The Best Art and Culture itinerary in Istanbul: 3 Day Guide

Art and Culture itinerary in Istanbul

Istanbul is a bustling city known for its rich history and culture. It’s no wonder that the city is home to some of the world’s most famous art and culture hotspots. If you’re looking to experience the best of what Istanbul has to offer, then this 3-day filled with art and culture this itinerary is perfect for you.

Istanbul is a city of contrasts, where East meets West and ancient history rubs shoulders with modernity. It’s a place where you can enjoy a traditional Turkish breakfast one day and then eat rooftop sushi the next. And it’s a city with a rich and vibrant culture, evident in everything from the street art on its walls to the traditional museums filled with art.

Day 1: Art and Culture itinerary in Istanbul

I arrived in Istanbul in the afternoon. Within 40 minutes I arrived at my hotel Marmara Pera Hotel. After a quick fresh up I headed into the city for a dinner. Start your trip off with a bang at this Michelin-starred restaurant. Yeni Lokanta serves up modern Turkish cuisine with a twist, and the beautiful setting is the perfect place to begin your exploration of Istanbul’s dining scene.

Day 2:

  • Breakfast at hotel (Marmara Pera hotel)
  • Sakip Sabanci Museum
  • Historical Peninsula
  • Pandeli Restaurant
  • Hagia Sophia and Spice Bazaar
  • Barin Han,
  • Cinili Hammam,
  • Dinner at Il Cortille

Breakfast at hotel Marmara Pera hotel: Start your day with a delicious breakfast at your hotel. This hotel has amazing views and the location is great and I can recommend this hotel for sure!

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Sakip Sabanci Museum: This museum is devoted to Ottoman and Turkish art and culture, and it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re interested in learning more about the city’s history and heritage.

Historical Peninsula

The Historical Peninsula is home to some of Istanbul’s most iconic landmarks, including the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. Spend some time exploring the area and taking in the sights.

Lunch Pandeli Restaurant: After a day of sightseeing, head to this restaurant for a traditional Turkish dinner. The food is delicious and the setting is beautiful, with views of the Bosphorus Strait. Do make a reservation in advance, it’s very busy! Also, to find this restaurant, you have to go on a little treasure hunt. It’s hidden inside the spice bazaar (when you enter, go to the left immediately and follow the stairs). Swipe right on my Instagram to check out this restaurant.

Hagia Sophia and Spice Bazaar

The Hagia Sophia is a former mosque that is now a museum. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Istanbul. The Spice Bazaar is located nearby, and it is one of the largest and most popular markets in the city.

Hagia sophia

Barin Han is a historic hotel located in the Historical Peninsula. The hotel is known for its beautiful architecture and its views of the Hagia Sophia.

Cinili Hammam is a traditional Turkish bathhouse. It is located in the Historical Peninsula, and it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Istanbul.

Dinner at Il Cortille is a popular Italian restaurant located in the Historical Peninsula. The restaurant is known for its delicious food and its views of the Hagia Sophia.

Day 3: Art and Culture itinerary in Istanbul

  • Galata Tower
  • Pera Museum
  • Ataturk cultural center
  • atlas cinema museum
  • Arter Art Museum
  • Lunch at Divan AKM Fuaye Restaurant
  • Dinner at Alaf Restaurant

Start your first day by exploring the city’s art and culture scene. Begin at the Galata Tower, which offers stunning views of the city. The Galata Tower is one of the most iconic landmarks in Istanbul and is also home to a museum.

Then, make your way to the Pera Museum, which houses an impressive collection of Turkish and Islamic art. The Pera Museum is another must-see in Istanbul. It houses a collection of art, as well as a cafe and a bookstore.

After that, head to the Ataturk cultural center, where you can learn about the history and culture of Turkey. The Ataturk cultural center is another great spot for art and culture lovers. It houses a theater, a library, and a museum.

Then, finish up your day at the Atlas cinema museum, which is home to a large collection of Turkish and international films. This museum is one of the most beautiful i’ve seen. There is marmer everywhere and the ceilings are simply stunning.

Arter Art Museum is another great spot for art lovers. It features a collection of contemporary art from Turkey and the world. This museum is very interactive and makes you look different at art. There are a lot of different exposes and levels to explore. They also have a library and restaurant.

For lunch, head to the Divan AKM Fuaye Restaurant, where you can enjoy a delicious meal while overlooking the city. This restaurant offers a variety of Turkish and international dishes.

Then, for dinner, head to the Alaf Restaurant, where you can enjoy traditional Turkish cuisine. After a long day of exploring the best art and culture spots in Istanbul, you can relax at this restaurant.

Art and Culture itinerary in Istanbul

There are many reasons to book a stay in the beautiful Istanbul. Istanbul is one of the most vibrant and historic cities in the world. And, it’s also a city with an incredible diversity of art and culture. We still have lots more to discover in the beautiful Turkey! But this city is definitely worth another visit. Want to read more of our travel tips? Read more here.


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