Z’andvillas: A Luxurious Stay in Zeeland, in The Netherlands

If you’re looking for a luxurious stay and relaxing vacation in the Netherlands, look no further than Z’andvillas. Located in Zeeland, on the country’s Southwest coast, Z’andvillas offers a selection of beautiful design villas that are perfect for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or even a business retreat.

  • About Z’andvillas: Luxurious Stay in Zeeland
  • Zeeland and the Zeeland coast
  • The activities in the area (collecting oysters yourself, kiting, beer tasting)

Z’andvillas: Luxurious Stay in Zeeland

Z’andvillas is a design villa rental complex based in Zeeland, Netherlands. The company offers a wide variety of high-end villas for rent, all of which are located on a stunning location at walking distance by the sea. Nestled on the coast of Zeeland, these beautiful villas offer all the amenities and comforts you could ever want.

The villas are situated on a wide stretch of sand dunes and are designed to blend in perfectly with the surrounding nature. The complex comprises of 105 luxurious villas, each with its own private garden and Finnish or infrared sauna and or jacuzzi. The villas are furnished to a high standard with a fireplace and design furniture and offer a charging point for electric cars and a range of services to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

During your stay you can hire an in-house cooking chef and other services like a grocery-service or spoil yourself with one of their body and mind extra’s like mindfullness, personal training or yoga. Furthermore Z’andvillas offer several extras to make your stay even more comfortable. Bathrobes and extra bedlinnen, oysters and champagne, coffeecups, bicycles and even a beachhouse. If you are interested in more, click here.

Z’andvillas aims to make you feel at home so you can completely be yourself and experience the raw elements from outside with comfort and privacy inside with a five star service. In my opinion they completely succeeded. My stay was so relaxing, I found myself completely at ease and felt I could be myself and unwind.

Zeeland and the Zeeland coast

Zeeland is one of the 12 Dutch provinces and can be found on the coast adjacent to the Belgian border. It is known for defending the water as most of its land doesn’t rise above sea level. It’s famous for the dycks, its fisherman and the V.O.C. in the golden age and as strategical point of interest during World War II. During your stay you can find and visit a lot of history and landmarks like the Deltawerken. The shape of the land of the province has changed over the centuries due floods they won some land and lost some land. Two entire towns are submerged in the water. If you are a beach lover you are going to the right spot! With over 1900 hours of sun Zeeland is the sunniest province of the Netherlands.

Z’andvillas: Luxurious Stay in Zeeland

About the activities in the area (collecting oysters yourself, kiting, beer tasting)

If you are enthousiast about Z’andvillas by now it will get even better. During my stay on one morning during low tide in the village of Yerseke which is about 30 minutes away by car, we went to pick oysters. Just bring along a bucket, gloves and an oyster knife, you are allowed to pick 10kg of oysters per person for free in the ancient oysterpits which were used to store oysters before shipping. Nowadays the oysters are stored elsewhere, for example at de Oesterij. This place is also worth a visit in Yerseke if you’d like to learn more about oysters. But the old fundaments of the oyster storage are still visable and oysters happen to keep reproducing themselves so they never stopped to exist at the old oysterpits. Just go there with boots during low tide and pick as many as you can. Then clean and enjoy them back in the villa with a slice of lemon or gratinate them in the oven with some butter and cheese. If you are looking for some activity closer to the villas then try this! I’ve learned kitesurfing over 3 days at the nearest beach there is a kitesurf center. Also a wakeboard cable park is around the corner and on the lake beside the villas there is room for wingfoiling with various schools. Skydiving can be done from the small airport of Midden-Zeeland. Visit Neeltje Jans if you want to learn about the Deltawerken which prevents Zeeland from flooding. In the city of Goes there is a beer brewery called Slot Oostende in an old fortress that is worth a visit. I won’t recommend the tour, it’s not worth your time since all they talk about is how they make profit. But the beer and ambiance is great. Many more things to see and to do are worth a visit to Z’andvillas!

Z’andvillas: Luxurious Stay in Zeeland


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