The Elegant Rosés of Château Minuty

If you are looking for a sign to have a glass of Rosé, this is it! In my humble opinion, Rosé from Provence is the only one that matters, but it’s the 4 unique rosé blends of Château Minuty that should be on your list of bottles to enjoy. The elegant rosés of Château Minuty are rooted in history, yet speak so clearly to the modern day love affair that the world has with rosé wine. Keep reading to learn about the 4 unique rosé blends of Château Minuty that will delight any palate whether you are throwing a dinner party, or enjoying a glass after a long day.

Château Minuty: The Perfect St. Tropez Excursion  

This past summer, when I was in St. Tropez having all of the fun in the sun, I spent a few hours at Château Minuty. Experiencing a wine tasing and tour there was heavenly, and their rosés are the best of the best! The tasting was one of my favorites of all time, as each rose had such a unique flavor profile. No matter your experience with wine, you will be able to recognize the differences.

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Did you know? All about the grapes

Grenache is the most prominent grape in each of Minuty’s 4 Roses. After each varietal has completed its own maturation journey, they are blended with other grapes such as Syrah, Rolle, and Cinsault.

Emelie, the expert at the Château on all things Minuty, explained that year after year, the unique proportion of each wine is respected. This means that the blend of grapes is formulated to unveil a consistent flavor profile. I love knowing that every time I purchase a rosé from Minuty there will be no surprises. Just the same delicious experience year after year.

The Elegant Rosés of Château Minuty

The Elegant Rosés of Château Minuty: The M Rosé

The “M” is the perfect introduction to Château Minuty Rosés, and is sold in over 100 countries. This rosé wine is easy on the palate, and because it has the lowest percentage of grenache, it unveils only hints of grapefruit and a little of strawberry. The M is truly light as a feather, dry, and the aroma is oh so fresh! 

The Elegant Rosés of Château Minuty: The Rose et Or

The Rose et Or is the signature Minuty estate wine. En Francais,  “Or” means Gold, so  Rose et Or simply means “The Golden Rosé,” and is it ever! This medium bodied, endearing Rosé is made from the first juice of the grapes before they are pressed. This juice has more concentrated flavors than the pressed juice. More simply put: The 1st juice is the golden juice.  

With 80% grenache, the Rose et Or and it’s fruit forward complexities with a Provençal style will have you savoring every sip. If the M Rosé is the fun younger sister, the Rose et Or is the wise and elegant middle daughter with that unexplainable twinkle in her eye. 

The Rose et Or is the perfect wine to elevate any special occasion. The flavors are truly remarkable and may leave you speechless after each sip while you try to decipher the joy that your tastebuds are experiencing. My friends and I shared this bottle in Mougins, France this past summer, and I can still remember the moment like it was yesterday!

Wine is emotional

Drinking wine can be such an emotional experience. The people you are with, and the beautiful moment you are in really seem to elevate the senses. It can’t be a coincidence that some of my favorite travel memories have been paired with a lovely glass of wine.

The Elegant Rosés of Château Minuty: The Prestige

The Prestige takes things up a notch from the M by starting with a different blend of grapes. Emelie shared that the Prestige has a greater percentage of Grenache, which equals to a more expressive rosé.  The flavors are smoother and rounder, and the fruits are bigger and juicier. More Grenache = more fruit.  

Like the M, The Prestige is dry, yet a bit heavier in comparison, and one sip will unveil candy flavors and a slight tartness. 

Did you know?  Rosé’s Perfect Pairing

Even though Minuty Rosé thrives in the warmth of the Mediterranean sunshine, every season will easily be rosé season. Emelie explained that the Prestige (and any Rosé really) pairs especially well with Asian fare and spicy food.

Temperature Matters

As the temperature of your wine changes, and if you enjoy it with food, you may uncover different flavors. This is my favorite part of drinking wine- it really keeps your tastebuds on their toes! With that being said, I encourage you not to let the temperature of your rosé drop too much. Rosé wine will be at its best at 8-10 degrees celsius (or 46-50 degrees Fahrenheit).

The Elegant Rosés of Château Minuty: Minuty 281

Last but not least, we have The Minuty 281. This rosé will peak your interest from the curvaceous design of the bottle, to the flavors that paint a stunning picture of the Mediterranean Sea. The light pink color of the wine is complemented by the most beautiful color of blue that cascades down the sides. And the number of that color blue just so happens to be 281. What a brilliant twist!

The Elegant Rosés of Château Minuty

An artistic inspiration

This clever name and design were the brilliant idea of an artist who has ties to Dior. When I look at the bottle, I can’t help but marvel at the way the blue and the pink dance together. It’s quite unusual to pair a bottle of rosé with the color blue! The inspiration for this choice comes from 2 very important parts of the culture of the Côte d’Azur. Rosé, and the Mediterranean sea. 

And while it’s easy to see the connection between the blue skies and azure waters of the Mediterranean, the actual reason for the design goes even deeper. After the Cote d’Azur experiences strong rains and mistral winds, the sky unveils an unforgettable deep shade of blue.

Minuty 281 has the greatest complexity of all the Minuty Rosés. It has the lightest fruit, but instead has a minerality and saltiness that comes through. This characteristic is no coincidence, as the vineyards for 281 overlook the sea. The terroir plays a major role in the way any wine tastes. Minuty 281 is one of the greatest examples I’ve ever experienced!

Consistency is the Minuty way

Part of the allure of a Minuty Rosé, is that they are forever consistent.  While many wines taste different depending on the vintage(year), Minuty crafts their rosés to give you the taste that you love with every sip.  No surprises, just pure Provençal perfection year after year.  

When it comes to Rosé, the greatest lesson I ever learned was that they are not all created equal. So every time I see Minuty on a menu or on the shelves at the store, the decision becomes quite easy. No matter the season, I am always confident that Minuty will taste divine. Every time I enjoy a glass, I am transported back to the tour and tasting at Château Minuty. It was sun soaked, educational, and delicious! This excursion is a must if you’re planning a trip to the South of France. Click here to read more.



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