The best place to stay in Beausoleil

By: Julie Anne Syperek

Beausoleil is a city in France that sits just north of the country of Monaco. This past summer, when I decided to spend time in Monaco, I started looking for a place that had the comforts of home, convenience, an outdoor space, and a price tag that suited my budget. After doing some research, I believe I found the best place to stay in Beausoleil!

The best place to stay in Beausoleil

I stayed in a modern, and absolutely stunning Airbnb in Beausoleil, France. It had a jaw dropping view of the Mediterranean and the Odeon Tower, with a rooftop pool, and a balcony off of the living room. I spent most of my time there while I was home. The view was just so magnificent! It needed to be properly adored.

Every morning the floor to ceiling windows brought me that brilliant morning sunshine while I did a mat Pilates session with a huge smile on my face. This was the most sensational backdrop I’ve ever woken up to. I would then enjoy my morning coffee on the balcony where I thanked my lucky stars and made my plans for the day.

I spent many hours on the balcony doing everything from sunning myself, to enjoying meals and a glass of French wine, to watching the moon glisten over the water at the end of another beautiful day. With a high powered air conditioner and an elevator, this home away from home is an absolute gem! Click here to see where I stayed.

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One Clutch Grocery Run to Nice (back to the best place in Beausoleil)

When I stayed in Beausoleil at my dreamy apartment, I had everything I needed! But when it came time to restock the coffee pods for my morning coffee routine, I learned a few important lessons. The grocery store in Monaco is far. Everything is way more expensive in Monaco. They do NOT carry coffee pods in Monaco. And for this coffee lover that was a big problem!

So, the next day, I took the train to my beloved Nice to purchase the necessities: Coffee, wine, meat, cheese, tomatoes, and bread. From cost to variety I cannot recommend this enough. And so my wallet, and my tastebuds carried on being as blissfully happy as can be.

Getting from Beausoleil to Monaco

To get into Monaco, I could take the stairs (which took about 20 minutes),  the bus, or walk a mile or two down the winding streets. During my stay, I did a mix of all 3. Once I figured out the bus system, (there was a QR code at the bus stop with live updates), it was easy to navigate. I also found quite a bit of enjoyment in the calf and booty workout that the stairs gave me!  When your backdrop is the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, there are no wrong choices.

I loved staying in Beausoleil, and this apartment was absolute perfection! It gave me more bang for my buck while still allowing me to live the luxurious Monaco holiday of my dreams. From the iconic Sass Café, to the glamorous Nikki Beach, to the mystical mountains of Monaco, this country is a must for everyone. Want to hear more about what to do in Monaco, and my day at Nikki Beach that is still making me swoon? Click here to read One Week in the French Riviera.

best place to stay in beausoleil

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