Château Minuty: The Perfect St. Tropez Excursion

When I think of Provence, I think of the warmth of the sun, terrain of lush greens and lavender fields, and the picture perfect sunsets on the Mediterranean Sea. I also think of their Rosé wines. In my opinion, Rosé from Provence is the only Rosé that matters, but the belle of the ball will forever be the Rosé from Château Minuty. A wine tasting and tour of Château Minuty is the perfect St. Tropez excursion! It will immerse you in the beauty, culture, and history of the South of France all while you savor their truly golden rosé wines. 

Château Minuty: The Perfect St. Tropez Excursion  

Spending time in St. Tropez- one of the cities of the Provence Alpes Cotes d’Azur may be the destination, but I highly recommend veering into the countryside to visit Château Minuty. The vineyards, dusty roads, and rolling hills will give you the taste of Provence that you didn’t know you needed.

Located on the Peninsula of St Tropez in Gassin, Château Minuty will be a highlight of your journey. After spending an hour or two sipping their wines, taking in the history of the Château, and learning about each of their 4 unique Rosés, this special experience will follow you from the tasting room, to Pampelonne Beach, and all the way back home.

Modern pink elegance rooted in history

From their M Rose, to the Prestige, Minuty 281, and the Rose et Or- the most special bottle of Rosé I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing- their rosés are quintessentially Provence. Their blends are elegant, and definitely fuel the world’s love affair with Rosé.

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Visiting Château Minuty will no doubt send you home with stories, and tasting notes to make you a hit at the next party you attend. But most importantly, every sip of Minuty Rosé will forever transport you back to the gorgeous sun soaked day that you spent just outside of St. Tropez.

Not a wine aficionado? No problem! As long as you have a curiosity, and a willingness to learn, Emelie and the staff at the Château will take great care of you. Every time I visit a winery, I always walk away with new knowledge, and let’s be honest, a bottle or two.

Wine Tasting Tips:

I always ask how the wine experts explain the wine I am trying. The specific words they use help me understand how to better identify what I am tasting. So ask questions! And don’t be afraid to write things down on a cocktail napkin, or in your phone. 

Getting to Château Minuty: The Perfect St. Tropez Excursion

Château Minuty is about a 15 minute drive from the Old Port of St. Tropez, Pampelonne Beach, and most places on the Peninsula. So whether you are staying in the St. Tropez region, taking a ferry from St. Raphael, or Cannes, it will easily fit into your St. Tropez itinerary. If you are driving from St. Raphael to the St. Tropez area, be sure to take summer traffic into consideration.

How much time do you need for this St. Tropez Excursion?

If a wine tasting is what you desire, an hour at Château Minuty will be plenty. If you’d like to partake in a tour of the winery as well, I recommend setting aside 2-3 hours for your visit. Also keep in mind that the Château closes for lunch, so plan accordingly and check their hours before you go.

Make a reservation

In order to reserve a place for your wine tasting, I encourage you to call or email ahead of time. While you can walk in with a small group for a wine tasting, a reservation is required for a larger group, or a tour. This will ensure that Emelie and her staff can give you the modern yet historical experience that is truly Minuty.

I should also mention that there is an entertaining space off of the tasting room that would be perfect for a private gathering!  So whatever your vision for this special trip to Château Minuty, I encourage you to contact them directly.

St. Tropez Excursion

The Tour of Château Minuty : The Perfect St. Tropez Excursion

I highly recommend taking the tour, as it will only elevate your entire experience. There is something so special about learning the history of a Château and the winemaking process before sipping and swirling the finished product.  

The grounds of Château Minuty are more than just the place where the grapes are grown and the wine is produced. The land truly tells a story.   Although the tasting room is modern, they have held the history of the Château close.  There is a grand villa on the grounds that the family still occupies. They also use the original wine cellar to this day! But it was the Château’s Chapel that truly helped me understand the heart behind every bottle.  

The Chapel: A piece of History

As the tour began, we walked down a shaded path alongside the vineyards. Here Emilie shared the history of the Château which was both joyful and heartbreaking. From the beginnings of Minuty with Gabriel Farnet to the modern day with the Matton family, Minuty has a rich history. But sadly, this history is not without tragedy.

The Chapel Minuty was built in 1780 after the loss of a young son. Tucked behind the vineyards, a right turn through lush walls of greenery and a wrought iron gate unveiled a single bench, a dusty floor and the Chapel- picturesque, simple, and hauntingly beautiful. 

Through the iron gates, Emelie unlocked the doors to the chapel, adorned above by a stained glass window. As I walked to the alter, my eyes became a bit misty, and I couldn’t help feel like I was walking through time. While this space had seen grief, it had also seen a joyful marriage in the Matton family, the current owners of Château Minuty.

From there Emelie showed me where the wine is made. She explained the Château’s wine making process before leading me through the wine cellar, and into the tasting room.  Spending time on the grounds of any winery will always feels like heaven on earth to me, and I was very ready to take this experience to the next level.

The Tasting at Château Minuty: The Perfect St. Tropez Excursion

Before arriving at the Château, I had enjoyed the M Rosé on many occasions. I did not realize that they made 3 other rosés, a white, and a red wine as well!

The M Rose

Each Minuty rosé is incredibly unique, and highlights the best of the best when it comes to the flavor profiles of a Provencal rosé. The M is the gorgeous light pink color that is quintessentially Provence. Dry and refreshing, The M is especially perfect for the summer months. Whenever I drink the M, it always transports me back to sun and fun whether I’m home in Chicago, or sea-side in the south of France.

Minuty and Mougins

Mougins and Minuty will forever dance together in my mind. Mougins is a quaint little French town just north of Cannes in the south of France. I’ve spent time there with friends on two separate occasions, and these memorable experiences always involved Minuty Rosé.

While in Mougins, we basked in the sunshine while sipping the M Rosé poolside. It’s hard to explain the bliss of being surrounded by lavender and marvelous people in such a serene atmosphere. All with a rosé in hand, of course. This is exactly what Château Minuty is all about. They want their wines “to bring great pleasure to all who enjoy” them. And whether you enjoy it on its own, with a meal, or over ice. The M rose can really become anything you want it to be.

This past summer I again visited my friends in Mougins. Years had passed since I had last seen them-with Covid, and life keeping us apart. So I decided to bring the most special bottle of Minuty Rosé to celebrate. The Minuty Rose et Or.

The Golden Rosé

The Rose et Or is the signature Minuty estate wine. En Francais, “Or” means Gold, so  Rose et Or simply means “The Golden Rosé,” and is it ever! If the M Rose is the fun younger sister, the Rose et Or is the wise and elegant middle daughter with that unexplainable twinkle in her eye. Click here to read more about the tasting, and all of the Minuty Rosés.

And so we sipped that golden rosé while we marveled at the beauty of the flavors and this very special day in Mougins. This memory will forever make me smile. The Rose et Or was the perfect wine to elevate a moment that was already incredible on its own! That’s how remarkable this rose will be when you try it. 

My first glass of French Rosé

The first glass of Rosé that I remember was in 2016. I was in Nice on the Promenade des Anglais looking out onto the Mediterranean Sea. It was a feast for the senses as I savored the flavors, and the way the pale pink sheen of the rosé sparkled in the presence of the azure colors of the sea. But perhaps the most memorable moment came when the waitress asked me if I wanted ice on the side. I can only imagine the look of disbelief on my face! I am known to give a look or two.

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Rosé avec glace

Since then, I will forever ask for my rosé “avec glace,” or with ice. In France in the summertime, they will usually bring it out without asking. In the states, however, I always ask. And after I get a quizzical look, my bougie self can’t help but share this very important wine intel.

I further quizzed Emilie on this topic. What better way to leave zero questions about the ice theory than in the capital of Provençal Rosé!

The Perfect Rosé Drinking Routine

It turns out, the perfect rosé drinking routine begins with a properly chilled bottle. A glass of rosé will be at its best while enjoyed at 8-10 degrees celsius (or 46-50 degrees Farenheight). Always enjoy the first sips to gain the true experience of your wine. Then as the rosé starts to fall beneath the ideal temperature, you may add ice. Small cubes or shavings are best, and will keep you and your wine nice and cool on a warm day.

» Did you know? Rosé will taste different in every country, and every region that you visit. My personal favorite rosé wines are from Provence, so when I am wine shopping in the states, I always take a peek at the label to see where it is from.

In Travel, Wine is a window

For me, travel, food, and the beverage of the region will forever go hand in hand. Visiting a winery in the countryside always makes me enjoy whatever city I am visiting even more. The wine tasting and tour at Château Minuty is no exception! Wine truly is a window to see inside any culture, and who doesn’t love spending an afternoon sipping wine? So this summer, take a cue from me, and visit Château Minuty- the perfect St. Tropez excursion. Don’t forget to read more about The Elegant Rosés of Château Minuty.

The Joy of Rosé, and the Joy of Writing! A Special Shout Out:

I love writing about my travel experiences! I am always drawn to eclectic ambiance, welcoming atmospheres, and of course? A fantastic view. But when I am home in Chicago, there are many spaces where I feel inspired, and love to write, even if the view isn’t the Mediteranean sea. One of those is the friendliest space in the West Loop of Chicago: The bar at Parlor Pizza.  They serve up a darn good Negroni, French Fries, Nacho Bites, and Pizza of course! But it’s the atmosphere that keeps me coming back. Special thanks to the Parlor folks, and all of my friends there for always welcoming me and my laptop with a smile.



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