Skiing in Sainte Foy: My Experience at Premiere Neige

Skiing in Sainte Foy

Skiing in Sainte Foy was an unforgettable experience for me as a beginner skier. The beauty, quietness, and family-friendly atmosphere made it the perfect destination for anyone seeking a unique skiing adventure. I had the pleasure of staying at Premiere Neige’s Peak chalet, which was an exceptional luxury experience. Premiere Neige offers a range of properties in Sainte Foy and nearby areas, including traditional chalets and luxury apartments, making it a perfect spot for everyone.

Premiere Neige’s Peak Chalet

The Peak chalet is a beautiful and luxurious property with top-notch amenities, including a hot tub, sauna, and spacious living areas. My personal experience staying at The Peak chalet was nothing short of amazing. The cozy and warm interior design created a comfortable and relaxing environment after a day on the slopes. The views of the mountains from the chalet were breathtaking. One personal tip is to make use of the hot tub to unwind after a day of skiing or treat yourself on a massage in your own chalet by a professional.

As for dining options, there are catered chalets available. As well as plenty options in town ranging from typical French cuisine to comfort food if you prefer a self catered chalet. We had the luxury of a private chef in the chalet with a team who present awesome breakfast and dinner as well as canapés and plates of charcuterie, which was definitely a highlight for me. They cooked local ingredients and turned it into a super tasteful menu every single day. It was like dining in a fancy restaurant with elegantly made up plates. The chefs can cook whatever you desire if you prefer more simple food; anything you need. A picture says more then a thousand words.

♥ On a personal note I must say the staff was incredibly friendly and accommodating (thank you so much Mike & Luke when you read this).

Skiing in Sainte Foy

Skiing in Sainte Foy offers something for skiers of all levels, including plenty of opportunities for off-piste skiing and ski touring. As a beginner skier, I appreciated the gentle slopes and welcoming atmosphere of Sainte Foy. The ski runs were well-groomed, and there were plenty of ski schools and lessons available for those who are just starting out. I personally took lessons at Snocool and found the instructors to be patient and helpful. One of my favorite runs was the Combe de la Foglietta, which offered stunning views of the valley below.

Another personal tip is to take advantage of the off-piste skiing opportunities. The untouched snow and peaceful surroundings make for an unforgettable experience. If you have never done it before and you would like to dive into some fresh powder snow, this is a great ski area to start because of the slope and the width of the mountain, which allows you to make your own lines in the snow indefinitely. Make sure you ski with an instructor who know’s the area for at least half a day before you go on your own. Snocool and are specialized in teaching off piste skiing and are more than happy to help you get started with your first powder lessons and advise you on the necessary equipment.

If you are an advanced skier and familiar with off piste skiing and you want to challenge yourself, on the backside of Sainte Foys is where Salomon does its PR photographing. You can ski great tracks that end up in the town of Miroir from where you can take a bus back to the lifts. This way you ski all around the mountain. Other options for the hard core skiers are the lift L’aiguille and walk a little bit left towards the top of Pointe de la Foglietta (2930 m) almost every track is skiable so you can eat your heart out.

If off-piste is not your thing and you are done with the groomed slopes in Sainte Foy, the lifts to the La Plagne ski area is only seven minutes away by car. If you love to do long ski runs and make a lot of miles you might enjoy a day here.

Another way to challenge yourself is to try ski touring. You walk up the mountain where a lift wouldn’t take you and then you ski down off piste. In town you can rent equipment and the ski schools offer training in this different way of enjoying the slopes.

All in all I think this makes a great family holiday possible where there is a challenge for everyone. The quietness on the slopes makes it so comfortable for everyone. Or if you are a group of friends that are super advanced skiers or snowboarders who want to relax in the evening, this is the place to go!

Other Premiere Neige Properties

Premiere Neige offers a range of other properties in Sainte Foy and nearby areas, including traditional chalets and luxury apartments. I had the chance to visit a few of them, and they all offer their own unique charm and character. The Chalet Margaux in Sainte Foy was a personal favorite of mine, with its rustic yet modern design and stunning views of the mountains.

There are also plenty of activities to enjoy in Sainte Foy beyond skiing, such as snowshoeing and dog sledding. So although I enjoyed skiing in Austria, skiing in France is much more refined. You can think of the chacuterie, the cheese fondue (definetely go to Le Saint Germain Sainte Foy) and for fine dining you should check out the restaurant called 1580m in Ste Foy Station.

Skiing in Sainte Foy with Premiere Neige was a truly unforgettable experience. The beauty of the area and the luxury accommodations made for a perfect holiday. I highly recommend Sainte Foy as a destination for beginner skiers and off piste lovers, and Premiere Neige for those seeking a luxury ski experience.

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