passionate traveler, and her blog includes tips and advice on how to make the most of your travels. Through her blog, Lisa hopes to help others learn more about different cultures and to inspire them to step outside of their comfort zone.

“The eye is made to travel” is Lisa her motto and she always tries to live up to it. While chasing the sun, she captures all the hotspots and also off the beaten track. By sharing her lifestyle on social media she takes her followers with her and attracts audience that love the travel lifestyle.

We always get a lot of questions about our equipment when it comes to our photography so we’ve added them down below.

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Curious about my favorite destinations? Here’s my secret

  • I’ve lived on this Islands for years, it’s my favorite destination – Mallorca
  • If you ask me about my most unique destination – Oman
  • Saw my safari adventures? – Tanzania
  • If you ask me about my most relaxed destination – Indonesia
  • Most romantic city in Europe – Paris