One of the best beachfront hotel Nungwi Dreams Zanzibar

beachfront hotel Nungwi Dreams Zanzibar

Do you want to visit Zanzibar and are you looking for a beautiful beachfront hotel located in Nungwi? Than take a look at one at this gorgeous beachfront hotel: Nungwi Dreams Zanzibar by Mantis resort. Zanzibar is the ultimate holiday destination and absolutely welcoming to tourists of any kind. Whether you’re visiting as a family, couple or solo if you’re looking for a tropical getaway this island and hotel is the place to be.

Are you planning to visit several hotels in Zanzibar or would you like to combine you’re trip with safari in Tanzania. Then we’re likeminded and lucky for you I’ve wrote a whole article about it describing my ultimate 10 day route.

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If you want to spend the night in a beautiful place, this beachfront hotel Nungwi Dreams Zanzibar is perfect! Not only especially because of the nice rooms, but especially because of the sea view. This luxurious hotel is also located by the sea, so you can enjoy a dip or go for a walk along the beach. After a walk along all the resorts (you will also come across a pier where I definitely want to have a drink while enjoying a jam session) you also arrive at Nungwi Beach after about 15 minutes. This is also THE place where you can look at the turtle sanctuary.

♥ Tip! Do not book the turtle sanctuary through a hotel, it’ll save you around 40 bucks.

Nungwi is located on the Northern part of the island and here you are guaranteed to relax. This hotel also has a spa and small gym and super friendly staff. I also find the colors outside – in terms of sun-beds very pleasant to look at and the flowers are overwhelming. It almost reminded me a bit of the lesser known side of Ibiza. The hotel has 2 almost identical swimming pools, both with panoramic sea views and they serve delicious sushi. If you ask me, this is what vacation is all about!

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beachfront hotel nungwi dreams zanzibar

Additional information about this beachfront hotel Nungwi Dreams Zanzibar

Address: Zanzibar, Tanzania | Area: Northern part of Zanzibar
Parking: Yes, you can park for free. Need a trusted taxi driver? Comment below!
Visa needed? Yes, make sure to order it through this link yourself. There are a lot of companies out there that try to earn a couple of 30 bucks more. But you can easily do so yourself and this way you can skip a big line at the immigration officer (make sure to print it out). 
How to get there: I’ve flown business class with KLM from Amsterdam to Zanzibar directly. But you can either go directly to Zanzibar or transfer at Dar-Es-Salaam. 
Is Zanzibar safe? Absolutely. Even for solo female travellers and I can say without any hesitation I didn’t feel unsafe for once. Compared to Amsterdam where men cat call you or follow you on every corner. There is not one men that looks at you the wrong way. The people from Tanzania are an absolute delight and not disrespectful in any way. Recommend for sure! ♥
Language in Zanzibar: They speak English very well. Originally Swahili but I’ve also heard some French and even Italian.


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Interested in knowing more about my experience in Zanzibar and my safari after in Tanzania?

Tanzania offers undoubtedly the most impressive game reserves in the world and I have been dreaming of going on a safari since I got my very first National Geographic magazine. From Zanzibar you can either go by boat (1,5 hours) or by plane (20 minutes). Going on safari will be an absolute unforgettable adventure. Admire the beauty of Africa and the countless animals you are going to meet. I advice you to book your flight directly to the Serengeti air strip.

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