Reasons why you should consider Guatemala

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When you think of a Central American getaway, Guatemala perhaps isn’t the first place that comes to your mind. Nestled just south of Mexico, it’s a hidden gem which needs to be added to your travel bucket list, no matter your age. And here are just a few reasons why ​you should consider Guatemala and put it on your bucketlist asap.

  • The beaches
  • The food
  • The history and culture
  • The landscapes

The beaches in Guatemala

First thing​s​ first, Guatemala’s beaches have the best of both worlds – bustling and busy, and still very much​ untouched by tourism. Beaches in the town of Monterrico are perhaps some of the most popular, where you can lap up the waves on the Volcanic sand shores, and turtle-spotting too. There are also plenty of resorts dotted along the coastline, so it’s a great place to stay if you just want to kick back and do nothing​ but relax and enjoy the sun​. Whereas ​places such as Antigua​ and El Paredon offer ​you​ a rustic vibe ​including​ palm trees swaying and hammocks you can laze in.

reasons why you should consider Guatemala

The food in Guatemala

Of course, one of the best things about travelling somewhere new is ​all the new​ food ​you can try for yourself​.Central America is​ very well known​ for its flavoursome dishes and the national dish ​is called Pepian. This spicy stew is made frequently with chicken, but sometimes ​also with ​pork or beef. Served with rice and tortillas, it’s also crammed with fruit and veggies, such as carrots and corn.

The famous market of Chichicastenango also doubles as a food market, selling the best in local flavours for (very) reasonable prices. ​In this way​ you can try a bit of everything – ​which is absolutely ​yummy.

The history and culture in Guatemala

This Central American gem is brimming with history and culture. From the sights and sounds of Antigua, to Guatemala City, where you can get your fix of museums and old style architecture, there’s plenty to enjoy if you can look past the exterior, which is a bit rough around the edges. But perhaps the best of all is ​the mighty Tikal​ – a semi-cleared area in the jungle where ​you find the ​restored Maya temples. They’re absolutely huge and boast some spectacular architecture, so make sure you take a day trip here if you can, it’s a mind-blowing experience. Plus, it’s surrounded by some of the best wildlife, so you can ​see a lot of beautiful​ tropical animals.

The landscapes in Guatemala

While the landscape might not be a deciding factor when it comes to booking a getaway, but with views like you get in Central America, it certainly should be.

I’ve already told you about the beaches, but let’s not forget that Antigua, the country’s previous capital city, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are also lush jungles, which harbour the incredible Semuc Champey, a place where you can swim in turquoise pools, splash around under waterfalls and explore some pretty cool hidden caves, too.

As highlighted by The Secret Traveller, ​Lake Atitlan is a must-see​ – surrounded by spectacular volcanoes and many waterside towns which all offer something different to see and do.


There are plenty places to stay in Guatemala. There is a wide range of of properties you can rent. Below you’ll find my recommendations.


If you decide to travel to Guatemala and book through Airbnb. Book through this ​link to get a discount of €25,- on your first booking. (If you already have an account, just create a new one)

Taking a guided tour is one of the best ways to explore a city and I’ve listed a few very good options below such as a volcano trek in Antigua.


Ofcourse, when we travel to a new destination we do lots of research first to make sure we can show all the reasons why you should consider Guatemala. Read more of our travel tips ​here​, or follow me along on ​@dutchbloggeronthemove​.

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