Lombok Hotels Guide: Planning Your Getaway with Unique Stays

Lombok hotels

Not sure where to start when booking accommodation for your Lombok getaway? Here are four different options that are sure to match your travel desires. This Lombok hotels guide outlines four diverse options that cater to different travel desires. Whether you’re looking for cheap accommodation in Lombok, a serene getaway, or simply good accommodation in Lombok, we have you covered. These are some of the best places in Lombok to stay!

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Planning Your Getaway in Lombok: Hotels

  1. RA Cottage
  2. Azana Resort
  3. JM Hotel
  4. Tunak Cottage
  5. Lombok vs Bali: Accommodations Comparison

1. RA Cottage | Lombok Hotels

Price: Varies (Starting from €27 per night)
Location: South Lombok, Kuta
Do I need to drive? A 5-minute drive from Kuta town. You can easily arrange a taxi or walk during the day.
Amenities: Multiple room options including mixed dormitories and luxurious log cabins, tea and coffee in rooms
Breakfast included? Yes
Perfect for: Solo Travellers, Couples, Families
Special features: Log cabin option
Digital nomad friendly? Yes

A small, peaceful sanctuary just outside of Kuta, RA Cottage offers a quiet retreat away from Lombok’s hustle and bustle while still being close enough to the town to feel connected. I stayed here for two nights in a one-bedroom cabin, which was clean, luxurious, and well-equipped with great amenities. The staff, particularly the young Indonesian kitchen staff, provided exceptional hospitality that made my departure quite bittersweet.

The highlight for me was the serene pool area, perfect for reading and journaling in the mornings. Evenings were spent biking into town for dinner, enjoying the proximity without feeling too secluded. This makes RA Cottage a perfect choice for your Lombok hotels guide.

2. Azana Resort

Price: Varies (Starting from €89 per night)
Location: Southeast Lombok
Do I need to drive? A 40-minute drive from Kuta town. Taxis cost around €20. The road can be dangerous, so only experienced motor bikers with light luggage should ride here.
Amenities: Log cabin, private beach, pool, deck chairs
Breakfast included? Yes
Perfect for: Couples, Families
Special features: Log cabin option
Digital nomad friendly? No (No Wi-Fi/service; recommended only for off days)

Located on the southeast side in Lombok’s national park, Azana Resort offers an ultimate switch-off-from-society experience. With modern, well-insulated log cabins on the beach, complete with A/C, shower robes, a coffee station, and a fridge, you are pampered with every comfort.

Despite the high standards of the rooms, the real highlight is the location. The resort’s private beach and proximity to stunning natural surroundings make it a spectacular place to stay. The staff can arrange tours to help you explore Lombok’s nature to the fullest.

Highlight: Watching the sunrise from the cliffs next to the beach resort. Azana Resort is another excellent choice for your looking for one of the best Lombok hotels.

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3. JM Hotel | Lombok hotels

Price: From €33 per night
Location: South Lombok, Kuta
Do I need to drive? Central Kuta, 5 minutes from the beach and main restaurants
Amenities: Pool, Spa & restaurant
Breakfast included? Yes (menu options)
Perfect for: Solo Travellers, Couples, Families, Groups
Special features: House-style rooms
Digital nomad friendly? Yes (Good Wi-Fi, desk in room for work)

I stayed at JM Hotel for three nights and found it to be the perfect base for exploring Lombok town. My house-style room was spacious with a large bathroom and shower area. The spa facilities were a highlight, offering affordable treatments like a full Balinese massage for just 125k. The food was great, with a variety of dishes from Indonesian classics like Nasi Goreng to Western options like burgers and salads.

Highlight: The massage was the best I had in Indonesia to date, thanks to the excellent staff.

4. Tunak Cottage

Price: Varies (Starting from €37 per night)
Location: South Lombok, Kuta
Do I need to drive? A 30-minute drive from Kuta. Recommended to take a taxi or park at the bottom of the hill if biking.
Amenities: Infinity Style Pool
Breakfast included? No
Perfect for: Solo Travellers, Couples, Groups
Special features: Infinity pool overlooking the beach
Digital nomad friendly? Wi-Fi/service not the best; recommended to work in Kuta during the day and stay here at night

Tunak Cottage is ideal for a local experience and a natural detox. While the rooms are not as luxurious, they provide everything you need, including a good bed, shower, and stunning views of Gili Perigi and Bambang Beach. Located near ‘Gunung Tunak,’ this place offers guided hikes around the national park and is a short drive from ‘Pink Beach.’ The restaurant serves fresh local food, with some of the best seafood I’ve ever had. For a remote getaway on a budget in Lombok, Tunak Cottage is highly recommended.

Highlight: Watching the sunset from the infinity pool with views of Gili Perigi. This was an unforgettable experience. Tunak Cottage is the perfect place to stay in Lombok.

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Lombok vs Bali: Accommodations Comparison

When comparing Lombok vs Bali for accommodations, Lombok offers a more tranquil and laid-back experience compared to the bustling tourist spots in Bali. While Bali boasts a wide range of luxury resorts and villas, Lombok’s accommodations are often more budget-friendly and provide a more intimate connection with nature. Whether you’re looking for a luxury stay or a budget-friendly option, Lombok has something to offer for every type of traveler. For more detailed comparisons, check out our article on Lombok vs Bali.


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