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This Caribbean gem has everything to revive your senses in a perfect, sun-drenched setting with beautiful marine life. Known for its ideal climate, untouched nature and crystal clear waters. Bonaire offers peace and relaxation and all the beauty the underwater world has to offer. But what are the best things to do in Bonaire? You read all about it in this Bonaire travel guide.

Never heard about Bonaire before? You’re not alone, this tiny island could be Carribean’s best-kept secret. Bonaire is part of the Dutch ABC Islands together with Aruba and Curacao. A piece of the tropical Netherlands at a distance of about 7800 kilometers from Amsterdam. Some say that the island is too quiet and there is little to experience. I totally disagree and in this Bonaire travel guide I tell you everything about the best things to do in Bonaire.

  1. Bonaire’s Salt Pyramids
  2. 1000 steps beach Bonaire
  3. Stroll along Kralendijk
  4. Visit Klein Bonaire
  5. Washington Slagbaii National Park (everything you need to know)
  6. Lac Bay
  7. Mangrove kayak tour Bonaire
  8. Kitesurfing

Best things to do in Bonaire

  • Bonaire’s Salt Pyramids

The salt industry is very important to Bonaire and they produce between 300,000 and 500,000 metric tons of salt every year. They export this all over the world and they are iconic to this island. The salt pyramids are stunning and pink colored.

Another thing that’s pink colored are the flamingo’s that can be found near the salt flats. You have to stay in your vehicle, since these nesting areas are rigidly protected by local government. So take your binoculars and you may spot many. Another great place for spotting flamingos in Bonaire is near Goto Lake.

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  • Visit 1000 steps beach

Possibly one of the prettiest beaches I’ve visited in the Caribbean, the 1000 steps beach. They count only 67 steps, but the inside joke around Bonaire is that after a long day of relaxation it might feel like a 1000 steps. There were also beautiful animals here, but as you can see the spotlight for today was on Mr. Crab.

  • Stroll along Kralendijk

The capital city is only a few blocks in size, and you can rather call it a village then a city. Roughly thirteen thousand people live here. The houses are colorful, the villagers are special and you find many nice place to eat.

Breakfast tip –> Breakfast in Bonaire is served at Luciano. They serve great coffee with a smile to start your day on a high note. They also have the best ice cream on the island and serve delicious cocktails in the afternoon.
Lunch and cocktail tip –> Karels Beach Bar is located in the heart of Bonaire and has a unique seafront bar. Watch the sunset in Bonaire from here for one of the best views.

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  • Snorkeling in Klein Bonaire

One of the most beautiful sandy beaches of Bonaire can be found on the north side of the island of Klein Bonaire, which can be easily reached by boat. Along this beach is one of the better coral reefs of Bonaire. From Kralendijk you can make the crossing with the water taxi several times a day.

  • Washington Slagbaii National Park

Located on the North of the Island, Washington Slagbaii is the ultimate example of untouched nature. This nature park covers almost a fifth of the entire island and you can easily spend your whole day here. You have to pay for your entrance and buy a special STINAPA-tag to get in. This tag is $45 per year for divers. People who only swim, snorkel or do water sports in or on the water around Bonaire will now pay $25 per year. To enter the park you have to pay $15 or have the tag for divers. I chose for the divers tag, because when you enter the park more then once that’s the cheaper option. This money is used to protect the waters of Bonaire, and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my money.

Make sure you’ve got a good car because it’s a very bumpy ride! But these dirt roads will lead you to the prettiest beaches. Once you see a lot of yellow buildings you’ve made it to Slagbaai beach where you have crystal blue waters and a 25 foot cliff jump. You also find beautiful plants and animals such as iguanas, flamingos and snakes.

  • Lac Bay

Stunning views, shallow and crystal clear waters and the Caribbean white sand is what Lac Bay is known for. All these ingredients ensure that you can relax, sunbathe and unwind here. You can also find my secret tip in the Bonaire travel guide here. Go all the way to Lac Cai Beach where you can find the best place for finding turtles in Bonaire.

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Within Lac Bay you can find one of the best preserved mangrove forests of the Caribbean. And the best part is, you can kayak right through it at Mangrove Center. Choose between a 1 hour and 2 hour guided kayak tour and I definitely recommend you to take the last option because I just couldn’t get enough of it.

  • Kite surfing in Bonaire

In this Bonaire travel guide, with the best things to do in Bonaire, one of the best kiteboarding places in the world cannot be missed. The wind blows around 300 days a year and from January to August is the best time. With an average of 16 knots and a maximum of 30 knots. The best location on Bonaire is Atlantis Beach on the Southwest side of the island, here you also find the kite schools and qualified instructor.

Hotspots in Bonaire

Jibe City: Searching for a beach club in Bonaire? You’ve found it at Jibe City. Under a palmtree, with boho vibes on a lounger you order whatever you want.
Capriccio: Looking for some really good Italian food in Bonaire? It’s possible at Capriccio.
Bamboo Bali: Bali in Bonaire? Yes, complete with mini jungle, hammocks and spa.
Sebastian’s: If you’re looking for great food, oceanfront dining and the freshest fish you’re at the right date night place in Bonaire.
Little Havana: On a Friday night, this is the place to be if you want to dance the night away.
Cuba: On a Thursday night you have to go to Cuba. Well-known under the locals and tourist for the dancing. Make sure you know some salsa, merengue or batjatja passes, because you will certainly be asked to dance, whether you want to or not. The perfect place to get out of your comfort zone if you ask me.

Best time to visit Bonaire

And while you’re probably ready to book a trip to Bonaire, like yesterday, you’ll want to know when it is the best time to visit this island. Prime time is from November to April and the island will fill with cruisers and tourists. If you prefer fewer crowds and lower hotel rates visit Bonaire in May to November. Trust me when I say, there is never a bad time.

Where to stay in Bonaire

DIVI Flamingo Beach Resort

The Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino offers its guests many facilities and amenities for the most relaxing stay possible. Everything is decorated in light bright tropical colors and you can relax at one of the two pools or directly at sea. From your private balcony you can overlook the Caribbean Sea and relax after a day of diving. Various diving excursions depart from the resort and after you come back you can drink cocktails at the beach bar. This resort is where I spent a couple of my most relaxing days and I cannot wait to come back again.

Booking tip: Get more out your vacation and choose for the all-inclusive package which also include the meals and drinks at pure ocean, Chibi Chibi Restaurant and the beachside bar. For the included activities you can think of snorkeling, yoga, dancing lessons and rum punch cocktail parties.


Ofcourse, when we travel to a new destination we do lots of research first to make sure we can show you the best things to do in Bonaire and create this Bonaire travel guide. Read more of our travel tips here, or follow me along on @dutchbloggeronthemove.


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