10x best unknown places for paella in Mallorca

Who doesn’t love paella? Typical food for the Spaniards and of course I love it too. After living here on the island of Mallorca for over 5 years, I’ve already tried many restaurants. You can order paella in almost every restaurant, but where do you eat the best paella? I’ve tried them all and listed the 10 best unknown places for paella in Mallorca for you. For some places you need a car; but I recommend this for the island anyway. The most beautiful places are not so easy to reach and the island is definitely worth staying a few days. So are you looking for the best places to eat paella? Then read on quickly, I’ll help you out!

10x best unknown places for paella in Mallorca

  1. Restaurant Illeta, Camp de Mar
  2. Restaurant Ponderosa, Alcudia
  3. Sa Foradada, Deià
  4. Mhares sea club, Puigderrós
  5. Restaurante Las Sirenas, El Arenal
  6. Restaurant El Bungalow, Palma
  7. Es Repòs, Playa Portals Vells
  8. Restaurant Club Nàutic, Sa Ràpita
  9. La Santa, Can Picafort
  10. Sa Cranca, Palma de Mallorca

1. Restaurant Illeta

One of the better restaurants in the Andratx region. The starters are always fantastically tasty and their paella is also recommended! The view gives you reason enough to visit, and I visited this restaurant as one of the first one in 2016. I do have to say the last years I’ve been hearing rumors about the service and food so make sure to check the Google Reviews. Otherwise, go for a Sangria that always works.

Price: €€€€ (4,5/5)

2. Ponderosa, Alcudia

This restaurant is located at playa de Muro near Alcudia. On in the north side of the island right on the beach you find restaurant Ponderosa. Playa de Muro is a very shallow and beautiful beach. The beautiful clear and shallow sea make it a perfect place to go with your children. Great food, especially the John Dory and the Pollo Chicken were fantastic. The staff is very friendly, they have fantastic wines to pair with your paella. So are you looking for paella combined with a day at the beach? Then Ponderosa is definitely recommended.

♥ Want to know about all the hotspots, market and other restaurants in Alcudia

» They also have vegan paella

Price: €€€ (3/5)

ponderosa beach paella

3. Sa Foradada, Deia | best unknown places for paella in Mallorca

This restaurant has one of the most special locations. The road leading to this restaurant is an adventure in itself. To get to this restaurant you have to take a beautiful walk of 6 kilometers to a small peninsula. Easy to walk, there is a wide walking path with always great views of steep cliffs and the peninsula. Pass by olive groves, donkeys and most beautiful landscapes. This restaurant is open until 16:00 and I’ve been trying to get a reservation for weeks. So, a tip from me. Reserve in advance! The food is freshly prepared on the charcoal grill and tastes fantastic. Add a glass of wine and the day is perfect.

♥ Bring swim wear to cool down before the hike back.

♥ Only reachable by boat or foot.

Price: €€ (2/5)

sunset in sa foradada, mallorca
The sunset at Sa Foradada, Deia

4. Mhares sea club, Puigderrós

Are you looking for a quieter beach club without the big groups and loud music then Mhares Sea club is a nice place to go. You can enjoy the specialty here; fish and of course paella! While you’re there, definitely book a sun lounge (about €40-€55) or large beds are around €100 euros and stay the day. Picture this: breathtaking view over the sea, beautiful large swimming pool and a beautiful garden. The sea below is a little more difficult to access but the water is beautiful and pleasant to swim in.

Price: €€€€ (4/5)

mhares beach club

5. Restaurant Las Sirenas, El Arenal

If you’re looking for a local experience in S’Arenal that’s beyond the touristy offerings (and its drawbacks) that the area is certainly packed with, then you’ve come to the right place. Las Sirenas is a restaurant-restaurant with a refined but unpretentious wine list, an abundant seafood cuisine and fair prices for the quality of the fish. Strongly recommended to order a paella here.

Price: €€ (2/5)

6. Restaurant El Bungalow, Palma | best unknown places for paella in Mallorca

El Bungalow has a fantastic location near Palma just right at the beach. It’s a very busy restaurant for both lunch and evening. You see many locals here thanks to the very good price/quality. There is lots of fish on the menu and all freshly prepared. Despite being quite full, the service is great and the portions very generous. You can order a blind seafood paella (free of bones and shells) which is such a great variety! This restaurant is also close to the airport so that could be a good idea to start or end your holiday here?

Price: €€(3/5)

7. Es Repòs, Playa Portals Vells

Speaking of the hidden and best unknown places for paella in Mallorca is Es Repòs the place. It’s super busy here with mostly locals, book well in advance but definitely worth it. This place is a combination of sun, sea, sand and delicious lowkey good food and drinks. This is where your holiday feeling is at its maximum. Think of a beautiful cala hidden between the rock formation, a small super busy Spanish tent and everyone cheerful with Spanish tunes in the background with a view of the many boats in the bay and the sea. However, I did find the service on the slow side and after being there twice I had the idea that there were simply too few staff. Hopefully it will be resolved soon, but just so you know. It does says something about how nice it is that I go back anyway.

Price: €€(3/5)

8. Restaurant Club Nàutic, Sa Ràpita

You can perfectly combine this restaurant with a day at the beach, namely one of the most beautiful beaches and nature reserve Es Trenc. The food is good, the staff is friendly and you have a view of the harbor.

♥ Want to know more about Es Trenc? Read more here about Es Trenc.

Price: €€ (2/5)

9. La Santa, Can Picafort | best unknown places for paella in Mallorca

Authentic beach bar with good food and quiet atmosphere. The food is very good here, beautiful plates and everything feels like it is prepared with care. They have for sure the best location in this street because it’s all towards the end and not located at the busy (in my opinion to touristy street). Cozy atmosphere and pleasant staff for sure and the service is very fast. You do have to reserve you’re paella in advance, but then again I suggest you to do this in summer anyways. The best food we could find in Can Picafort so far and if you happen to like chipironnes make sure to order them here as well. They’re delicious.

Price: €€ (2/5)

10. Sa Cranca, Palma de Mallorca

Arrived at number 10 on my list of the best unknown places for paella in Mallorca! Of course Sa Cranca cannot be missed and certainly belongs to this list. It is a very good restaurant for paella and very good fish. Great value for money. Good local house wines on the menu that go well with the dishes. You can eat better IN the restaurant than outside, the view directly over the harbor is worth it.

Price: €€(3/5)

So those were my 10 favorites, of course I’d love to hear if you’d like to add one to this list and if I should visit others. One last tip; if you have a lot of food left in Spain, it is anything but crazy to ask for a doggy bag. And you should always make a reservation in summer to be sure you have a nice place.

As the Spaniards say Saluti Amici (greeting friends)


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