10 Top Keukenhof Excursions: Ultimate Tulip Adventures

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As the Keukenhof Gardens bloom into a spectacle of color each spring, it’s not just the tulips that draw visitors from around the globe. Beyond the boundaries of this floral paradise lies a world of unique experiences, meticulously designed to immerse you deeper into the Dutch tulip season. This guide is your passport to discovering the top excursions around Keukenhof, each promising to transform your visit into an unforgettable adventure. From tranquil boat rides to exhilarating bike tours, we’ve handpicked activities that not only complement the beauty of Keukenhof but also showcase the rich tapestry of Dutch culture and landscape. Dive in to explore, and don’t forget to click through our carefully curated links to secure your tickets for these must-do experiences.

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Embark on Unique Keukenhof Excursions

  1. Keukenhof Tulip Festival Amsterdam
  2. Helicopter Views of the Tulip Fields
  3. Cycling Through Tulip Fields
  4. Dutch Spring Combo: Keukenhof and Madurodam
  5. Behind-the-Scenes at the Flower Parade
  6. Drive-It-Yourself Tulip and Flower Fields Tour
  7. Keukenhof & Zaanse Schans: Cultural Expedition
  8. Discover The Tulip Barn
  9. Lisse: Land Rover Tulip Tour
  10. Keukenhof & Flower Parade: VIP Experience

1. Keukenhof Tulip Festival Amsterdam

Start your adventure at the heart of it all. The festival itself is a celebration of Dutch floral heritage, offering a stunning variety of over seven million flowers in bloom. Spanning across 32 hectares, Keukenhof Gardens becomes a kaleidoscope of colors, with hundreds of varieties of tulips taking the center stage. Beyond tulips, visitors can marvel at daffodils, hyacinths, and other spring flowers, each arranged in meticulously designed landscapes that reflect themes and stories celebrating nature’s renewal. The festival also features floral shows, inspirational gardens, and unique art installations, making it a must-visit destination for nature lovers, photographers, and anyone looking to immerse themselves in the sheer beauty of spring. Engage in a variety of activities, from boat tours around the flower fields to interactive exhibits for all ages, ensuring that every visit to the Keukenhof Tulip Festival is an unforgettable experience. Buy your tickets in advance, here.

2. Helicopter Views of the Tulip Fields

Elevate your Keukenhof experience with the Tulip Field Helicopter Flight. Witness the breathtaking beauty of the tulip fields from above, an unforgettable sight that offers a new perspective on the floral wonderland below.

» Starting from €159.00 for a 10 or 15 mins flight (maximum of 4 people)

3. Cycling Through Tulip Fields

Pedal through the picturesque landscapes surrounding Keukenhof with the Keukenhof: Highlights Bike Tour. This guided bike tour allows you to experience the tulip fields up close, feeling the breeze and the scents of spring as you go.

» Approximately €35.00 per person for a 2-hour tour

Keukenhof excursions

4. Dutch Spring Combo: Keukenhof and Madurodam

Combine the floral splendors of Keukenhof with the miniature marvels of Madurodam. The Dutch Spring Combo ticket offers a day filled with beauty, both in the expansive tulip gardens and in the intricate miniatures of iconic Dutch landmarks. Priced at around €45.00, offering access to both attractions.

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5. Behind-the-Scenes at the Flower Parade | Unique Keukenhof Excursions

Gain exclusive insights into one of the Netherlands’ most colorful traditions with the Keukenhof & Flower Parade: Entry Ticket + Behind-The-Scene Parade Guided Tour. This tour not only lets you witness the parade up close but also offers a behind-the-scenes look at the preparations.

» Tickets starting at €75.00 for an all-inclusive parade day experience

Keukenhof excursions

6. Drive-It-Yourself Tulip and Flower Fields Tour

For those who love the freedom of exploring at their own pace, the Drive-It-Yourself Tulip and Flower Fields GPS Audio Tour provides a perfect blend of guidance and flexibility. Discover the beauty of the flower fields with an informative audio guide as your companion.

» Rental and tour cost around €65.00 for a day, with GPS and audio guide included

7. Keukenhof & Zaanse Schans: Cultural Expedition

Embark on a journey that bridges the natural beauty of Keukenhof with the rich history of the Zaanse Schans. The Keukenhof & Zaanse Schans: Entry Ticket + Guided Tour offers a deep dive into Dutch culture, from iconic windmills to traditional crafts.

» Tour price is approximately €99.00, including transportation and entry fees

8. Discover The Tulip Barn | Unique Keukenhof Excursions

For an experience that marries education with the sheer beauty of tulips, the Tulip Barn: Entry Ticket is a must. Here, visitors learn about tulip cultivation in an interactive environment, surrounded by stunning flower arrangements and installations perfect for those Instagram moments.

» Entry is around €12.50, providing access to the barn and interactive displays

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9. Lisse: Land Rover Tulip Tour | Unique Keukenhof Excursions

Adventure seekers looking to explore the tulip fields in a unique and exhilarating way should not miss the Lisse: Land Rover Tulip Tour. This tour allows you to navigate the colorful fields in a Land Rover, offering an off-road experience that brings you up close to the beauty of the tulips in a rugged, yet comfortable manner.

» Prices start at €95.00 per person for a 90-minute adventure

10. Keukenhof & Flower Parade: VIP Experience

For those wishing to experience the Keukenhof and its surrounding festivities in ultimate style, the Keukenhof & Flower Parade: VIP Entry Ticket, Transport + Lunch offers an exclusive package. This VIP experience includes not only entry and transport but also a guided tour of a tulip farm, grandstand seats for the flower parade, and a gourmet lunch, making it an unforgettable day of luxury amidst the blooms.

» VIP packages begin at €175.00 for a deluxe day out among the blooms

Elevating Your Keukenhof Visit with these excursions

Each of these excursions offers a unique perspective on the tulip season, designed to enhance your visit to Keukenhof with memorable adventures that go beyond the garden paths. Whether you’re soaring above the fields, cycling through them, delving into the history and culture of the Netherlands, or enjoying the festivities of the flower parade in style, these top 10 Keukenhof excursions promise to make your trip an extraordinary journey through the heart of the tulip season.

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Planning Your Tulip Adventure

As you prepare for your tulip season adventure, remember that the beauty of Keukenhof and its surroundings is fleeting, with the gardens in full bloom for just a few weeks each year. Booking your excursions early is crucial to securing your place on these unique experiences. With your tickets in hand and this Keukenhof guide as your compass, you’re all set to embark on a journey filled with color, culture, and unforgettable moments.

Let the tulip season be more than just a visit to Keukenhof; make it a comprehensive exploration of all that the Dutch floral heritage has to offer. From the tranquility of early morning walks to the excitement of cultural excursions and the luxury of VIP experiences, the ultimate tulip season adventure awaits.

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