Roast Chicken Bar: The Essence of Comfort Food in Haarlem

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The Roast Chicken Bar in Haarlem is more than just a restaurant; it’s a haven of comfort food. Every visit to this cozy spot always makes me very happy. Located at het Spaarne, the Roast Chicken Bar stands out as a go-to destination for those craving roasted chicken, parmesan fries and more.

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Ambiance and Setting

The Roast Chicken Bar welcomes its guests with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Its rustic charm and laid-back vibe make it a perfect place for a relaxed meal with friends or a casual dinner date. The restaurant’s interior, including a car (yes really) creates a cozy setting.

Culinary Experience | comfort food haarlem

The star of the show at the Roast Chicken Bar is, undoubtedly, the roast chicken. Seasoned to perfection and roasted to golden-brown excellence, the chicken is juicy, flavorful, and simply irresistible. But the menu doesn’t stop there – it’s a treasure trove of comfort food delights.

The ‘Loaded Fries Truffle Parmesan’ are a must-try, offering a decadent twist on classic fries, while the ‘Nachos Fully Loaded’ are a feast in themselves, topped with an array of mouth-watering ingredients. For meat lovers, the ‘Bavette,’ a tender and richly flavored cut of beef, is a standout dish.

Drinks and Specialties

To complement the food, the Roast Chicken Bar offers a selection of beers, wines, and soft drinks. The beer selection, featuring both local and international brews, pairs wonderfully if you’re a beer drinker.

Personal Recommendation | comfort food Haarlem

As a lover of comfort food in Haarlem, I always look forward to my visits to the Roast Chicken Bar. The homely feel of the place, makes every meal here a delightful experience. Don’t miss out on their special BBQ Plate – it’s a carnivore’s dream come true, loaded with a variety of meats and flavorful sides.

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Price Point

The Roast Chicken Bar offers great value for money, with reasonable prices that reflect the quality and heartiness of the meals. It’s an affordable luxury for anyone seeking a satisfying dining experience in Haarlem.

roast chicken bar

Roast Chicken Bar | Comfort Food at Its Best in Haarlem

The Roast Chicken Bar is a culinary gem in Haarlem, a good example of comfort food in Haarlem. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, it really doesn’t matter.

Address: Turfmarkt 26, 2011 CB Haarlem
Neighborhood: Haarlem Spaarne
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