The best wine of Nice tasting route (3 wineries)

By: Julie Anne Syperek

Going on a wine tour is my favorite way to get to know any region, or culture I am visiting, while simultaneously trying a variety of truly fantastic wine. Wine is more than just a drink, it has deep roots in the history and tradition of its region. No matter your knowledge of wine, a wine tour will be a wonderful experience for all, because when you pair a little bit of learning, with the beauty of wine country, you end up with the perfect environment to sip and swirl all day long. And let’s be honest- there is just something so special about tasting wine of Nice doing a wine tasting route in the exact place where it was made. Especially in Provence!

wine of Nice tasting route
Château Font du Broc, Provence

The best wine of Nice tasting route

I had dreamed about exploring the wine region of Provence ever since 2016 when I took my first sip of Rosé while looking out onto the Mediterranean Sea. The moment was both picture perfect and memorable on so many levels. So when I decided to spend my summer in the South of France, I knew that a wine tour through Provence was a must. 

Provence is an area in the Southeastern corner of France that borders Italy and the Mediterranean Sea. With a landscape of mountains, lavender fields, rolling hills, and gorgeous weather, it’s no wonder that it’s also the perfect place to make wine.  

Grape Tours Nice

I think it’s safe to say that my expectations for a perfect day in Provence were quite high! So I am very pleased to report that Grape Tours Nice delivered on every level. Pierre was such a delightful and knowledgeable guide, and he expertly organized the perfect wine of Nice tasting route for our day.

The tour began in Nice on another brilliantly sunny day. From there, we drove into the countryside where we enjoyed tastings and tours at 3 very different wineries. On our way, Pierre filled our minds with with the history of winemaking in France, and left me curious and excited for our day. We would be sipping wine and surrounded by gorgeous terrain in no time!

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The Oldest Wine

Rosé wine has been around long before “Rosé all day” came into our vernacular. It is actually the oldest wine, and dates back to Marseille in 600 BC. And while Rosé made in the Provence region of France is perhaps the most well known, there are many more noteworthy Rosés from around the world. I encourage you to taste Rosé from Provence, Rhone, Loire, and California wine regions. You may be surprised by how different they all taste.

A Day in Provence

At Château Font du Broc, our first winery for the day, we first explored the terroir of the vineyard. The landscape was serene, with rolling hills and grape vines as far as the eye could see. This vineyard was absolutely stunning, and the dreamer in me couldn’t help but sigh as I treasured its romantic aura. Every single detail seemed to be styled to make me swoon. 

Next up was the first tasting for the day. We sat on the patio, surrounded by the lush splendor of the winery. I could’ve spent all day in that very chair, sipping the wine and enjoying the ambiance of this very special place. But soon it was time to continue on. There was more to learn, and more wine to enjoy!

Château de Saint Martin: 2nd stop wine of Nice tasting route

Our second winery of the day was Château de Saint Martin. I connected with this winery on so many different levels, but it is truly their history of strong entrepreneurial women running the show that left a lasting mark on my heart- and my palate. 

The story of Château de Saint Martin began with a Father’s gift to his daughter- The Comtesse de Baregemon. He gave her the Château as a wedding gift in 1740. Since then, the Château has been largely owned and run by women. In a time where women in a position of power was not the norm, this family was ahead of their time.

As our hostess for the day told us the story of the Château, I could tell that she carried a great sense of pride. Not only for their history, but for the tradition of strong entrepreneurial women that continues on. And I must admit that it was contagious! Their wines now hold a deeper meaning for me too.

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“Wine is Emotional”

When it comes to wine, it never ceases to amaze me how the atmosphere of the moment, and the people you are with can heighten the enjoyment, and sometimes even the taste. As Pierre would say, wine is emotional. And in the case of Château St. Martin, the story behind not only their winery, but one specific bottle truly heightened my wine experience that day.

A Rosé Crafted exclusively for Women

The Eternal Favorite is a delightful Rosé designed exclusively for women. From the uniquely shaped bottle, and its label that is not only beautiful to behold but also to touch; to the delicate flavors that had me swirling and tasting each sip with wonder. This wine’s balanced complexities made it a joy to drink not only in their tasting room- but also in my home.

On one occasion, as I was enjoying a glass at home with a friend, I discovered a delightful flavor or aroma of the wine that was new! I had already enjoyed this wine in both Provence, and at home, so this sudden change was completely unexpected. Did the wine age? Or was it perhaps the ambiance and the company? This is why I love wine- every glass is an adventure.

Lunch al fresco

From the tasting room, we made our way to the gardens where we were shaded by the trees, and serenaded by the peaceful sounds of nature. We raised our Rosé-filled glasses, chatted about our holidays and enjoyed a lunch of meats, cheeses, fresh vegetables, and of course- pain de français.  

Château de Saint Martin: Provence, France

In my dreams, THIS is what a day in the Provence wine region was going to be like. My only wish is that it would have lasted a little bit longer. Many thanks to Pierre, and Grape Tours Nice for curating such a lovely day filled with life’s simple pleasures! It was one of the highlights of my summer in Provence.

Thankfully, the wine region of Provence is a hop, skip, and a jump away from the French Riviera, making it an easy day trip for anyone spending time in the South of France. From Nice, to Monaco, to Antibes, and everywhere in between; The French Riviera is the ideal place for a holiday in the sun. It’s also one of my favorite places in the entire world. Want to learn more about where to stay and what to do in the Côte d’Azur? Click here to read all about my one perfect week in the French Riviera.

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