10x Best beaches in Mallorca

Sandy beaches, rocky bays, small calas and endless white beaches, Mallorca offers the best beaches for all. With a total length of 50km, white sand and crystal clear turquoise water Mallorca is a true paradise for sure. But, what beach is the best for you? We’ll tell you all about it in this article that include the 10x best beaches in Mallorca.

1. Cala Santanyí | Mallorca

Located at the southeast coast, Cala Santanyí is one of the most breathtaking beaches of Mallorca. This blue flag beach is family friendly, is good for diving and snorkeling and surrounded by pine trees. The beach is easily accessible by car, bus, by boat to anchor and there is a lifeguard on duty in summer.

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2. Camp de Mar | Mallorca

Camp de Mar offers everything you need for the perfect beach day. Lovely calm beach, loungers, playgrounds and showers but still remain peaceful and picturesque. The highlight of this beach is for sure the restaurant that lays in the middle of the water called ‘La Illeta’. I have lived in Camp del Mar for almost 2 years and have written a lot of local tips for Camp del Mar and unique things to do. Do you want to know more about my life in Mallorca? Then read all my tips, not just about the 10x best beaches in Mallorca.

♥ A secret tip; and I hope I now don’t ruin it for myself, go to your right and walk all the way through. You’ll find a secluded rocky beach there where you don’t have all the facilities of the big beach but more peace and quiet.

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10x best beaches in Mallorca Camp de Mar

3. Port de Pollenca | Mallorca

One of the best wind surfing areas on Mallorca can be found in the Port of Pollenca. The long promenade offers several shopping facilities, restaurants and nice cafes alongside the sandy beach. There are also leaving several boat tours from here and there are a lot of water sport activities to do here. So for the sporty spice; this is the place to go.

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10x best beaches in Mallorca Port de Pollenca

4. Cala Tuent | Mallorca

A beautiful hidden beach called Cala Tuent which is on the North-west coast of Mallorca and is located in the shadow of Puig Major. The road towards it is also very beautiful because we came by two beautiful crystal clear lakes on our way up. Cala Tuent is also very nice to combine with Port de Sa Calobra which is a lot more popular and known for the magnificent location between two cliffs where the canyon Torrent de Pareis reaches the sea.

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5. Cala Mondragó | Mallorca

One of the most impressing beaches, because of the stunning sandy double bay. Mondragó is not easily reached, because it is situated in a environment-protected area on the East coast. Surrounded by pine wood, fine sand, the form of the bay this turquoise beach is perfect for families and children. The public car park is big, but keep in mind you have to walk a bit to get there.

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6. Es Trenc | Mallorca

The largest beach Mallorca has to offer is 3.5 km long and 60 meters wide. White sandy beach, backed by sand dunes and if you wouldn’t know you could really think your on a Caribbean island. There can be found two beach bars that offer cool lounge music and refreshments. Negative parts are that it can really crowded in high season and there are not a lot of facilities such as sanitary or fresh water showers. Also free parking is limited, paid parking is available.

7. Cala Varques | Mallorca

Cala Varques is not easily found, but perfect for people who are looking for the most quiet beaches of Mallorca. Think of it as part the attraction, park your car in the lane and walk for a 15 minutes through pines down to the cove. The clear turquoise water and the beach with a hippy vibe is waiting for you there. But make sure to bring your own food and drinks, because besides of the few free spirits selling in the high season you can’t count on that because the nearest town is 10 kilometeres away.

10x best beaches in Mallorca

8. Calo des Moro | Mallorca

The most beautiful beach in Mallorca is Calo des Moro. It’s privately owned and not easily found and reached. The walk is about 15 minutes and you have to climb down the rocks to get to the really small beach where it can easily be overcrowded. So visit this beach off-season if you don’t like that. When walking to Calo des Moro you pass by Cala S’Almonia which is a lot more spacious and also very beautiful.

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9. Sant Elm | Mallorca

Located on the southwest, on the furthest tip you can find Sant Elm. A tiny fishing port that is very popular for yachts and the perfect place for a romantic sunset picnic or cocktail on the beach. Two beaches can be found here; San Gran and Sa Petita. Both with good facilities and with the blue flag status so no wonder that Sant Elm cannot be forgotten in this list of 10x best beaches in Mallorca.

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10x best beaches in Mallorca

10. Playa de Muro | Mallorca

The largest, family friendly and Blue-Flag beach on the Northeast coast of Mallorca. Playa de Muro is near Alcudia and includes four sections of beach that are nearly six kilometers long. Due to all the big resorts, easy access, onsite facilities, restaurants and kid focused activities and the shallow waters this beach is the base for holiday destinations. After your visit to the beach, make sure to visit the town of Alcudia as well. There are many restaurants to be found and even more cute little streets.

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Things to know before visiting 10x best beaches in Mallorca:

  • Please always make sure to respect the strict rules with trash and cleanliness and always take home what you’ve brought to the beach.
  • Use reef-safe sunscreen
  • Wear water-shoes
  • Take supplies and enough water with you. Most of the beaches don’t have shops nearby.
  • Rent a car, most of the beaches can’t be reached otherwise

If you decide to travel to Mallorca and book through Airbnb. This way you can be close to the 10x best beaches in Mallorca without staying in the big resorts for the ultimate Spanish holiday experience.

If you are a big fan of resorts and want to be fully pampered, these hotels are the best to go. Looking for extensive hotel reviews? Read more here or you can always send me a message. After living on the island for more than 4 years and visiting more than 50 hotels, it’s safe to say you can find many tips on my blog.

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