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Hundreds of kilometers of coastline, mangrove lagoons, rocky cliffs and a endless row of palm trees are just a few things that define The Dominican Republic. This Caribbean island will have everything you ever wished for and more. So, if you’re ready for your trip to paradise make sure to read more about the 10x best things to do in The Dominican Republic.

Together with the Tourism Board of The Dominican Republic @GoDomRepBenelux and 3 other amazing travel bloggers; Lieke from Little WanderBook, Naomi of Authentic Chic Lifestyle and Francisca from @franciscavdmast we explored the island starting in the South, then East and North and back.

Cascada El Limon: 10x best things to do in The Dominican Republic

What hotels are the best to stay?

Casa de Campo Resort
Known as the best golf resort, Casa de Campo opened 50 years ago but also the first resort in The Dominican Republic. This place made me feel right at home from the very first moment. A tropical seaside resort full of nature, peace and quiet. With your visit, you’ll have your own golf cart, since the resort is so big and you can drive to all the restaurants, your room or the beach.

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CHIC Punta Cana
A 5 star adults-only with all the facilities, entertainment and ingredients for the most relaxing and luxurious stay. CHIC Punta Cana absolutely blew me away because we got to stay at the Mansion with 6 bedrooms. At this mansion, you could find the best outdoor area, swimming pools and jacuzzis, a huge living room and even our own private butler.

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Hotel Nicolas de Ovando
Located in the heart of the historical and prettiest town Santo Domingo you could find hotel Nicolas de Ovando. Listed as a Unesco World heritage Site in the colonial quarter, this hotel is kind of hidden. Originally this hotel was the home of the governor and now it is turned into a luxurious hotel, while keeping the authentic and colonial vibes.

♥ Make sure to stroll through the beautiful historical city center

Santo Domingo: 10x best things to do in The Dominican Republic

Hotel Bannister
A hotel and yacht club combined, hotel Bannister is located at the marina of Puerto Bahia. From your room you not only have the view of the ocean, but if your lucky also on the infinity pools of the hotel. Have dinner at sea, while enjoying the view of the mountains as well.

» This five star apart hotel has a private marina, tennis courts and is only 10 minute drive from Arroyo Barril Airport

What are the 10x best things to do in The Dominican Republic

Altos de Chavón
Visiting Altos de Chavón, will without any doubt remind you of the Mediterranean. This village which feels a little bit like a fairytale has been re-created in the 16th century and feels very unique. From the town square you have the best view of the river below as you can see from my pictures.

Altos de Chavón

Saona Island
If I had to describe paradise, Saona Island would be exactly the place. White beaches, turquoise see, countless palmtrees and luxurious hotels. Drinking coconuts in the sun, while catching some sun and short visit to the beautifully colored houses is a must and enough reason to put this on your list of 10x best things to do in The Dominican Republic.

Santo Domingo
The most modern and dynamic metropolis in the Caribbean. This city is breathtaking, every corner you turn. From colorful houses, beautiful large terraces and flowers everywhere. You can discover this city by foot, but also by bike which I can highly recommend.

♥ Can’t get enough of Santo Domingo? Read more here

Las Terrenas
Located in the North-East coast of the Dominican Republic and famous for the millions of coconut trees and beaches. Las Terrenas once was a rustic fishing village but also has the French and Italian charm. Las Terrenas is located in Samaná and if you love authentic and small places then this is the place for you.

Read more here about the North side of the Dominican Republic

What activities to do?

Scape Park with Hoyo Azul
Come face to face with nature and visit Hoyo Azul combined with some adventures zip lining in Punta Cana. Discover this hidden cenote and enjoy the most impressive turquoise waters nature can offer while zip lining through nature.

10x best things to do in The Dominican Republic

Macao Surf Camp
Learn to surf at Playa Macao in Punta Cana or if your already a good surfer, rent one. Or visit one of the cute beach bars and order as much pina colada as you want.

10x best things to do in The Dominican Republic

Montaña Redonda
This place will amaze you with stunning views, and even more when you get on top of the mountain. Placed on the top of the mountain, you’ll find a lot of swings where you can enjoy the best views at 1000 foot high.

10x best things to do in The Dominican Republic
What did you think about my Caribbean Dream? Have you ever been to the Dominican Republic, and if not would you like to go now?

How to travel to The Dominican Republic?

We flew to the Dominican Republic with Air Europa from Amsterdam. If you want to have more information and inspiration about the Dominican Republic, go visit: http://www.godominicanrepublic.om. There are 6 airports and I’ve written a blog post about everything you should know before travelling to the Dominican Republic including all travel restrictions because of Covid-19.


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