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On the move in my home country, once again we’re here in The Netherlands. The busy city life in Amsterdam, the sand dunes in the Veluwe, the long beaches in Scheveningen and the delicious beers near the south are just a few highlights of The Netherlands. The Dutch life isn’t all about cycling, the windmills, cheese and the colorful tulips but it has so much more to offer thanks to the rich history.

This time we visit Brabant again, you can read more about my previous visit here. Brabant is a province in the South of The Netherlands and is on the border of Belgium. Brabant is definitely the next place on your travel list and in this article, we’re going to tell you why. Brabant is bursting with festivals and events, cities and shopping, rich culture, heritage, art and amusement parks. Brabant has something for everyone and is the ideal destination for nature and outdoor lovers.

new exhibition in kamp Vught

Brabant Remembers

The reason for my visit this time is for Brabant Remembers, which is an initiative to preserve important memories around the Second World War. Brabant Remembers tells the personal stories about the Second World War where lives changed forever. To preserve important memories around the Second World War and to give attention to this in a light-hearted yet informative way, Brabant Remembers has devised a top list of all the unique ways to relive history, to bring war history back to the attention.

Brabant Remembers tells 75 personal life changing war stories about mobilization, resistance, collaboration or liberation and you can experience them in 7 ways find out more about the locations here. I’ve visited two locations; Kamp Vught and Bevrijdende Vleugels.


Bevrijdende Vleugels

Our first stop is Bevrijdende Vleugels, a museum where you go back in time of the liberation. Bevrijdende Vleugels (Liberated Wings) is located where on 17 september 1944 landings took place during the Operation Market Garden. This operation was the start of the liberation of the South of The Netherlands. The occupation, suppression and the liberation are highlighted in the various halls. They also have a special collection including planes, photos and weapons and ofcourse the tanks as you have seen on my Instagram.

Kamp Vught

From January 1943 to September 1944, over 32,000 people – men, women and children – were imprisoned in SS concentration camp Vught. Many of them died in Vught and especially afterwards in other camps. In 2013 the last authentic barrack part 1B of the camp was restored; here is a permanent exhibition about the history of the camp site in and after the war.

A new exhibition in kamp Vught is officially opened on november the 27th 2019 and we were one the first persons to see it before the opening. The photos below are part of the renewed memorial center.

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