Eco-Friendly Hotels in Mallorca: local’s perspective

As someone who has called this beautiful island home for many years, I have witnessed firsthand the growing efforts in Mallorca to promote sustainable tourism. It’s incredibly heartening to see this shift towards eco-consciousness, and today, I’m excited to share with you my curated list of the finest eco-friendly hotels in Mallorca. These gems don’t just offer luxurious experiences but also celebrate eco-conscious living, a cause close to my heart. This curated list of green accommodations not only complements our guide on eco-friendly travel in Mallorca but spotlights venues that celebrate eco-conscious luxury.

Eco-Friendly hotels in Mallorca

  • Finca Serena
  • Rupit Hotel
  • Hotel Ecorir
  • The Pink Pepper Tree
  • Monnaber Nou
  • Son Gener
  • Cap Rocat

1. Solar-Powered Gem: Finca Serena

Tucked away in the rolling landscapes of Mallorca, Finca Serena is a shining example of how luxury can coexist with responsibility. Harnessing the power of the sun, this finca stands out as a leader in eco-friendly hotels in Mallorca. This former farmhouse, known as a finca, has been transformed into a romantic hideaway that harnesses the power of the sun, establishing itself as a leading figure among eco-friendly hotels in Mallorca. A mere 20 minutes from the airport, Palma city, and the best beaches, this hidden gem is surrounded by vineyards, olive trees, and lavender, with 25 rooms spread across a sprawling 40-hectare estate.

Guests can indulge in a gastronomic journey at the Jacaranda Restaurant, where a daily changing menu showcases the freshest Mallorcan produce from the sea, estate gardens, and surrounding countryside. Under the guidance of two-Michelin starred chef Óscar Velasco, the restaurant has risen to become one of the island’s culinary highlights.

For a rejuvenating experience, the Único Spa, hailed as Spain’s Best Resort Spa, offers a range of beauty and well-being treatments alongside extensive facilities for relaxation, fitness, and sport. It’s the perfect addition to your romantic getaway or yoga retreat.

Guests looking to explore the estate can venture along well-maintained routes and trails, suitable for running or a leisurely stroll. Reception can provide details on complimentary yoga sessions for guests, upcoming yoga and wellness retreats, nearby golf courses, and cycling routes for all levels.

♥ They even have their own wine!

2. Rupit Hotel | Eco-Friendly hotels in Mallorca

Just a stone’s throw from the island’s immaculate beaches, the Rupit Hotel deserves applause for its innovative water conservation practices. From cutting-edge rainwater harvesting to efficient fixtures, it’s a top choice for the eco-conscious traveler. It’s also a great budget tip hotel for when you’re in the area of Cala d’Or.

Additionally, the hotel places a strong emphasis on minimizing its overall environmental impact by implementing energy-saving measures, using locally-sourced and organic products where possible, and actively participating in local sustainability initiatives. With its dedication to both the environment and the comfort of its guests, the Rupit Hotel is an ideal choice for those wanting to enjoy the beauty of Mallorca while making a positive impact.

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3. Nature’s Retreat: Ecocirer

Nestled amid the scenic splendor of Soller, Ecocirer stands as a sanctuary dedicated to preserving nature’s bounty. This commitment sets it apart as a beloved and distinctive destination among eco-friendly hotels in Mallorca. What’s more, Ecocirer takes its dedication to the environment a step further by offering a menu that is not only delicious but also sustainable.

Guests can indulge in a range of locally-sourced, plant-based dishes that are as kind to the planet as they are to the palate. This thoughtful approach to dining is just one of the many reasons why Ecocirer is a top choice for those seeking an eco-friendly retreat on the island.

4. Home-Away-From-Home: The Pink Pepper Tree | Eco-Friendly hotels in Mallorca

Nestled in the village of Lloseta, the Pink Pepper Tree is a cozy hotel brought to life by owners Jacqueline and Glynn, a Dutch-South African partnership, from a restored finca originally dating back to 1570. With just eight rooms, all with en-suite bathrooms and decorated using natural materials, it provides an intimate, home-away-from-home experience. Handmade touches, such as wicker lampshades and woven finishes, add to the charm. Tranquility permeates the space, thanks to light, open interiors and washed-out woods. Those with a love for the Mallorcan countryside will find solace here.

Wellness is a focus at the Pink Pepper Tree, with private yoga classes, walking meditation sessions in the mountains, and home-cooked organic dishes prepared by Jacqueline three times a week, each accompanied by a bottle of organic wine recommended by Glynn. It’s an idyllic retreat for those seeking inner well-being while minimizing their carbon footprint on their Mallorcan adventure.

5. Certified Sustainable Luxury: Monnaber Nou

Monnaber Nou is a beacon of sustainable luxury in Mallorca. This four-star rural hotel, situated at the foot of the Serra de Tramuntana, not only offers a spa and pool but also a variety of accommodations including grandly and traditionally decorated rooms, apartments, and a self-sufficient villa. The hotel is set within a historic finca, surrounded by 556 acres of ecologically certified farm, providing panoramic views of nature. Monnaber Nou is committed to the environment, practicing ecological, responsible, and ethical consumption of natural resources.

This includes the use of solar energy, conscious heat, electricity and water use, and regenerative practices such as reforestation and support in the recovery of endangered species. From the accommodation to the dining experiences, every aspect of Monnaber Nou is carefully curated to minimize its environmental impact, making it a truly commendable choice for the eco-conscious traveler. I had the privilege of experiencing this firsthand during my visit, which you can read about in detail here.

6. Organic Farm Experience: Son Gener

Son Gener offers a unique agritourism experience in an 18th-century farmhouse located between Son Servera and Artá, just an hour away from Palma. This small hotel is surrounded by gardens of almonds and olive trees, with beautiful views of the surrounding hills and the ocean in the distance. Guests can not only enjoy cozy accommodations but also partake in sustainable farming activities. The on-site restaurant is a must-visit, as it serves completely organic food straight from the hotel’s own property. Additionally, the hotel supports sustainable transportation with onsite chargers for electric cars. A deeper dive into Mallorca’s agricultural wonders and a commitment to sustainability awaits you at Son Gener.

7. Historic Green Luxury: Cap Rocat

Cap Rocat, located in a former fortress in the middle of a nature reserve not far from Palma, combines green luxury with vintage charm. The historic building has been retrofitted with eco-friendly amenities while preserving its timeless beauty. It has 29 rooms, ranging from doubles to vaulted suites that open to private pools with unobstructed views of the sea. The limestone spa with indoor pool pampers guests with treatments using natural cosmetic products.

Cap Rocat offers guests the chance to discover and enjoy the essence of Mediterranean and Majorcan cuisine at both La Fortaleza Restaurant and the Sea Club. La Fortaleza, headed by chef Víctor García and rewarded with two Soles Repsol, is known for its avant-garde techniques and passion for quality local products. Two different tasting menus, based on Majorcan traditions and ingredients, are available, paying tribute to the legacy bequeathed to us.

With arguably the most spectacular entrance on the island, even arriving at Cap Rocat is a unique experience. While the complex is not visible from a distance, its impressive nature is revealed inside. Although I have only eaten in their restaurant, staying at Cap Rocat is high on my list of places to experience and also on my list for the five most romantic hotels on the island. (in my humble opinion)

Conclusion | Eco-Friendly hotels in Mallorca

Mallorca‘s dedication to sustainability is reflected in its range of accommodations. By choosing eco-friendly hotels in Mallorca, you can bask in the island’s opulence while contributing to its preservation. Ready to indulge in eco-luxury? Book now and experience Mallorca in the most responsible and luxurious way possible.

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