Fishbar MONK in Haarlem: the place for Seafood lovers

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My adventures in seafood dining in Haarlem led me to the delightful doors of Fishbar MONK. Each visit to this seafood haven brings back a flood of memories, reminiscent of seaside escapades and the freshness of the ocean’s bounty. Here, in the heart of Haarlem, Fishbar MONK stands as a beacon for seafood enthusiasts.

» This hotspot is one of my 5 of my favorite restaurants in Haarlem

Ambiance and Setting | Seafood in Haarlem

Fishbar MONK, a jewel in the realm of seafood dining in Haarlem, welcomes guests with its chic, maritime-inspired decor. The ambiance strikes a perfect balance between sophistication and comfort, making it an ideal spot for both intimate dinners and lively gatherings with friends.

Culinary Experience

The menu at Fishbar MONK is a showcase of the sea’s diverse flavors. The ‘Zeeduivel Saltimbocca’ is a testament to the kitchen’s expertise, combining tender monkfish with savory serranoham and creamy risotto Milanese. The ‘Tataki’ of Dutch yellowtail, sustainably sourced from Zeeland, is a revelation – its firm texture and mild flavor making it an ideal choice for seafood lovers.

But it’s not just about these signature dishes. The small plates all look amazing. The carpaccio, exquisitely thin and flavorful, and the Zeeduivel Saltimbocca, wrapped in serranoham, are great options in my opinion. The Tataki, made with Dutch yellowtail, is a standout, offering a unique taste enhanced by unagisaus and furikake. I almost forget about the bread, which is this delicious crispy bread with delicious fish rilet. I recommend ordering that to start.

» As you know already, my favorite is always the sashimi. Next time, i’ll order that for sure on the menu.

Drinks and Specialties

No seafood feast is complete without the perfect wine pairing. At Fishbar MONK, the wine list is thoughtfully curated, with my personal favorite being the ‘Bread & Butter’ Chardonnay from California. Its full-bodied richness elevates each dish, creating a harmonious dining experience.

Personal Recommendation

Sitting at Fishbar MONK, savoring the carpaccio and sipping on a glass of Chardonnay, I’m totally in my happy place. It’s this blend of exceptional cuisine and great atmosphere that makes Fishbar MONK a must-visit for anyone seeking one of the best of seafood dining in Haarlem.

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Price Point
Reflecting the quality and creativity of its dishes, Fishbar MONK’s pricing aligns with its premium offerings. It’s worth it for sure for those seeking an exceptional seafood dining experience in Haarlem. The recommendation is to share 2/3 small dishes. I’ve would recommend asking for the fresh catch of the day, they’re always really good.

Fishbar MONK | A Seafood Gem in Haarlem

Fishbar MONK is more than a restaurant; it’s a culinary journey through the ocean’s depths. Its commitment to quality and the art of seafood preparation places it among the top destinations for seafood dining in Haarlem.

Address: Turfmarkt 20, 2011 CB Haarlem
Neighborhood: Haarlem Centrum
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