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Maraias Burgusio

Have you ever been to South Tyrol? If your answer is no, we had something in common until two weeks ago. But I can tell you with full conviction that you should travel here as soon as possible. South Tyrol is a beautiful area, a region full of contrasts! The area is located in the north of Italy, in the southern Alps with the Dolomites as the highlight. They mostly speak German (70%) and the rest speaks mostly Italian. The name may remind you of Austria, which makes sense because only since the First World War this region belongs to Italy. But enough with the history lesson because I’ve got a lot to tell about the best things to do here, but for that I have to tell you more about the perfect hotel to stay in; Maraias Burgusio Luxury Suites & Apartments which was the reason for me to visit the area to begin with.

Maraias Luxury Suites & Apartments

Imagine yourself in an oasis of peace when you stay at Maraias Burgusio Luxury Suites & Apartments. It’s exactly what you imagine from a hotel in this area and actually a bit nicer. It is located in a super beautiful mountain village called Burgeis and here you can enjoy the panoramic views of the Terra Raetia without distraction. This family hotel stands for closeness to nature, freedom and quality and this is evident in everything. The suites are beautiful, equipped with many large windows to enjoy the view, luxurious facilities, beautiful balconies. Expect luxurious finishes and quality products. It was recently renovated and I won’t be surprised if this hotel gets 5 stars soon.

This hotel also has sustainability very high on the list and they grow all their food themselves on their farm or only buy local products from the surrounding villages. I always have trouble really relaxing on vacation, but these 4 days felt like much longer. So are you ready for a real relaxing holiday? Then try something different and book a week here. See, taste, feel and experience this beautiful area. But what can I do here? I hear you ask. Very much, from relaxing in the spa to kite surfing on the nearby lake. We’ve made a list with everything for you.

Activities to do in Burgeis

  1. Rent an (electric) bike
  2. Go hiking in summer but skiing in winter
  3. Rent a kite and go kitesurfing
  4. Enjoy the dine-around-concept of the hotel
  5. Visit the smallest village; Glorenza
  6. Finally read that book
  7. Visit Benedictine Abbey Marienberg
  8. Relax and unwind in the SPA of Maraias
  9. Have a picnic
  10. Visit the farm (dears, goats, baby sheep, cows)

Rent an (electric) bike

Whether you choose for an electric bike (I certainly did) or you go race cycling you can’t go wrong here. The hotel has super good electric mountain bikes available for you to rent. Here you can cycle for a day or afternoon and take delicious homemade products with you in your backpack. We chose to cycle to the lake to the sunken church tower in Lake Resia and back again. This may have taken about 2.5 hours in total and the bike paths are very nice and good to ride on (says a dutchie) you can also rest and stop in one of the small wooden houses along the way.

Go hiking in summer but skiing in winter

This region has it all, go hiking on one of the many trails in the summer. Ask about this at the reception and they are happy to help with all kinds of great recommendations in the region. Completely customizable to your liking. We chose to hike to the Benedictine Abbey Marienberg. Make sure you wear good shoes, because the paths are not great on every place. You can also ski in the winter in this area. Curious where? Then check out this website.

» Always make sure to apply sunscreen (the higher you are on the mountain, the more important this is for your skin)

Rent a kite and go kitesurfing

I never expected this, especially not because when I think of the kite areas, I always think of the tropical islands. But, nothing could be further from the truth, because Lake Resia is a good place to stay. This area has even been named in the 10 most beautiful places in the world to kite. So crazy about kitesurfing? Definitely go to this area. There is also a kite school here where you can take lessons.

Enjoy the dine-around-concept of the hotel

Although the hotel does not have its own restaurant, they do offer a dine-around concept. Super fun, because that way you get to know the area well. We visited restaurant Gerda (1 minute walking distance) and the food here was delicious. We enjoyed the homemade steak tartare and other treats. Prefer to cook yourself? This is possible in your apartment and products from the hotel shop, which are all home made. They call this from farm to table!

Visit the smallest village of South Tirol

The small town of Glorenza has 882 inhabitants, is located 907 m above sea level and is no less than 12 km² small. It is therefore the smallest village in South Tyrol and also one of the most beautiful! It has a medieval character with preserved town walls and is definitely worth a visit.

Finally read that book

You can really relax in this place. Finally go read that book, on your own balcony, relax by the pool in the sun or take your book with you and take a break while walking or cycling. Of course it doesn’t have to be a book, it can also be your course, your podcast or something else fun that you normally just don’t have time for.

Visit Benedictine Abbey Marienberg

I mentioned this before, but this monastery is worth a visit for several reasons. This monastery not only looks beautiful, but is also a nice stopover during hiking (also accessible by car). The monastery has its own bar and they make their own wine here! You can also view the museum and the wall paintings in the crypt. This monastery overlooks the village of Burgeis, but make sure you keep an eye on the opening times.

♥ Click here for the opening times

Relax and unwind in the SPA of Maraias

Ready for some spa time? Then you have come to the right place at this hotel. You can not only book different types of massages here (detox massage, foot reflexology and holistic), but there is also a gym and sauna. Combine this with a visit to the 23 meter long saltwater swimming pool and you can easily spend a day further. After a day of sports, relax in the infrared cabin, steam bath, bio sauna or Finnish sauna. Afterwards, relax in the relaxation rooms with panoramic views. Can you picture it already?

Have a picnic

In the hotel you can find various products in the shop, all from the farm or regional products, which are perfect to take with you during your picnic. Take a well-filled basket (can be ordered from reception) with you while cycling, hiking or simply on the road by car.

Visit the farm (dears, goats, baby sheep, cows)

The farm is really a delight to be. Meet the sheeps, goats, fallow deers, quails, chickens and cows! They all live on the fields and are free to go to the mountains. They try to use little plastic and sometimes it is possible to pet the animals.

All necessary details about Maraias Burgusio Luxury Apartments & Suites

Adress: Burgusio, 140, 39024 Burgusio BZ, Italy
Area: South Tirol
Parking: Free parking
Pets allowed: Yes they are allowed (limited)
How to get there: We’ve flown from Innsbruck


We’re always on the move to discover new places and hotspots to share with you. Dutchbloggeronthemove is filled with personal experiences and tips to make your next trip magical. Although in my opinion, Maraias Burgusio is the best hotel in this area I can imagine you would have other preferences or would like to mix it up

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