My Stay at The July – Boat & Co – Amsterdam luxury apartments

Amsterdam luxury apartments

Having explored numerous hotels in Amsterdam, my recent stay at The July – Boat & Co stood out for its unique charm. Situated in the tranquil yet vibrant Amsterdam Houthaven, this apartment-hotel redefines luxury with its spacious, high-quality apartments. Overlooking serene waterways, it’s a stone’s throw away from the bustling city center, easily accessible by a short bike ride or public transport, offering the a blend of seclusion and the busy city.

Amsterdam Luxury Apartments

Walking into the spacious, roomy apartment, the first thing that struck me was the sheer elegance and quality. The large windows framing waterfront views, the well-equipped kitchen, and the stunningly designed bathrooms spoke of a luxurious standard. Everything, from the furniture to the linen, reflected a harmony of comfort, style, and functionality. The wellness center, with its relaxing massages, added an extra layer of indulgence to our stay.

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Vessel: their inhouse restaurant

Dining at Vessel, the in-house restaurant, added a local flavor to the stay. While the food was good, however, the ambiance and the view from the dining area were delightful, contributing to an enjoyable meal. So it’s great to have the choice to make your own dinner while you’re staying in Amsterdam, in one of these luxury apartments, or can always opt out and have dinner below in their restaurant.

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Celebrating Special Moments in Style

Celebrating my best friend’s baby shower here was a dream. The serene environment and proximity to the city center provided the perfect balance. The restaurant also perfectly accomodated to her needs, and they had great non-alcohol beverages to choose from for her.

Exploring the Historical Houthaven District

The July – Boat & Co is nestled in the historical Houthaven district, once a bustling hub for trade and transport. Today, it stands as the first climate-neutral district in the Netherlands, embodying sustainable and innovative living. The area’s transformation from industrial heartland to a neighborhood brimming with eateries, boutiques, and forward-thinking entrepreneurs adds a unique touch to my stay.

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The July – Boat & Co: A Reflection of Amsterdam’s Essence

This stay was about feeling at home in a city as vibrant and dynamic as Amsterdam. The July – Boat & Co’s ethos of blending short and long stays resonated well with our group, offering flexibility and warmth. For those seeking an escape within Amsterdam, a stay at one of these luxury apartments is a must. It’s a testament to Amsterdam’s charm, offering a unique experience where you can live like a local but with the added touch of luxury. My visit here was memorable, from the apartment’s comforts to the joys of waterfront living.

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