Top 5 Most Beautiful Villages to Visit in Mallorca

Mallorca is a popular tourist destination because it is the Balearic Islands’ largest and most developed area. When you get to the heart of Mallorca, it’s like you’ve landed on another island where tranquillity and peace are the norms. There is much to see and do in Mallorca, and we just can’t ignore the adorable little villages with their stone cottages and cobblestone streets. 

So in this post, we will take a deep look inside five of the most beautiful villages of Mallorca and what they offer. Let’s take a dip into all of these worth-to-visit villages in Mallorca.

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Top 5 Most Beautiful Villages In Mallorca

Here is a list of must-visit villages in Mallorca

1. Deia 

The village of Deià is situated in the Tramontana Mountains, which is located northwest of the island of Majorca. Time seems to slow down as you stroll down the village’s hills, inspired by the lush environment surrounding the town and portrayed in the town’s cobblestone streets. This pretty town has a population of 642. And I wish I was one of them so I could admire the spectacular views everyday!

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Where to stay in Deia

After seeing the photos of this beautiful place you’re probably wondering where to stay here. So as always I’ve selected the best and my favorite hotels for you in every price range.

Good to Know: Mallorca is one the most expensive destinations to visit in Spain

Things to do and places to visit

You can try doing the following things in Deia.

  • Explore La Casa dr Robert Graves
  • Get into the history of Mallorca by visiting Son Marroig
  • Visit Monestir De Miramar Olive Oil mill
  • Rent a bike to the window shop in Es Forn Deia Markets
  • Walk around the streets of Deia to get amused with the beauty of houses and streets made of stones
  • Check out the ceramics and pottery, there are several cute shops!

Food recommendations in Deia

Mallorca offers some of the top-rated restaurants and food streets to dine in. ED Raco D’ES Teix is considered the top-rated Michelin-starred gourmet restaurant that offers high-class food and breathtaking views from the alfresco terrace. 

S’Hortet is another 5-star hotel that offers multiple cuisines and fusions. Outdoor seating is also available.

Other good food restaurants and cafes:

  1. Cafe Sa Font Fresca
  2. Restaurant Sa Vinya
  3. Restaurant Sebastian
  4. CA’N JAVI

2. Valldemossa | beautiful villages of Mallorca

Valldemossa is the prettiest village in Spain, nestled in Mallorca‘s Tramuntana Mountains. Its historic architecture, placement in a lush valley, and exposure to nature all contribute to the town’s charm. Valldemossa is a favorite among hikers and nature enthusiasts due to its easy hikes and scenic beauty. Although it’s a village, car parking is the easiest and taking a bike to get around Valldemossa is another breeze.

Where to stay in Valldemossa

After seeing the photos of this beautiful place you’re probably wondering where to stay here. So as always I’ve selected the best for you in every price range.

Things to do and places to visit

Here are some top places to visit and things to do In Valldemossa

  • Access Miranda Des LIedoners Viewpoint using a shortcut and enjoy mountain views
  • Visit the birth house of famous saint Santa Catalina Tomas
  • Drive 6 kilometers from the village and visit Valldemossa Port
  • Enjoy local yet famous desserts like Coca de Patata and almond Horchata at some fresh bakeries
  • Travel to Cala Tuent

Food recommendations

Valdemossa is famous for several pizzerias, homemade food restaurants, and seafood hotels. Sa Foradada restaurant is a must-visit if you’re looking for some great paella and breathtaking ocean views.  (Do reserve weeks or months in advance since this restaurant is REALLY popular.

Ca’s Patro March is another good restaurant located high among the rocks of Cala Deià. It offers a blissful atmosphere, delicious seafood options for those who love seafood, and some great meat and vegetarian options.

Other good food restaurants include

  1. Es Taller Valldemossa
  2. Sa Cova restaurant
  3. La Posada

Worth-Knowing Point; There is no Uber available in Mallorca but taxis are affordable

3. Fornalutx | beautiful villages of Mallorca

Fornalutx is a small yet charming village in Mallorca in Tramuntana Mountains, located in the island’s northwestern corner. In 1983, the Promotion of Tourism of Mallorca presented Fornalutx with the Silver Plate Award for protecting and maintaining its reputation as “the prettiest village in Spain.” 

The streets are aromatic with lemon and orange bloom, and vineyard terraces and forested mountains surround the village. Floral oleander bushes, hibiscus, and olive trees are planted in pots at each entryway. That’s why it falls on the list of Mallorca’s most attractive villages.

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Where to stay in Fornalutx

After seeing the photos of this beautiful place you’re probably wondering where to stay here. So as always I’ve selected the best for you in every price range.

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Things to do and places to visit in Fornalutx

You can try doing the following things in Fornalutx 

  • Take a walk at the long staircase of Mayor Mayal
  • Drink and splash water from the middle of the center fountain
  • Enjoy scenic views of the Rocky West Coast from Mirador de Ses Barques vantage point
  • Shop in Placa D’espanya markets

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Food recommendations

The Dinner menu at Restaurante Can Boqueta is entirely devoted to locally sourced, in-season ingredients. Menu options include Mediterranean, spanish and modern. Moreover, Kingfisher is another famous restaurant for its Italian cuisine and offers multiple options to taste.

Other good food restaurants include:

4. Andratx 

Andratx is situated in the southernmost part of Mallorca, on the slopes of the Tramuntana Mountains, and is about 26 kilometers from the west of Palma. Andratx served as the power base for King Jaume I and the Bishop of Barcelona in the 13th century. Almond, orange pine, and olive trees dot the hilly landscape surrounding the lovely, affluent town. 

There are a lot of famous celebs who visit the area because it has a lot of high-end stores, restaurants, and the beautiful yacht harbor. So you can also call it a dreamy village of celebs who tend to have a second home here.

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Where to stay in Andratx

After seeing the photos of this beautiful place you’re probably wondering where to stay here. So as always I’ve selected the best for you in every price range. We’ve also visited OD Portals, which is close to Andratx!

Things to do and places to visit in Andratx

Here are some top things to do in Andratx:

  • Enjoy top sea views from the La Trapa property
  • Visit Son Mas and see the exhibition there.
  • Go to the church of Carmen
  • Visit the watchtower of Sant Carles
  • Discover Andratx culture at CCA andratx

Food recommendations

Trespais is the best restaurant for a romantic dinner for couples. Juicy meat cuts, seafood like scallops and prawn pasta, and unique sweets are included on the menu, which changes every two to three months.

Umami Fresh Bistro is another local restaurant with a creative menu that combines Mediterranean, Chile, and Asia elements. There are vegan options available, and the food is fresh and nutritious.

Other good restaurants are:

  • Sumailla
  • Urbano
  • Verico
  • Villa italia

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5. Soller 

Soller is one of the best villages to visit in Mallorca and is located in the island’s interior, among the northwestern mountains. It is called the beauty of Mallorca and is a  lovely destination to soak up the sun, with its picturesque Port, beautiful architecture, and lively main square lined with cafes. 

The village is known for its abundance of orange and olive trees, and it serves as a great starting point for hikers and cyclists who want to explore the nearby Tramuntana Mountains.

Where to stay in Soller

After seeing the photos of this beautiful place you’re probably wondering where to stay here. So as always I’ve selected the best for you in every price range. Read more about my experience in Port de Soller in our extensive review of Los Geranios (it has the best view of Port de Soller) and is good value for your money for sure.

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Things to do and places to visit

Below is the list of top things to do in Soller

Food recommendations

Ca’n Limona is one of the best Italian restaurants that offer a variety of mouth-watering Italian dishes. Another renowned restaurant, Luna 36, features a menu that spans the Mediterranean, Spain, and Europe, with a specialized Tapas section.

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Other good restaurants include:

Concluding Thoughts about the beautiful villages of Mallorca

So there you have our complete guide about the most beautiful villages of Mallorca. Plan your trip wisely and explore the beauty and fun of all five villages. If you need more information, we’ve made guides about: the best things to do in Mallorca, the 5 most romantic hotels and the most beautiful finca hotels.

Have a safe, fun trip and read our other guides to make the most out of your trip

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