Saint Tropez: A Day to Night Guide in the French Riviera

One Week in the French Riviera

Welcome to our comprehensive Saint Tropez day to night guide, your one-stop resource for discovering the treasures of this coastal gem on the French Riviera. Known for its stunning beaches, historic charm, and vibrant nightlife, Saint Tropez presents two distinct faces when observed during the day and night. This quintessential town promises unique experiences to every traveller, whether you’re a sun worshipper, a culture enthusiast, or a party lover.

Saint Tropez, with its diverse blend of day attractions and lively night scene, serves as an enchanting microcosm of France’s richness. It boasts of a unique tapestry, woven with sun-soaked beaches, pulsating nightclubs, and sophisticated dining experiences, each a vibrant thread adding to the intricate beauty of the French Riviera.

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Table of Contents | Saint Tropez day to night

  • Saint Tropez by Day
  • Where to Stay in Saint Tropez
  • Saint Tropez by Night

Saint Tropez by Day | Guide

A quintessential day in this Saint Tropez day to night guide starts at the local market, “Place des Lices.” Immerse yourself in French culture as you stroll through stalls bursting with fresh produce, cheeses, and Provencal souvenirs. Don’t miss out on the town’s famous pastry, Tarte Tropézienne, a sweet treat that’s sure to delight your taste buds.

Next, head towards the St. Tropez Citadel, a historic fort that offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean sea. Inside, explore the Maritime History Museum which beautifully narrates Saint Tropez’s rich maritime legacy. When the sun is high, it’s time to make your way to the famous Pampelonne Beach. Renowned for its clear waters and golden sands, it’s a paradise for swimmers and sunbathers alike. Remember to carry along some delicacies from the local market for a perfect seaside picnic!

Another must-do daytime activity is a visit to Château Minuty. Located on the outskirts of Saint Tropez, this vineyard promises a wine-tasting experience you won’t forget.

Where to Stay

  • Boutique: La Bastide de Saint Tropez. An oasis of serenity amidst the bustle of Saint Tropez, this boutique hotel combines Mediterranean architecture with cozy interiors.
    Price: Starting from €350 per night. Average price range: €350 – €700 per night.
  • Rural: For an escape to nature, try the pastoral charm of Domaine Les Mesanges, located just a short drive from the town.
    Price: Starting from €180 per night. Provides a budget-friendly option for travelers.
  • Luxury: Hotel Byblos is a legendary luxury choice, offering exceptional services and a renowned onsite club, Les Caves du Roy.
    Price: Starting from €700 per night. Top-tier luxury accommodations for discerning guests.
  • Speciality: Muse Saint Tropez is a chic, eco-friendly option with spacious suites and a stunning pool.
    Price: Starting from €500 per night. Eco-friendly luxury with expansive amenities.
  • Budget: Hotel B Lodge offers comfortable accommodations and excellent service without breaking the bank.
    Price: Starting from €120 per night. Affordable yet comfortable, ideal for budget travelers.

Saint Tropez by Night

When the sun begins to set, our Saint Tropez day to night guide recommends starting your evening at a beach club such as Le Club 55 or Nikki Beach. Enjoy your favorite cocktail while soaking in the beautiful views of the coastline.

For dinner, the Old Port has an array of restaurants offering everything from local seafood dishes to international cuisine. A must-try is the traditional Provençal fish stew, bouillabaisse. When the stars appear, get ready to experience Saint Tropez’s illustrious nightlife. The exclusive club, Les Caves du Roy, is a hotspot for celebrities and guarantees a memorable night of dancing.

From serene days to energetic nights, Saint Tropez has it all. Dive into this versatile destination and enjoy its countless offerings. Explore the French Riviera further with our other guides, and prepare to be smitten by Saint Tropez’s irresistible charm!

Saint Tropez day to night

Explore more of France

To truly appreciate the allure of Saint Tropez, one must delve into the broader tapestry of France’s diverse landscapes, cuisines, and cultures. Take a trip to the scenic countryside of Ardèche, embrace the bustling vibrancy of Paris, bask in the glamour of Cannes and Monaco, or unwind in the peaceful tranquility of Île de Ré. Experience the dynamic contrasts of France, from the cosmopolitan flair of Nice to the maritime charm of La Rochelle, Royan, and Rochefort.

Your journey through France is a captivating narrative, best told through the savoring of local wines, the exploration of mesmerizing landscapes, and the immersion in France’s vibrant culture. Don’t forget to explore my comprehensive France travel guide that brings together all my experiences and tips for navigating this incredible country.

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