On the move to Cannes with 2 glimpse

Stars posing in tuxes and couture gowns on the red carpet during film festival in Cannes every May. This glitz and glam, doesn’t just end in May but shines throughout the year in this beautiful place in the South of France. Couture shops, gigantic yachts, designer bars and Ferraris this city of Harbourside glamour never fails to impress. But what about the other side of Cannes?

The real side of Cannes and the daily life is something that I really wanted to discover. If Cannes was really so glamorous throughout the year and if there is more to discover than the film festival. 2 glimpse is a platform that is perfect for discovering new places and countries and if you ask me, it might be my best travel related discovery of this year!

On the online platform 2 glimpse you can meet people from all over the world to participate in a cultural exchange. You do not exchange houses, but just each others lives. If you want to start your local experience, start it today here. If you want to know more about how and my experience. Just continue to read along.

Create a profile on 2 glimpse

Write your idea about the exchange: if your looking for a host or if you are looking for a guest. Select what you can offer as a host or guest and what the timeline and length of this meet will be. Finally, select the amount of days that you would like to meet and if you travel alone or with more people. Write a short piece about yourself, add some photos to show more of yourself and your profile is done. Now you’re ready to connect with other travelers.

My 2 glimpse adventure

Max, who lived in Cannes for more than six years is originally from The Netherlands too and the perfect candidate to show me the real Cannes. You know I’m a sunrise chaser and I wanted to know if there was a perfect place for that away from the busy Cannes. In the light of dawn, we drove off on his motor to see the best sunset at the height of the ‘Rochers du Coke’ rocks.

After this, we decided to drive along the coast to Cannes to see more of glamorous Harbourside. Make sure to drive a scooter or motor because this gives you so much freedom. The next day, we drove up to see Cannes from above. If you go all the way up to Belvédère de Roquebillière and you’ll have an amazing view over the city and the harbor. Ofcourse, I needed some inside tips about the restaurants in Cannes and I really wanted to see the real Cannes. Le Suquet is the place to be for that since it is the old quarter and packed with lovely small restaurants and boutiques that are open all night. For the restaurant we went to Le Maschou. Le Maschou is located in the heart of Le Suquet and the atmosphere is amazing. A former fishermen’s cave where anchovies were once salted and somehow they managed to preserve this picturesque atmosphere and combine this with amazing food fire grilled meat and fish. Combine this with great wine from the cellar and great new company and you have the perfect evening.

On the move to Cannes with 2 glimpse

2 Glimpse is all about making new connections and learning more about another culture and the differences. So if you love to travel, like me and meet a local during your trip abroad or you want to show your daily life to other people, the 2 Glimpse platform will help you with this. A memory forever, also for my host. Seeing his own life through my eyes was also a whole new experience. So, who is ready to be my guest in Amsterdam?


If you decide to travel to Cannes and book through Airbnb. Book through this link to get a discount of €25,- on your first booking. (If you already have an account, just create a new one) 

There are plenty hotels to stay in Cannes. There is a wide range of luxurious hotels, mid-range and also budget hotels. Below you’ll find my recommendations on the ad of Booking.com.


On the move to Cannes with 2 glimpse

Ofcourse, when we travel to a new destination we do lots of research first to make sure we find and show you the best of it. Read more of our travel tips here, or follow me along on @dutchbloggeronthemove.


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