5 reasons why Mallorca is the ideal holiday destination

Can’t think of where to go on vacation? Or are you one of the lucky few who is now taking a break? Then think of Mallorca. I have lived on this beautiful island for more then 4 years in total and write a lot about it. So I’ve summed it up and present to you: the 5 reasons why Mallorca is the ideal holiday destination. Mallorca has everything you could wish for and more. This island is unparaiso. Mallorca is a paradise as the Mallorquins always say so beautifully, and nothing could be further from the truth. In this article I’ll give you all the reasons to fall in love with Mallorca and maybe even inspire you to book a short week away.

1. Beautiful beaches | 5 reasons why Mallorca is the ideal holiday destination

Mallorca has beautiful beaches, from elongated to narrow and the smaller beaches in the middle of the rocks and mountains. A playa is a large and extensive beach, a Cala is a smaller beach in the middle of the rocks, often with shade of the pine trees and beautiful stones. Both are beautiful and you can also enjoy fantastic snorkeling with the clear and beautiful water.

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2. The sun | 5 reasons why Mallorca is the ideal holiday destination

Mallorca is most visited in the summer, when it is no less than three times as busy as normally on the island. Mallorca is visited by more than 10 million tourists every year. Compared to Ibiza (3 million) and Menorca (1,4 million) that’s a whole lot. However, the temperature in Mallorca in spring and autumn is also wonderful. In spring and autumn the temperatures are still around 20 degrees. The average temperature in the hottest month is 24,5°C. The coldest month is January is 10°C and starting from April are more than suitable to sunbathe.

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3. The food | 5 reasons why Mallorca is the ideal holiday destination

Paella, Ensaimada, tapas, churros, roast suckling pig… need I say more? Absolutely, because let’s not forget the Sangria. The Spanish food is delicious and the Mallorquins are only too happy to enjoy this and eat all day every day. Throughout the day, the local bars are packed everywhere and especially in summer I recommend you to reserve in time. For some places you have to wait for weeks.

I love to eat out and I rarely eat at home. Since I have been living on the island for over 4 years now, you can say that I have tried many restaurants and can certainly recommend the best one. Curious about my recommendations for restaurants?

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| 5 reasons why Mallorca is the ideal holiday destination
10x best paella places

4. The people

The people in Mallorca are very friendly and helpful. They usually don’t understand you but will do everything they can to help you. They have a lot of respect for each other and especially for the nature. Ask the locals for the best spots and they will tell you with love and pride about their beautiful island. Curious about who visits Mallorca the most? This mediterranean gem is one of Europe’s favorite holiday destinations of Germany and the United Kingdom.

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5 reasons why Mallorca is the ideal holiday destination

5. Sport | 5 reasons why Mallorca is the ideal holiday destination

Attention all sports enthusiasts, Mallorca has something for everyone. You can cycle, golf, walk, dive, sail, abseil, paddle, you name it. Due to the diverse landscape, there is a lot you can do. But if you’re more into relaxing you can also enjoy the piece and quiet of the island and finally read that book that’s on your shelve for over a year;).

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6. Most beautiful villages in Mallorca

Yes, you’re right I’m giving you an extra reason on top of the 5 reasons why Mallorca is the ideal holiday destination because 5 are simply not enough. Think of beautiful narrow streets, large flower-filled squares and large atmospheric shopping streets in the capital Palma. Think of the beautiful mountain villages of Valdemossa and Deía. Or board the old train from Palma to the beautiful harbor of Sóller or watch the sunrise in Ratjadada.

In short, Mallorca has everything to offer for a fantastic holiday. Rent a car and get out and about. Currently there are 728 hotels in the Balearics and more than a 2/3 are in Mallorca. Below I’ve listed some of the best one there is.

Where to stay in Mallorca?

If you are a big fan of resorts and want to be fully pampered, these hotels are the best to go. Looking for extensive hotel reviews? Read more here or you can always send me a message. After living on the island for more than 4 years and visiting more than 50 hotels, it’s safe to say you can find many tips on my blog.

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