The best camp in Serengeti: Experience real Africa

Are you looking for a place off the beaten track and do you want to go on safari soon? Then you are 100% at your place at Zawadi Camp in the middle of the Serengeti reserve. This is so much better than staying in a standard hotel room. If you are going on safari, you have to experience this in a camp in my opinion for the real Africa experience. It’s so magical and in the camp everything is one with nature, everything works on solar energy and food comes from the environment. Hot water is kept warm and runs out when it runs out. Here you are one with nature, you hear and see animals continuously. You wake up with them and in the evening you fall asleep with the hyena and hippo sounds. A real experience and this certainly makes it the most fun to sleep in the best camp in the Serengeti instead of in a hotel. Because say yourself; you can do that anywhere, right?

Break out of expectations and go for the unknown at the best camp in Serengeti

We’ve stayed two nights at Zawadi Serengeti Camp and I can recommend this place for everyone that really want to experience the safari vibes. This tent has all the facilities you need, a great and comfortable bed a big shower and bathroom area all inside your own tent. Who said going camping would be difficult? Zawadi means gift in Swahili and it’s family-run safari camp. It’s located in the Kemarishe Hills, 20km north of Seronera and only a few minutes from the animal migration paths of the area. They take good care of the fragile eco-system and are very focused on cultural en environmental preservation. Once removed, they leave no trace behind in nature. They have only six guest tents with a size of 32m2 and you can stay there on full board excluding drinks.

Safari itinerary

I advice you to book your trip with a tour operator. They’ll arrange your pickup where you meet your guide, can advice you on plane tickets and they will guide you through the differente reserves and bring you back to the airport. This way you can have a care-free trip to Zanzibar and safari in Tanzania. But for those who want to organize it theirselfs, take a look at my itinerary. We organized our trip ourselves and as always I want to help you out!


  • Zanzibar -> Arusha -> Serengeti
  • Arusha -> Dar-Es-Salam -> Zanzibar -> Amsterdam

Even the plane ride was absolutely an experience on its own. By landing on the Serengeti airstrip, you’ll arrive in the middle of the reserve and you can even see the elephants and zebras from the plane. After touchdown you’ll be welcomed by the most welcome immigration officers and after our guide picked us up we began our game drive immediately. After not even 10 minutes we saw a very big group of lions and our adventure began. We spent 3 days in the Serengeti Reserve, 1 day in Ngorongoro krater and 1 day in Arusha.

Now I have found something really great (too late for my trip) but that’s why I know that this is an absolute must for a safari. As I mentioned above, the facilities in the middle of nowhere are not always the best. So make sure you are prepared and buy several batteries anyway or opt for the Powertraveller Solar-charger. This way you are assured of a fully charged smartphone, tablet, lamp or camera, even in no man’s land. How? This gadget is a combination of a power bank and a solar panel. And luckily the sun shines a lot in Tanzania. As soon as the sun shines on it, it charges.

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Tanzania offers undoubtedly the most impressive parks in East Africa and this should be added to your bucketlist asap. So are you planning a beach vacation in Zanzibar and want to combine this with a safari in Tanzania? Then quickly read along for my 10 day route for Zanzibar and safari in Tanzania. Do you want to know more about my stay in Zanzibar at The Residence or Nungwi Dreams? We organized our own trip and I’m always more than happy to help. Comment below or read more in my Tanzania archives.

» Keep in mind park fees are around 130 euro per person.

Zanzibar and safari in Tanzania


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