On the move to the Atlantic Coast of France

Fasten your seatbelt and place your tray table in the upright position. We’re on the move again and this time we tell you all about the top things to do in the Atlantic Coast of France. Located in between the Atlantic Ocean and the Cognac vineyards, this region has a lot of treasures to offer. From miles of coastlines, to picturesque villages to unspoiled nature sites you can find anything you like for your next holiday here.

  • What to do in Royan
  • What to do in Rochefort
  • What to do in La Rochelle
  • What to do in Ile de Ré

What to do in Royan

Easily reached by Bordeaux airport (2 hour drive), you find over 750 kms of water-side cycling paths, the Palmyre Zoo which hold more than 1600 animals and the Estuary Park for the art lovers among us. The best tip I can give you is to go on a fat-bike tour through the woods of La Coubre and through the bay of La Bonne Anse. Make sure you stop by the lighthouse because not only the view, but also the lighthouse itself is great-takingly beautiful.

–> Restaurant tip: Face à New York , La Courtine (for the best sea-food)
–> Hotel tip: Séquoia Parc
–> To do tip: oyster farm Cîté de l’Huitre

What to do in Rochefort

Home of Fort Boyard, where you can embark at La Pointe de la Fumee in Fouras-les-Bains to get as close as you can. A visit to the ropery will allow you to discover its history and purpose in the Arsenal since its construction in 1666 by king Louis XIV.

–> Accomodation tip: Port Punay

What to do in La Rochelle

The old harbor of La Rochelle is full of cute old picturesque fisherman boats. The city looks out to the ocean and was built to trade and because of this, the city has been influenced by a lot of different cultures. You can see this in te architecture with as highlight the towers of the old port who were originally built to guard the entrance to the city from the sea. So go terrace hopping, enjoy the terraces or browse all the boutiques. Go on the move to La Rochelle, this city won’t disappoint you. There is also a very popular aquarium that is one attraction not to be missed. So go find Nemo, or find the bigger fish in the shark pool.

–> Restaurant tip: L’Amarantha

What to do in  Île de Ré

The highlight of this trip was without a doubt the island Île de Ré. From the most eastern point to the most western, the island spans 30km. This island is bathed in the southern sun, the houses are white with terracotta roofs and the atmosphere is so relaxed you will want to stay forever. On the north side of the island you find the capital St-Martin-de-Ré. This enchanting fishing port will make you fall in love instantly and it reminded me a lot of the most luxurious seaside resorts. Surrounded by the forth that is star shaped and dates back from the 17th century this port town will give you restaurants with sea views, chic fashion boutiques that are no less than those in Paris.

–> Accomodation tip:  l’Océan à la Couarde-sur-Mer
–> Travel tip: Do not visit in July or August and avoid the crowds


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Things to do in the Atlantic Coast of France

Ofcourse, when we travel to a new destination we do lots of research first to make sure we can show you the best things to do in the Atlantic Coast. Read more of our travel tips here, or follow me along on @dutchbloggeronthemove.


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