On the Move to the 10 Best Restaurants in Marrakech

Morocco is famous for many things, from its beautiful deserts and glittering oceans to music and culture. Eating out in Marrakech will always be an adventure, whether you’re fine dining at La Grande Table Marocaine or grabbing food from a food stall at Jemma el-Fna. Which of my favorite restaurants in Marrakech is best for you? It totally depends on what food you like and where you would like to eat, your price range and of course if you want to eat in the busy Medina or not. To help you out, here is my list so you can pick the best restaurant in Marrakech!

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10 Best Restaurants in Marrakech

  1. La Trattoria, Gueliz
  2. Al Fassia, Agdal
  3. Plus61, New Town
  4. Jemaa el-Fna Stalls, Medina
  5. Nomad, Medina
  6. La Grande Table Marocaine, Medina
  7. Baromètre Marrakech, Gueliz
  8. The Pavilion at La Mamounia, Medina
  9. Narnaj Restaurant, Medina
  10. Bacha Coffee House, Medina

La Trattoria

This restaurant is one of Marrakech’s oldest international restaurants. Located in one of the few Art Deco villas that remain, La Trattoria serves delicious Italian cuisine to their visitors. The courtyard is beautifully arranged around a swimming pool. Don’t forget to order the Tiramisu for dessert!

Price: €€ (2/5)

Al Fassia

Al Fassia is a traditional Moroccan restaurant in Marrakech run entirely by women. How cool is that? Make sure you enjoy the pastilla, a baked phyllo pie stuffed with pigeon or chicken meat, slow-cooked onions, eggs, almonds, and powdered sugar. This traditional Moroccan dish is made from a special dough and can have various fillings. So are you looking for one of the best restaurants in Marrakech? For sure go here.

Price: €€ (2/5)


This restaurant in Marrakech is on the top of everyone’s must-visit list. Plus61 is an Australian-Moroccan fusion restaurant that incorporates as much local food as is possible in their meals. They also have a mocktail bar that changes seasonally with the food menu.

Price: €€ (2/5)

Jemaa el-Fna Stalls, the most restaurants in Marrakech

In the evening, the public square of Jemaa el-Fna turns into an open-air food stall extravaganza with almost 40 grills in total. You’ll find some of the best street food in Marrakech here, including a variety of grilled meats, potato cakes, fish, sausages, and more! This is also a very good budget option and a change to discover the local culture.

Price: € (1/5)


Nomad is the newest restaurant on my list, but it has a fantastic rooftop view, making it more than worth visiting. The restaurants in Marrakech are so beautiful from above. The food is modern Moroccan. Make sure to enjoy a tagine here with sweeping views of the city. 

Price: €€ (2/5)

La Grande Table Marocaine

Now, this restaurant in Marrakech is the perfect fit for a luxury travel blogger. La Grande Table Marocaine is considered the best restaurant in Morocco and is home to a 3 Michelin-starred chef. In addition, the restaurant itself is an art piece with its lapis laid-floor and rich decorations. So do you want to discover the Moroccan fairytale? Definitely book a table (in advance!) here and while you’re there you can stay the night at the Royal Mansour. This will be an unforgettable experience.

Price: €€€€ (4/5)

Baromètre Marrakech

This experimental cocktail bar is super fun and an unexpected surprise in Morocco. This bar in Marrakech sells alcohol and mocktails in funky glasses. Baromètre Marrakech also serves a la carte dishes for those who want some food to pair it with.

 €€€ (3/5)

The Pavilion at La Mamounia

Enjoy Sunday brunch or a lunch buffet at this glittering poolside Pavilion restaurant at La Mamounia. Totally perfect for a luxury travel blogger, you can enjoy all-you-can-eat and rub elbows with the city’s greats. Make sure to dress smart casual. La Mamounia is also one of the best hotels in Marrakech. This place radiates pure luxury in the form of a palace. Experience the Moroccan fine art of living and discover the palace hotel’s rooms and suites. This five-star palace hotel is just moments away from Jemma el-Fnaa Square in Marrakesh.

 €€€ (3/5)

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La Mamounia, one of the best hotels to stay in Marrakesh

Naranj Restaurant

Owned by a Syrian-Lebanese couple, this fusion restaurant is the perfect stop for a mix of middle eastern flavors. Open for breakfast and dinner, Naranj restaurant in Marrakech is an excellent addition to any day’s itinerary. We’ve written a 3 day itinerary guide if you’re looking for the best things to do so you know how to best how to spend your days.

 € (1/5)

Bacha Coffee House

More of a coffee shop than a sit-down restaurant, this shop features more than 200 different varieties of coffee and is a must-do for any coffee lover. It’s known for their coffee of Arabia, or Arabica as it is known today. They have coffee shops in Singapore and Marrakech and the beans are sourced from 33 countries. This coffee shop in Marrakech also sells the best orange blossom churros with melted chocolate and you should definitely go there if you’re a coffee lover like me.

 €€€€ (4/5)


There are plenty places to stay in Marrakech. There is a wide range of luxurious hotels, mid-range and also budget hotels so I’ve made a list here for you. Are you interested to stay in a Riad? Then I have to tell you about Riad El Fenn, in the middle of the Medina. It’s hidden away, hard to find and it’s a oasis of peace and quiet. They serve amazing food and they have this great rooftop. If you’re more into a hotel kinda vibe, you should check out Radisson Blue, is situated at t he heart of Marrakech at the newly built Carré Eden. I go for a hotel for only one reason; the aquarium pool. But my number one recommendation has to be Riad BE. Situated in the middle of the souk in the old historical medina, you’ll find a little piece of paradise. Stil don’t know how to spend your days and enjoy this city to the fullest? Read our 3 day itinerary here.

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