What are your resolutions for the New Year? As a DIY lover, you must want to DIY more pretty things in 2020. One of my resolutions for 2020 is to paint more and create some new Bosch IXO DIY Projects for my new home in Amsterdam. So are you also itching to get started on some home improvement projects in 2020? Then read along because I have a new tool that you should know about as soon as possible.

A couple of trends for this new year are the inspired vintage items that really make a comeback. Also patterned curtains and sofas, portrait art and cute lamp shades. I really love to upgrade my house from time to time so I started with the living room where we all gather the most and where I can really relax. Since I started to paint more and more I needed a small cabinet to display my paintings in. My home mainly consists of white and natural colors so I decided to leave the wood, just the way it is supposed to be; unprocessed and raw.

Bosch IXO DIY Projects

But what you should know is that, despite the fact that I love DIY projects and I can look on Pinterest for hours and hours (if you want to follow me there, click here). But when it comes to the hard work itself, I am often not handy enough and I called my mother for almost everything. But because of my new discovery, that will not be necessary because thanks to the IXO from Bosch I can tackle the small difficult jobs in the house more easily.

The new IXO from Bosch is a small and cordless screwdriver which makes the perfect little helper for easy assembly and disassembly of furniture. It’s also the perfect tool for retightening loose screws, and all other day-to-day screwdriving tasks. With this screwdriver you have ultimate control due to the variable speed control, the 3-LED battery indicator and the light that brightens up your project. It’s the perfect tool for sensitive material, so you can say goodbye to splintered wood, damaged screws and over-spin. Everything comes in a small and very neat box where you can easily store your new best friend; the IXO from Bosch.

For my project I made this small cabinet, especially to display my new work and small things that mean the world to me. The small cabinet will stand in front of my dining table, in the center of my home. If you need more inspiration, read more on the blog All about DIY. For now on, I’m very happy with my end result and how easily it is done using my IXO.

What do you think of my Bosch IXO DIY Projects? Read more of our DIY and beauty tips here, or follow me along on @dutchbloggeronthemove.


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