Buying gifts for your friends and family is always a bit tricky, and it always provides the necessary stress. Let alone if you have to think of a gift for us travelers. So I made a list with the ultimate Holiday gift guide for travellers.

Of course you can of course always buy a plane ticket for us, (if you are wondering I would like to sit at the window) but there are many more gifts you can give us which makes traveling a lot easier and/or cheaper.

Packing cubes

Staying organized while traveling is not only very useful, but this can also ensure that you can take more with you. And that is of course always a mega bonus, read: bring more clothes. You can buy these cubes in different colors, sizes and quality and these little heroes are the perfect gift.

Personalized phonecases

Make and create something personalized for the one you want to gift for. This could be an inspiring quote, a family photo or something you want them to remember while they travel. 20th of December I’ll organise a very cool giveaway on my Instagram together with B2C Telecom where I bought mine with the text ‘ready for take off’.

Travel hacks for backpackers

A towel naturally takes up a lot of space and having a quick drying one that takes up little space in your backpack is super handy. Also useful for the backpacker are earplugs. Think of the busy hostels, they will be grateful after their beauty sleep.

Travel hacks for everyone

The simplest, yet the most important and quickest forgotten; the lock. You can often rent them, but having one yourself is a lot more convenient. Have you ever arrived somewhere with a blank telephone and then you find out that the electrical outlets are different? Yes, that’s why you always have to bring your own travel adapter. Choose one for all regions with usb port and you have yourself a perfect gift. Another great tip is a travel pillow for all the long flights, the bus rides and airport naps.

Scratch map

This is one of the nicest gifts that I would like to receive myself. How nice is it to hang a scratch map and to indicate where you have been in the world. And most importantly, watch and dream of where you are going next. Many companies offer this product, but I have also selected a few favorites below.

Passport holder

Not only super handy a passport holder, but also very fashionable and you can buy them from many brands. Buy one that matches your bag, or perhaps as a set with your travel buddy. You can choose an expensive option, but there are also plenty of fun budget options to give.

Keep a diary

Give a nice notebook as a gift. This notebook can be used as a diary, but also for travelers who like to take notes such as useful information, language tips etc. Even if the traveler does not yet do this, it is a nice idea to start this.

Travel books

Travel books not only look great on the coffee table, but can also inspire people and educate people. I always read travel books while I work towards my new dreams. Books are the best gift if you ask me, and I’ve created a list below with my favorites.

For the big gifts

Travel luggage

If you are looking for a brand that is reliable, very good quality and looks great, then you’ve come to the right place at Delsey. I’ve been traveling with them for almost a year now and I cannot get over the fact of how great they are. And I always get compliments when I travel.

Travel backpack

With the right backpack you can take on the whole world and although I have never traveled the world in this way, this is certainly on the schedule. It is good to ask about the wishes of the happy recipient of your gift and look at the following bags as a good option.

Noise-canceling headphones

The best invention of the century if you ask me the noise canceling headphones. Get a good quality pair like the ones I use from Sony. I use this one: WH1000XM3 which is perfect for all the long rides, flights and delays.

GoPro Hero 8

All travelers need a camera, but traveling with a large camera is not always handy. Therefore choose a camera that is the most versatile of all, the GoPro. They are waterproof, shockproof and they can record all your adventures. Even the most extreme and adventurous!

My favorite option, but a pricey option. A night or a weekend away is of course one of the nicest things to give away. I have added an inspiration box below for your new trip in 2020. For more inspiration, click here.

Holiday gift guide for travellers

This Holiday gift guide for travellers will hopefully help you with buying the best gifts for your loved ones. This holiday gift guide for travellers does contain affiliate links, where if you click and buy something from a small commission will be paid to me. This will not cost you anything extra, but will help me keeping this site up and running. Thanks for supporting me in this way.


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