The best hidden beaches in Lombok

hidden beaches in Lombok

Planning your Lombok getaway? Discover some of Lombok’s most remote and pristine beaches, with countless hidden beaches which are a must visit, with a mix of pink sands and islands you can walk around in 20 minutes, Lombok is a beach lovers paradise. I spent 10 days in Lombok and took myself on a mission find the best beach on the island.

Whether you are a surfer, snorkeler or chill time beach goer – Lombok offer the chance for you to experience it all.

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Hidden beaches in Lombok

  • Pink Beach 
  • Selong Belanak Beach 
  • Ujung Gulf Beach 

How to get to the beaches in Lombok

The best way is to hire a scooter and drive there however I do not recommend doing this if you are not a confident driver and/or don’t have a license. Lombok does not have Uber/Grab however you can hire a local taxi driver to take you around some spots for the day and should cost no more than 20$. There are also tours which can take you to too.

These beaches are all in the south of the island as I was staying in Kuta – which is where I recommend you should base yourself in Lombok if you want to still stay in the hustle and bustle.

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hidden beaches in Lombok
Fishermans boats in the morning at Lombok island, Indonesia

Pink Beach | hidden beaches in Lombok

Did you know that Lombok is home to multiple pink beaches? Here you will find that in the morning the beaches light up with the most beautiful coral sands. There are a few pink beaches in Lombok, however if you want to have an entire beach to yourself I recommend visiting ‘Pantai Pink 3’. Located to the far east of the island, if you fancy a day trip you can bike here from Kuta. It will take 2 hours however it will be completely worth it as when I was here, there was not a soul in site. 

I’d recommend leaving as early possible as the ‘pinkness’ of the pink beach disappears after 12pm – and advised that the earlier you go the more vibrant the colour is.

 There are 2 more pink beaches in the area you can visit around 20 minutes distance between each other – however these are a bit more popular and won’t guarantee you’ll have the complete beach to yourself however these are definitely worth the visit!

» If you don’t want to get a bike there, this is the tour that will take you to all three beaches which I recommend booking if you want to go.

Selong Belanak Beach 

Lombok‘s beaches are known for being great to surf on which means they are not necessarily the best to snorkel on. However there is a beach that offers brilliant corals and enough snorkeling opportunities.

I came here for a swim one morning to find not a single tourist in sight. The only people on the beach were the families of the people who owned the little food huts on the beach. There was snorkeling equipment you can rent, and you can get a fresh coconut for under a euro! It’s only 20 minute drive from Kuta and coming from someone that isn’t the biggest fan of driving their own scooter: it’s an easy drive!

The corals are beautiful and the beach is a ‘plastic free beach’ meaning it was definitely the cleanest beach I went to in Lombok.

Ujung Gulf Beach | hidden beaches in Lombok

I’ve saved my best for last. When I tell you that this beach was one of my favorite places in the world I’m not lying.

I stumbled across Ujung Gulf beach when I accidentally took the wrong turn (I was meant to go to Sari Goang Beach Lagoon – also meant to lovely) and ended up in this beach hidden between two cliffs with not a single soul in sight. I truly felt like I had discovered a hidden treasure in Lombok and what made it more amazing is that there was a luxury beach hut resort, which after some investigation I managed to get myself booked on. So this is definitely one of the best hidden beaches in Lombok.

Despite there being a resort, it’s just being built new now meaning that there were not any guests when I was here so I ended up having this ENTIRE beach to myself. The sands were so clean, and the view into the ocean was stunning. It is not a beach you can swim in, however you can watch the most beautiful sunset here completely in peace at your own tranquillity. 

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