Obidos : the best things and tips to do in the hidden gem of Portugal

streets of obidos

Obidos, a picturesque fortified town which is one of Portugal’s best kept secrets if you ask me. A town straight from the Middle Ages, full of the most beautiful flowers. Purple, blue, yellow and pink you name it. Go back in time and surround yourself with a large dose of culture. Obidos will really be a highlight to your visit to Portugal and we’ll tell you everything about the best things to do here. The city is car-free, hidden between a large citywall and it has countless small streets in which you can get lost and wander around. But what is Obidos known for, what are the best places to eat, where to stay and how to go to Obidos from Lisbon? We have listed everything for you.

  • What are the best things to do in Obidos
  • What is Obidos known for
  • What is the best time to travel to Obidos?
  • Where to eat in Obidos
  • Where to stay in Obidos
  • How to travel to Obidos from Lisbon

What are the best things to do in Obidos

  1. Walk the castle walls

This city wall has even survived an earthquake, and is the ideal place to see the surroundings of the town. You can walk all the way down the wall, but make sure you allow enough time for this. You can’t get off halfway there and there is no railing (for people with kids, for example).

♥ This is the perfect place for a romantic sunset overlooking the vineyards

2. Explore one of the many churches

The reason I visited Obidos was this beautiful church behind me. I was here for a wedding that took place in this church, as you can imagine it was absolutely fantastic. Not only the Santa Maria church in the middle of the village is very beautiful, there are 13 other churches that are definitely worth a visit.

3. Discover the picturesque streets

Discover this most authentic town in the region, with exceptional art and historic architecture by simply walking or biking the streets. The Main Street is Rua Direita and it’s filled with cute little touristic shops. Most of the houses are white with yellow and filled with the most colorful flowers. A true sight to be seen and thanks to the small streets you can just turn right or left and you can discover some more.

What is Obidos known for?

As you already know, I love local food and I couldn’t wait to discover what this beautiful place is known for. Namely; Cherry liquer! Try it out at different places along the way for 1 euro. It is served in a small glass of chocolate and I must say I was positively surprised. The liqueur is called Ginjinha and is made by infusing sour cherries (Morello cherries) in Aguardente which is a Portuguese Brandy. See the photo below how it looks!

What is the best time to travel to Obidos?

The high-season runs from approximately June to mid-September. The temperatures are pleasant and around 26/27 degrees and in July and August it can certainly rise to 35 degrees. Avoid the heat and travel in the spring or fall when the weather is still nice and it won’t be too crowded.

Where to eat?

In small villages like this one, you really get a dedication to old rituals and you can see them by watching how the food is served. Both in restaurants and in people’s homes. This is what I really love, discovering a culture through food. The ingredients come from the land, local farms and old family recipes.

Budget-friendly: Dine for €10-15 at Ja!mon Ja!mon at a cute nicely hidden terrace lovely staff
Enjoy the classics: At Poço dos Sabores, the menu is only in Portuguese and the friendly owner will explain it for you.
A bit pricy: Looking for an experience? Go to Pontinha, where they serve you Portuguese flavors in a contemporary way.
Luxury, luxury, luxury: Would you like to experience the castle without staying the night there? Stay at Restaurante Da Pousada Do Castelo and enjoy the beautiful view, best service and amazing food.

Where to stay?

Although it’s a very small town and it is not necessary to stay overnight here, I would not let you miss the mystique of the evening and definitely recommend to stay 1 night. For example, choose an overnight stay in the beautiful castle, the architecture is built to cherish. Are you traveling as a couple? Then choose: Hotel Real d’Obidos, Josefa D’Obidos or Hotel Louro. Are you looking for something just outside the town? I slept in Exe Vila D’Obidos which is a nice budget hotel with a great swimming pool. Be aware, my room certainly didn’t look like the pictures so choose Casa D’Obidos instead.

How to travel to Obidos?

First things first, where is Obidos located? About 1.5 hours drive north of Lisbon, which is a super fun day out if you are on a city trip. For activities like these it is very practical and easy to choose a rental car. Would you rather not, there is also a bus from Lisbon that brings you to this gorgeous place. There is also a very nice traditional train, only I have heard that the timetables are not optimal. It also takes at least 2 hours. A rental car is therefore the most convenient if you also want to visit small villages and remote, rural areas. For example, continue north and go surfing at one of the beaches in Northern Portugal.

» You can already rent a small car for about 150 euros per week.

Do you want to travel further through Portugal?

My trip in Portugal lasted a total of a week starting and ending in Lisbon. After Obidos I drove further north to Peniche, a fishing harbor characterized by the fortress on the rocks. Do you like surfing? Then read on quickly because I had my first surf lesson in Baleal, a beautiful place to surf for beginners and advanced. Curious about my 1 week itinary in Portugal? I’m currently writing it and I’ll upload it soon.


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