As Dutchbloggeronthemove.com is growing every day and there are many more miles to be flown; we’re expanding! Because we want to share as many tips as possible, as many sights as possible and as many stories as possible, I decided to look for great people who all have their own passion for travel. Each and every one of them has a passion; whether this is for the foreign food, for a particular island, for the music, for scuba-diving, for female solo travel, for luxury travel, for water sports, for the passion or for great beaches; we will inspire you and take you with us on the move. ps: guest writers wanted!


Founder & Owner Dutchbloggeronthemove

Hi, I’m Lisa, a (which explains Dutch blogger on the move). Since I can remember all I wanted was to go on holiday with my parents again and I always wanted to discover more and more of the world. Every traveler will recognize that feeling, that feeling deep inside. That feeling that you can’t put aside and I decided not to ignore this feeling any longer. During my master I already opted for minors in economic travel, social media and I did a photography course next to it. If you ask my friends; I’m always taking pictures. I decided to write a business plan, save enough money and start my own platform for everyone who likes to be on the move. 

Since moving to Spain (Palma de Mallorca), I’ve spent the past years sharing my personal journey and travel tips on this website with women around the world. I have traveled to a lot of countries, lived in Spain, Amsterdam, Spain again and now I’m currently living in both countries (winter here, summer there). But one thing I can tell you; the best is yet to come.

Julie Anna


Hello everyone! It’s so lovely to meet you. I believe that every day is the opportunity to experience, learn, and grow. Whether I am traveling, or exploring my own hometown, I want to learn as much as I can about the food, wine culture, fashion, and history of each city I visit.  Every person I meet, and every place I go has a story, and my mission is to experience it all so I can share it with you!

I have always loved taking pictures and writing about my travels, but it wasn’t until February 2020 that I started taking my writing more seriously. I started writing for my mentor and inspiration, @dutchbloggeronthemove. I am so grateful to Lisa for giving me the chance to write for her website, and inspiring me to continue to grow as a writer and photographer.

When I am not traveling, I teach students how to play instruments in Chicago, IL, USA, while also advocating for the needs of my students with special needs. I am passionate about cooking, fitness, fashion, wine, and music.

Thank you for reading- I look forward to sharing my adventures with you!

Vivian Secrève


Let me introduce myself nicely. My name is Vivian (Owner The Daily Dutchy)and like Lisa, I am Dutch. I live in the heart of Amsterdam and I know Lisa from a beautiful trip to Mallorca, from which a great friendship came.

We found each other there in our passions for traveling, good food and photography. Something we both share on our platform. I mainly share my tips on where to go in the Netherlands on The Daily Dutchy and Lisa does this with Dutchbloggeronthemove for the whole world. So together we are good at combining our strengths with what makes us both most happy.

Traveling together, discovering new places, telling stories and enjoying life. Whether this is in Haarlem or Amsterdam or we get on a plane together, to a place still unknown to us.



Meet Pauline, our adventurous writer who has been exploring the European continent from the comfort of her beloved camper for the past three years. Since purchasing her home on wheels, she has embarked on a thrilling journey through The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Denmark, France, and Austria, discovering the beauty and charm of each destination.

A passionate cyclist and outdoor enthusiast, Pauline has a keen eye for finding picturesque camping spots, scenic routes, and hidden gems across Europe. She eagerly shares her knowledge of camping essentials and the best gear to make every road trip a memorable and comfortable experience.

In her articles, you’ll find practical tips and insider information on the most enjoyable bicycle roads, allowing you to explore the great outdoors at your own pace. Pauline’s contagious enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge make her the perfect travel companion for those looking to embrace the freedom of the open road.

Join Pauline as she shares her stories, experiences, and valuable advice to help you create your own unforgettable European adventures. Happy trails!

nathalie guestwriter



I’m Nathalie, the queen of taking every day as it comes and living in the moment! I can confirm I am the queen of slow travel and everyone’s favorite travel bestie.

After a burnout, I quit my corporate job at the end of August 2023 and set off to travel around Southeast Asia. What was meant to be a three-month trip turned into a longer adventure as I fell in love with Asia and found remote work while I was out here. I’m now a freelance social media manager living my best life, traveling the world on a never-ending journey!

I have always loved travel. Growing up with a mother from a different country exposed me to new cultures, and I have always enjoyed meeting people from around the world and hearing their stories.

My interests include hiking, diving, photography, fitness, food, and fashion, so you can expect to see plenty of content about these passions!

I can’t wait for you to see the world through my eyes!

Lots of love,

melanie guest writer



I’m Melinda, a German girl, who can’t get enough of traveling. Before I started
traveling full time, I worked in a corporate job, but I always was curious, if there is a higher
purpose for the rest of my life. So right now I’m looking for my purpose in life by traveling the
world and learning everything about new cultures, their lifestyles and their view on things.
By passing my travel tips and experiences, I want to inspire as many people as possible to
look beyond their horizon and seek their happiness on the other side of the world. My
passion is showing people how easy and affordable traveling could be.

The last few years I’ve traveled almost all over Europe with my small camper van. Now it
was time to explore the other part of the world, that’s why I’m currently traveling Australia, to
share my life and experience I collect here with all of you:)
Stay tuned for insights from my tour through Australia and Asia.

Join Melinda as she shares her stories, van life tips, and valuable advice to help you create your own unforgettable Vanlife adventures.



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nathalie guestwriter


Writers wanted!

New position, applications are now open!

Guest writers wanted!

melanie guest writer

Writers wanted!

New position, applications are now open!

Guest writers wanted!

Guest Writers Wanted

Do you want to join our team? And would you like to share your favorite travel stories? Mail us or visit this page and fill in the form because we are always looking for more people who like to be on the move. And who knows, maybe we’ll see your stories soon on our website.

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