The Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes- One of a kind Casual Luxury and Design

The Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes will leave you in awe of its majestic presence from the moment you arrive through the iron gates and gaze upon the building. But your experience truly begins when you walk through the doors of this historic building that seems to be glowing from within. The Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes combines luxury, wine, and comfort with the brilliant design of Philippe Starck that is elegant, inspiring and playful. At the Mondrian, East also meets West with Restaurant Morimoto. It will leave your tastebuds, and your eyes in awe as the talents of the world renowned Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, and the design of Philippe Starck come together for an unforgettable dining experience.

The Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes is one of a kind casual luxury and design. Keep reading to learn more about my stay.  

Did you know?

Philippe Starck has designed hotels, restaurants, and museums all over the world. Mr. Starck also designs the kind of furniture that you not only want to take a picture of, but once you sit in it you realize you could take a nap in it as well. While talking with the staff at the Mondrian, I also learned that Mr Starck enjoys adding surprising details to his designs. It’s as if Mr. Starck created a scavenger hunt through the details of his design, leaving clues around every corner.

3 pillars of Travel

The Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes pairs three brilliant names together that are very important pillars of travel:  Hotels, Wine, and Food.  

Finding the perfect place to call home when you are traveling can make or break your experience. Then, I believe that wine is the window to getting to the heart of any culture, or city I am visiting. And finally, there is the food! If wine is the window, then food is what makes the clock of every culture tick.

One of a kind Casual Luxury and Design-The Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes

The Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes puts the spotlight on all 3 pillars, and does so within the direction and designs of Philippe Starck. Together they create an experience that is luxurious, but in a way that will make you feel very much at ease and cared for as you enjoy the highest quality throughout the Restaurant and Hotel. I guarantee that getting to know all of  the influences behind Hotel Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes will only make you enjoy your stay even more.   

The Mondrian Hotels

The Mondrian’s luxurious, design centered Hotels can be found all over the world in places like Singapore, Cannes, Ibiza, and Los Angeles. Each hotel is unique, and the design is influenced by the city that it resides in. When I was in Bordeaux, I discussed this with Dmitri from the Mondrian Hotels, along with a sensory detail that is often overlooked- the scent.

The Mondrian Scent

The Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes has a special fragrance that reminded me of leather and rain. Dmitri added that there may be some wood notes as well. It was quite pleasant, and I could feel my body relax with every inhale. Dmitri told me that this scent was not only found in the Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes Hotel- but it could also be found in all of the other Mondrian Locations as well.

This little nugget of information made me think about perspective-which is a central theme for both Philippe Starck, and the Mondrian Hotels. When I visit another Mondrian location, in say, Ibiza. Will the scent smell the same? Or, due to the difference in my surroundings and the environment I am in- will the aromatic experience be different? I guess I will need to visit another Mondrian Hotel to find out.

Did you know?

Speaking of Perspectives – We all know that wine may taste different depending on whether you are drinking it alone or with food. However, did you know that wine may also taste different depending on where you are and who you are with? Wine is emotional, and after learning about the scent in Mondrian Hotels- I bet a scent can be emotional as well.

The Chateau Les Carmes Haut-Brion

This brings me to the Chateau Les Carmes Haut-Brion for which the Hotel is named. The Chateau has a long history in Bordeaux along with having a beautiful red Bordeaux wine. The Chateau is currently owned by The Pichet Group who has taken it to new levels that combine history and the modern world beautifully.

In 2016, Philippe Starck designed the new cellar of the Chateau for The Pichet Group and Ennismore, which is how the wine and design came together to create the Hotel Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes for the Chartron District of Bordeaux and travelers everywhere.

Philippe Starck

This brings me to the designer of the Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes. Philippe Starck. Mr. Starck is an industrial designer, architect, innovator…he is the kind of person that it is impossible to label. I must admit that I was not very familiar with Philippe Starck before I visited the Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes. However, after seeing, and living in the work of art that he created, I am now fully paying attention, and excited to experience another one of his designs. 

I read that every project of Mr. Starck’s “is a destination that generates emotions and experiences.” For me, I found serenity and warmth at this hotel while also being completely in awe and inspired by all the little details of the story that he was telling.

The influences behind the design

There are many influences within the Mondrian hotel, and Mr. Starck so beautifully layered them on top of each other. 

Take the pendant lanterns for example. As you enter the gates of the Mondrian, the larger than life lanterns with swirling grey wrought iron details lead you in the doors with strength and a whisper of romance. And in the reception area, you will find more pendant lanterns. Darker, and larger than expected for an indoor space. In the center of these lanterns? Yet another surprising detail. A reddish colored lamp shade that gives the area a warm glow.

A design within a design

In Restaurant Morimoto, I found more pendant lanterns, and these were the center of my adoration without a question. They had the influence of French Architecture on the outside- with Japanese influenced lanterns on the inside. Much like the pairing of a Hotel in Bordeaux with a Japanese restaurant.  

Fun Fact 

When you are at Restaurant Morimoto – walk underneath one of the large lanterns and look up!  You will see the Morimoto label inscribed inside.

The Location and The History

Located in the historic and quite posh Chartron District of Bordeaux, The Mondrian found its home on the Cours du Medoc. In a fascinating conversation over breakfast with Jay, a Director at the Mondrian, I learned that The Chartron district has been the center of wine aging, storage and international trade for centuries. Many of the original buildings and cellars remain- including the Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes which formerly housed the wine cellar of Maison Calvet.  

The story behind the doorways

All along the Cours du Medoc the buildings have beautiful facades, and very large doors. I was told that these doors were designed so that large vessels of wine and a horse carriage to carry them could fit through the door. Fascinating!

The Chartron District is a fantastic location that is close enough to the city center, yet far enough away where you can experience a more authentic side of Bordeaux. I myself did a mix of walking and public transportation while I was in Bordeaux which was perfect for the area. The Charton District is well known for their restaurants, antiques, shopping, and Notre Dame Street which is quite quaint and also home to the gothic architecture of the Saint Louis Church. 

The Reception area

When I arrived, Pierre helped me with my bags, as I paused outside to enjoy the striking facade of the hotel. It was built in 1871, and extended 10 years later in a neo-Gothic style by architect Charles Brun. I then walked into the reception area. To my right was a wall lined with rows upon rows of illuminated wine bottles just waiting to be enjoyed.

The Chairs: Unique designs paired together

I then noticed the chairs. They were placed in a quite surprising layout over the dark wood floors with a carpet that reminded me of the warmth of a fire. My interest was immediately peaked and I had a sneaky feeling that there was a purpose- I just didn’t know what it was yet.

There were chairs of wood and others made with a cognac colored leather. Each had a unique shape and design, although they all had one thing in common. The chairs all seemed to be luring me to disappear for awhile- perhaps with a glass of Bordeaux, and just relax.

The Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes- One of a kind Casual Luxury and Design

That’s the thing about the Mondrian. The designs will captivate you, but they want you to find comfort and relaxation in them as well. And I did just that as I checked in with Thomas, who was there to lend a helping hand throughout my stay as was the rest of the reception staff. From dinner or wine tasting reservations to setting up childcare from a trusted company in Bordeaux, the Reception staff was dependable, patient, and kind.  

Ask for help- and recommendations

On one rainy evening, I decided to head out with my Mondrian umbrella to dinner.  Many times, I will wander into a restaurant without a reservation, but due to the weather on that evening-  I wanted something set in stone. The receptionist happily called Chez DuPont for me- and they were able to squeeze me in. 

Julie Anne’s Travel Tips 

When I wasn’t dining at Restaurant Morimoto, I enjoyed dinners at L’Annexe, Chez DuPont and Le Mirabelle- the last two recommended by Thomas.  Always ask for recommendations from the locals.  They know best! And don’t forget to save them on your Google maps for later.

Natural Materials

Philippe Starck uses numerous natural materials, and textures throughout the hotel. He kept the soul of these materials in tact yet elevated them through beautiful edges and colors that bring out the best in them.

Many tables throughout the restaurant and the rooms are made from a striking white stone with beautiful scalloped edges. The walls all over the hotel- including the many arched windows and doorways, are concrete. In my room they were painted a soothing sage green, but in other areas they were kept a very natural color of grey.  

The Room

The Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes has 97 rooms and suites over 3 floors. Thomas gave me a tour of the hotel, showing me the restaurant, spa, conference rooms, fitness area, and finally showed me to my room.  

When I entered, A beautiful archway led me to my home for a few days. To my left, a cognac leather couch with a long stunning white stone table, and a few treats just for me! Fruit, Pastries, and a bottle of Bordeaux Les Carmes Haut Brion.

The Architechure and arches of Bordeaux

I would later relax on that very couch in my cozy white robe and slippers as I admired the mirror in front of me and all of the elegant arches in my room. Including a very large arch of a bathroom door. Could Mr. Starck have been influenced by all of the arches in the architecture around Bordeaux, and the history of the large doors on the Cours de Medoc?

The Bed: The Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes- One of a kind Casual Luxury and Design

And even farther left- the Bed. Illuminated by a candelabra of the same lamp shades in the middle of the pendant lanterns through the reception and the first floor. The bed was big, lush, and gave me the perfect sleeping temperature. As someone who runs hot when they sleep, and was quite jet lagged at the time, I was very grateful for this idyllic sleeping environment. 

The Terrace

Straight ahead in my room was the terrace.  What a delight it was to have a space outside to enjoy the sunshine! There was a couch and the very important chaise lounge all complemented by white stone tables, and mismatched chairs that somehow fit so perfectly together.. It was my sanctuary.


The Mondrian’s device charging game is strong! Not only were there outlets placed near the bed AND close to a surface where my devices can sit, but they also take things a step further. They also have the HDMI AND the hyper charge outlet for my iPhone as well. An exclamation of “really!” Had me looking around the room to see what else was just as savvy. 

Convenience and Ease

Forget a door tag, in my room there were tiny buttons to push for do not disturb, or when I wanted my room made up. These buttons had excellent placement by the entry way and also by the bed to turn the lights of the room on and off as well. 

In the Bathroom, there were 2 separate towel warmers on either side of the bathroom sink instead of the crowded towel warmers I tend to see in Europe. And my favorite. The reading lights on either side of the bed that I easily turned off by gently snapping them downwards into place.  Genius.  

The Bathroom

The door to the bathroom was remarkable.  Another archway, except this one wider and taller- reminding me even more of the doorways in the Chartron district and the history behind them.  

The door added a sense of majesty to the room- as did the mirror light which was diva worthy.  The bathroom itself was quite large with more than enough space for 2 people and toiletries.

A refresh for your clothes

I myself made this the room where I also steamed my clothes. The most superior steamer I have ever used. My goodness what a luxurious detail! But I digress.

The shower was oh so spacious with excellent water pressure and warmth.  The Rain Shower option paired with the luxuriously aromatic Malin + Goetz products had me feeling like I was at the spa.  

The Spa and Pool : The Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes- One of a kind Casual Luxury and Design

On a Rainy day in Bordeaux I decided to make my way down to the Spa area of the Hotel. The Spa offers many services that exclusively use Codage products that smell so lovely. I did not have the chance to indulge in the Spa this time around, but will plan on a massage next time. 

I arrived at the The Pool area in my robe, which I would’ve worn to dinner on that rainy day if it was socially acceptable- it was just so cozy and not too hot. There was a beverage service at the pool, but I opted for a glass of water and made my way to a lounge chair. They were sitting under the same red brick pillar and warm light of the pendant lanterns that I had grown to love.

A Serene Hideaway

The decor was similar to the other rooms yet somehow it transformed with the addition of the pool which turned it into a serene hideaway. As the Spa area recommended, I did a hot and cold routine on repeat which was made me feel good as new. From the steam room to a leisure swim and on to the sauna, and back to the pool, the spa was heavenly and exactly what this teacher on holiday needed.

Housekeeping and other amenities

I arrived at the Mondrian in the early evening, and housekeeping stopped by to see if I needed anything. And throughout my stay, I would always come back to tidy quarters with my bed back to being a pristine dream with a fresh water carafe by its side.  

In the entry way, the toilet was separate which is such a helpful bonus for couples. I also found shelving for my cloths, a space for my dresses to hang, and the minibar. So for those of you that arrive home from dinner and crave a glass of Bordeaux and a snack? There is a bottle of Bordeaux Les Carmes Haut Brion and an array of sweet and savory treats available for purchase. The best part is- you can enjoy them on your terrace without a fuss.

The Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes- One of a kind Casual Luxury and Design

Every morning while I got ready for my day I dipped into the complimentary coffee and tea selection and enjoyed a cup or two in my robe on the terrace. Is there anything more luxurious?  

The staff always replenished the coffee for me as well. So on the afternoon that The Mondrian sent me 3 delicious tartlettes? I had all the coffee I needed to enjoy this very special treat with my afternoon coffee.  

Coffee, Architecture and Design

One afternoon I decided to take a coffee break in the front of the Mondrian to enjoy its architecture.  Just outside of the reception area there were tables and chairs in the bistro style- except these had the Philippe Starck touch so naturally they were as comfortable as they were elegant.  

A building with a story

The exterior of the building was stunning, and up close I could see all of the original details more easily. Intricate carvings framed the arched windows and doorways. The same pillars that welcomed me at the front gate could also be found at the top of the building between the steps that seemed to be reaching for the sky. And in the center- a crest carved right into the stone.

I love that they chose to renovate the building and keep the original facade in tact. To stay in a building that has a story behind it makes the experience even more special.  

Breakfast: The Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes- One of a kind Casual Luxury and Design

Every morning, I made my way downstairs to the Restaurant for breakfast, which was always felt like such a peaceful oasis. I would sit in my spot by the window that had a view of the stunning terrace-along with my favorite chair. I would then order my usual. A double espresso, and an order of eggs.  

Eggs and coffee- made to order

One morning I ordered an omelette with cheese, mushrooms and ham. The french cheese put it on a different level. Another morning it was poached eggs, or the scrambled eggs at the buffet.

An impressive array of options

While I was waiting for my coffee and eggs, I would make my way over to the sprawling buffet which had something for everyone. I myself would gather a couple pieces of bacon or sausage, fruit, and I would slice myself a piece of beautiful French bread.  

While it toasted, I would pour myself a glass of orange juice and put a few different jams on my plate while I marveled at the rest of the buffet. Cereal, yogurt, ramen, meats and cheeses, pastries, smoked salmon, breakfast potatoes and crepes. It really was impressive.

The Terrace of Restaurant Morimoto

Most days after breakfast I would have another cup of coffee and do some writing. One sunny morning, Paula- one of the staff at Restaurant Morimoto, took me outside to the terrace where I was able to enjoy my espresso, the sunshine, and the playful splendor of the decor that surrounded me.  

An Artistic Wonderland

The terrace, and the entire restaurant was a play on patterns, and there was a feeling of natural beauty in the way that the decor came together. The chairs were mismatched yet again-but on the terrace it was even more of an artistic wonderland.  

Wicker, stone, wood and also splashes of green, orange, and red made appearances on the terrace- all with wicker lighting and vases holding court over every white stone table. 

Day to Night

The restaurant and the terrace were incredibly photogenic, and somehow the vibe changed from day to night. For when the lights went down, and the lanterns influenced by East and West were lit, I was also drawn to the group of Japanese lanterns that illuminated the restaurant. They gave Restaurant Morimoto a sense of mystery that also left me a bit starry eyed and rather excited to dine with them.

Did you know?  

The staff at the Mondrian knew so much about the design of the hotel- it was quite impressive. And when I first arrived I met Vincent who was happy to discuss the design- including the way that Philippe Starck likes to link his projects together through little details. The mini lamp shades in my room with the silky fringe can also be found in other hotels!  The same goes for a black and white detail that I’ll introduce you to in a moment. 

Restaurant Morimoto

Restaurant Morimoto is an open layout, but the room is set up so that each table feels very intimate. When you walk in, the large and very Grand Doors had handles that reminded me of the swords of a ninja, and it opens up to the dining room. To your left, the lounge and bar area. To the right, the terrace, and the sushi counter was straight ahead. 

Welcome to the Show

When I arrived at dinner, I chose to sit at the sushi counter- which Dmitri described as the star of the show at Restaurant Morimoto. The counter was a jade green stone with scalloped edges that were smooth to the touch.  Above, massive tapestries with Japanese symbols.  Behind them- black and white checkerboard tiles that added a playful twist to the ambiance.

The “stage” was illuminated to put the sushi chefs and their talents on display.  It was such a treat to watch Chef Thomas and Chef Maël do their thing with such precision, and a focus as sharp as their knives.   

The chairs: One of a kind casual luxury and design-The Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes

I got situated in one of the dark wooden bar stools carved with smooth and shallow divots. I sat in many chairs throughout my stay at the Mondrian Bordeaux, and each one was as beautiful as it was comfortable.  

Soon after I sat down, I was greeted by my server Camille who was attentive and personable. He definitely made my experience more fun. I decided to start my evening off with a cocktail. I chose one of the Mondrian Bordeaux Signature drinks – the Iron Melon Fizz-while I studied the menu. 

Something for Everyone

The menu was filled with so many inventive dishes. From Peking roast duck tacos to pork gyozas to the tuna pizza. There was also an array of sushi pieces and rolls as well-and that is only from the first page of the menu! Each dish at Restaurant Morimoto was made from the highest quality ingredients, so it was difficult to know what to order. 

The Staff Knows Best

I firmly believe that the staff knows best when it comes to a menu, and so I asked Camille to give me the best that the restaurant had to offer. He definitely delivered! Fizz in hand, I finally made a few very important decisions thus beginning an experience my tastebuds won’t soon forget. 

The Fish Tacos in two versions

For my first dish- I ordered the fish tacos in two versions. Tuna was up first. It had just a bit of spice on the back of  the tongue and melted in my mouth in a way no fish ever had. The taco shell was flaky crunchy! It gave the taco that effortless bite that didn’t fall apart, but allowed me to savor the flavors. And of course, before all of this, I gave the tuna a healthy squeeze of lime which made all of the flavors dance together. I want every taco to taste just like this. Incredible.

And up next- the salmon taco, which had the prettiest little orange flower on top. Yet again the lime worked its magic and brought out the freshness of the salmon even more. This taco, which also includes avocado and jalapeño, really highlighted the beauty of this fish. The melt in your mouth consistency and softness was quite beautiful.

All in the details

In between dishes I would let my eyes wander around the restaurant. The smallest details of the hotel, down to the books next to the chair in my room, were hand selected by Philippe Starck. Including the illuminated paintings of the hair of a geisha.

The Hair of a Geisha

These paintings were gasp worthy, and lit up the entire restaurant. If the sushi counter was the stage, then these painting were the producers watching over the musical production. They sat above the couches in the lounge area. One night after dinner out in Bordeaux, I sat in their glow while I enjoyed a glass of Bordeaux Les Carmes Haut-Brion along with the sounds of DJ Guappa. 

But my eyes always made their way back to the stage. A sushi chef accomplishes so much with their hands. From the cut of the knife to the flick of their wrist as they prepare the rice. Making sushi is an art form- as true as the colors of the dishes that were chosen to present their own works of art.  

The Aburi sushi

This brings me to the second course. Camille passionately recommended the Aburi Sushi, and I’m so glad he did! Aburi simply means “flame seared,” and  it was quite the presentation along with being the most impressive dish I had that night. And as I awaited my next course, I moved on to a white wine from Bordeaux which went beautifully with my sushi. 

There on the circular blue stone dish was the salmon with sea urchin butter, eel, yellowtail, scallops with tobiko mayonnaise, and the Japanese A5 wagyu. The latter which is considered the crème de la crème of beef. Guillaume, a staff member at the Restaurant, then prepared the torch to start this portion of the show.  

There is flavor with the flame

The torch plays a very important supporting role in this stage production, as the flavors of each piece were elevated through the fire. And as Guillaume brought the torch to the plate, his precision was indisputable as certain pieces were given more attention than others. 

One of the pieces had a sweetness that was pronounced beautifully by the flame, while another had a delicate smokiness. Each piece of sushi, especially the buttery tenderness of the Japanese A5 Wagyu, was just a dream to put in my mouth. Restaurant Morimoto may have ruined me forever! Will any other sushi experience ever live up?

To wasabi or not to wasabi?

In between pieces I would have a piece or two of ginger to cleanse my palate, but I didn’t even touch the wasabi. The flavors were just too perfect, and I didn’t want to alter them.  

By the third piece, which had a finely chopped cilantro and ginger mixture, I realized that the flame really did bring out the best of each piece.  Seeing fire and sushi come together right in front of my eyes was also quite fun.  

In travel, always try something that scares you

And lastly, the piece of scallop sushi that was topped with a spicy orange sauce and sprinkled with green Tobiko. I have always shied away from trying scallop sushi, but this was the day to do it! And what a way to try a piece of sushi that I have always feared. I loved it!  

The Takayuki Sushi Roll

For my next course, I chose The Takayuki Sushi Roll. In my opinion, no sushi experience is complete without one. This roll had octopus, tempura, cabbage, and a smokey sweet katsu sauce. And piled high on top of this roll was an ingredient that I had never seen before, but I was eager to discover what it was.

These paper thin, pale pink ribbons were called katsuobushi, or bonito flakes. It is a skipjack tuna that is simmered and smoked to give it a Smokey, slightly fishy, and umami flavor. Umami means “delicious savory taste” in Japanese.  

Dancing in the Spotlight

With its delicate texture, katsuobushi is also known for its dancing! I was quite puzzled when Chef Thomas first explained this to me. However, when he torched a piece of sushi, and afterwards piled it high with katsuobushi as the finishing touch I had my lightbulb moment. It WAS dancing! Any contact with steam causes the katsuobushi to curl and move ever so slightly.

I love eating delicious food, but almost more importantly, I love learning about the ingredients within every dish. It always adds a layer of adventure to every meal, and gives me more insight into the city that I am dining in.

A Summery Sweet Iceburg

For the finale, I ordered a glass of champagne to celebrate my holiday and this exquisite meal. I also ordered the Pavlova Sakura- which translates to a Cherry Blossom Pavlova.  

This iceburg-esque pavlova was piled high with a cherry blossom meringue, jasmin ice cream, strawberry sorbet, vanilla bean ice cream, and whipped cream. It was a summery and very refreshing delight that left my tastebuds dancing on stage- just like the katsuobushi.

Bar and Lounge

After dinner,  I made my way to the bar where Camille and Arthur made me feel right at home. They gave me great conversation, a traditional Japanese liquor made from yuzu, and a really fantastic cocktail.  

Cocktails made with pickle juice are all the rage right now! Lucky for me, Restaurant Morimoto has a really good one names the Zoo Kimono. It’s made with gin, lemon, pickle juice, glasswort, and Szechuan that will surprise you in the very best way. 

Always seek out the Sommelier

On another evening I was lucky enough to meet Baptiste. Baptiste is the Sommelier of Restaurant Morimoto. He shared his expertise on the world of Bordeaux wine as he poured me a glass.  This conversation made me wish that I had visited the Chateau Les Carmes Haut-Brion for a wine tasting and tour!  I will put it on my list for my next visit.  

A Lesson for us all

During my stay at the Hotel, I tried to get to the heart of Philippe Starck’s design, and also figure out the reason behind his use of unique chairs at every table.  The Pendant lanterns in the restaurant may have shown the elegant fusion of East and West, but it was the chairs that left me with a lesson that was even more meaningful.  

In this world, we are all unique human beings with many differences- including our perspectives of the world.  Yet, we all can still come together to sit at the same table to enjoy life’s simple, yet greatest pleasures. Great food and wine, in a warm and beautiful setting.

Final Thoughts: The Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes- One of a kind Casual Luxury and Design

The Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes is truly one of a kind Casual Luxury and Design. It was the perfect place to stay for my visit to Bordeaux.  They delivered comfort, quality, and inspiring designs while also giving me the kind of service that made me feel seen and oh so welcome. Many thanks to The Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes, Restaurant Morimoto and the entire staff for such a wonderful experience.  And lastly thanks to Victoria for the pastries as a send off as I made my way to Biarritz. When I am in France, I love having a croissant in my bag- just in case.


This article is written by our guest writer, Julie Anne! A passionate explorer and storyteller, she brings us along on her adventures, diving into the food, wine culture, fashion, and history of each city she visits. Whether globetrotting or exploring her hometown, Julie captures the essence of each location, sharing the story of every place and person she encounters. Get a taste of Julie’s captivating narratives in her articles.

Also make sure to read Julie-Anne’s Solo Travel Tips too if you’re in need of some good female solo travel tips.


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