Best Day Trips from Haarlem

day trips from haarlem

Haarlem is undoubtedly a captivating destination in its own right, offering a blend of historic charm and vibrant culture. However, if you’re looking to enhance your stay or have several days in the city, exploring beyond its boundaries is a must. We’ve curated the best day trips from Haarlem to make every moment of your visit memorable. From the tulip-laden fields of Keukenhof to the historic windmills of Zaanse Schans, these excursions promise not only to complement your Haarlem adventure but to immerse you in the broader beauty and cultural richness of the Netherlands. Whether you’re a nature lover, a culture enthusiast, or simply in search of new experiences, these day trips from Haarlem offer something special for every traveler.

Day Trips from Haarlem

  1. Keukenhof Gardens: A Floral Wonderland
  2. Zaanse Schans: Step Back in Time
  3. Amsterdam’s Canal Ring: City Sophistication
  4. The Tulip Barn and Tulip Experience Amsterdam
  5. The Beaches of Bloemendaal and Zandvoort
  6. Historic Haarlem: A Local Exploration
  7. Keukenhof Excursions: Beyond the Garden

1. Keukenhof Gardens: A Floral Wonderland

Just a short drive from Haarlem, the Keukenhof Gardens offer an immersive experience in the world’s most famous tulip garden. Spend your day wandering among over seven million blooming flowers, with designs that change yearly to offer a fresh spectacle each season. After exploring, consider dining in one of Lisse’s exquisite restaurants for a romantic end to your day. For a deeper dive into what Keukenhof can offer, don’t miss our comprehensive Keukenhof Guide by a Local.

  • Travel Time from Haarlem: Approximately 25 minutes by car or bus.
  • Price Range: Entry tickets start at €18 for adults; free for children under 3. Consider purchasing a combi-ticket including transport for around €32 to simplify your journey.
  • Guide: Read our 10 best and unique Keukenhof excursions guide here for an unique experience

2. Zaanse Schans: Step Back in Time

Experience the Netherlands of yesteryears with a trip to Zaanse Schans, where iconic Dutch windmills, wooden houses, and artisanal workshops await. This open-air museum captures the essence of 18th and 19th-century Dutch life, making it the perfect cultural complement to the natural beauty of the tulip fields. Combine your visit with a luxury dining experience back in Haarlem for a truly memorable day.

  • Travel Time from Haarlem: Around 30 minutes by car or 50 minutes by public transport.
  • Price Range: Free entry to the village; museums and workshops may charge admission fees of €10 – €15.

3. Amsterdam’s Canal Ring: Day Trips from Haarlem

No visit to the Netherlands is complete without exploring the historic and vibrant city of Amsterdam. Just a short train ride from Haarlem, you can enjoy a luxury canal cruise through Amsterdam’s UNESCO-listed canal ring, exploring the city’s rich history and modern flair. End your day with a meal at one of the 10 Most Romantic and Luxurious Restaurants in Haarlem, blending urban sophistication with culinary delight.

  • Travel Time from Haarlem: 15-20 minutes by train.
  • Price Range: Canal cruises start at €16 for adults. Dining experiences in Haarlem vary, with luxury restaurants offering meals from €30 – €60 per person.

4. The Tulip Barn and Tulip Experience Amsterdam

For those looking to immerse themselves fully in the tulip experience, The Tulip Barn and Tulip Experience Amsterdam offer interactive and educational insights into tulip cultivation, complete with stunning photographic opportunities. Located within a comfortable distance from Haarlem, these attractions provide a unique perspective on the Netherlands‘ most famous flower.

  • Travel Time from Haarlem: Approximately 30 minutes by car.
  • Price Range: Tickets for Tulip Experience start around €9; the Tulip Barn prices vary with activities and photo opportunities.

5. The Beaches of Bloemendaal and Zandvoort

After days filled with floral and cultural explorations, unwind at the beaches of Bloemendaal or Zandvoort, where golden sands and inviting cafes offer a relaxing retreat. These coastal gems are perfect for those seeking a serene escape, with luxury accommodations and dining options nearby to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

  • Travel Time from Haarlem: 15 minutes by car or 30 minutes by public transport.
  • Price Range: Free access to beaches; sunbed rentals and dining vary, with meals starting around €20 per person.

6. Historic Haarlem | Day Trips from Haarlem

Embrace the beauty of Haarlem itself with a day dedicated to exploring its historic streets, museums, and hidden courtyards. Haarlem‘s rich history and vibrant arts scene make it a fascinating destination for culture lovers. Cap off your exploration with a visit to one of the romantic restaurants featured in our guide, ensuring a perfect blend of local charm and gastronomic excellence.

  • Travel Time: Located in the heart of Haarlem
  • Price Range: Museum admissions vary from €7 to €15. Dining as per our luxury dining guide.

7. Keukenhof Excursions: Beyond the Garden

Expand your Keukenhof experience with unique excursions that take you beyond the garden gates. From helicopter rides over the tulip fields to cycling tours through the picturesque Dutch countryside, these adventures offer new perspectives on the tulip season, all easily accessible from Haarlem. For those who prefer a more adventurous and flexible way to explore, consider making the trip in a camper. Our Camper Guide to Keukenhof offers insights on the best places to park your home-on-wheels near Keukenhof, turning your day trips from Haarlem into an unforgettable camping adventure.

  • Travel Time from Haarlem: 25 minutes by car or bus.
  • Price Range: Helicopter rides start at €159 per person for a 10-minute flight. Bike tours around Keukenhof are approximately €35 for a 2-hour guided tour.
  • Discover: The most unique excursions (we’ve selected 10!) around the tulip fields

Embarking on Your Adventure

Equipped with these travel times and price estimates, planning your day trips from Haarlem during the tulip season has never been easier. Whether you’re seeking cultural enrichment, natural beauty, or the thrill of adventure, these excursions offer diverse experiences to enrich your Dutch holiday. Remember to book in advance, especially for popular attractions like Keukenhof, to secure your spot in these unforgettable adventures.

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