Canggu – An Ultimate Travel Guide For Your First Visit

the lawnn canggu bali
The Lawn Canggu

Canggu is one of the most beautiful places in Bali that’s increasing in popularity for a long time but is retaining its charm to date. It is a hipster paradise famous for its white sand beaches, clear blue waters, and chilled vibes. The coastline (8km) is dotted with small fishing villages and a few home stays. There are not a lot of resorts but instead Canggu offers beautiful villas, more affordable hotels and guesthouses. In short, Canggu is a great place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Bali and it’s my favorite place. It’s more quiet and relaxed than Seminyak or Kuta so if you’re option for the most beautiful beaches Seminyak should be the better fit.

There are so many things to do in Canggu, so I’ve made the ultimate travel guide for your first and hopefully one of many times! 

» This place is excellent for solo female travelers, read our tips here

Essential Things you Should Know about Canggu

Here are some of the most essential things that you should know before you visit Canggu. 

  1. Surroundings

Canggu is bordered by rice paddies on the Indonesian island of Bali’s southern shore. As a result, it allows it’s visitors to get a better sense of the area’s natural beauty and flora. It’s perfect for surfing, are you an advanced surfer? Then going to Uluwatu might be better suited.

  1. Transport

Unfortunately, there is less to no local or public transport available in Canggu, and you must have your own transport or rent a car or scooter. Renting vehicles is a standard and easy process for visitors there.

  1. Clothing

There is no particular dress code. You can wear whatever you want, whether it be a short dress like mini skirts or a long one like a maxi. People often put on water-friendly dresses like shorts and tops or bikinis. It’s because Canggu is more about beaches than anything else. I for example wore only bikinis and didn’t think twice about it. Also a big plus, no horrible men there that stare at you. Just the most friendly people that welcome you and never stare at you (or your bikini).

  1. Go-Jek

Go-Jek is a widely used transport service application just like Uber. You can use it to hire people to drive you to your favorite location and buy stuff or food for you while riding. Definitely install the app on your phone and within minutes there is someone by car or scooter to pick you up.

  1. Language

People in Canggu speak Balinese and Indonesian. However, many people know how to speak basic English. So communication is not a problem if you know English. But, if you want to try their native language, you can learn a few phrases like greetings and how to ask for something. They’ll love it!

  1. Water

Keep in mind that you can’t drink tap water as it may cause stomach problems or other issues associated with abdominal health (Bali Belly). But it doesn’t mean that you have to pay for drinking water in Canggu. Just take a reusable water bottle with you and avail free refills that are offered by almost all the hotels.

Getting around

Getting around in Canggu is best to do by scooter in my experience. Of course if you’re relocating to another place like Amed or Uluwatu a car is better if you’re bringing suitcases. But if you stay in Canggu, a scooter is the best option. In this way, you avoid traffic and you always have a parking space.

It’s not expensive at all and you have several rental places. But, usually you’re hotel rents scooters as well. The prices are between 50.000 IDR – 70.000 IDR which is around €4,60 a day.

Please make sure to always wear a helmet. This is just basic safety, but I saw people driving without. And don’t drink and drive either, traffic can be hectic and it’s never worth the trouble and safety.

Where to stay in Canggu

As I already mentioned Canggu was my favorite place to stay, and I even booked a week extra to enjoy it some more. I love the coffee bars, hipster cafes, amazing restaurants and a lot of other digital nomads and creatives work, live and get their inspiration here. It’s also located and from here I’ve visited Amed, Uluwatu, Ubud, Seminyak and Balangan Beach. So it’s high time to share you my list of favorite places you should check out.

MUST NOT GO: I’ve had one of the worst hotel experiences at Sense Canggu. They had a huge construction from 08:00 until 17:00. I tried to leave immediately because the sounds were way too loud. The management was not reachable, the receptionist laughed in my face. NEVER ever go to Sense Canggu. Also, they rooms are outdated, there is moisture and mold everywhere.

Budget proof:


  • The Wave: I’ve spend 5 days here and the location is not only great, rooms are great and new!
  • Mathis Collection: Visited the location in Ubud & Amed and this one looks great value and quality
  • BoHo Canggu: Great boho vibes, comfy bedding and views of the pol area and the rice fields


  • The Haven Suites: Wanted to visit this one, but was already fully booked. You like luxury and a clean aesthetic with great service? This is the place
  • La Reserve 1785: Just opened in March 2022, it’s new, has all the traditional Bali vibes and is 5 star +
  • Hotel Tugu Bali: Perfect for couples with wooden villas with Balinese architecture and gardens

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Food in Canggu

If you’re a foodie, then just book the ticket and head straight to Canggu. I do not even know what my favorite restaurant here, just because I have to many! I’ve had my best wagyu stake here, but also the best Pad Thai, and I did not even mention the local warungs (read more here)! This place is food heaven.

The best cafes in Canggu

  • ZIN Cafe: healthy dishes, juices and coffee! (this is also a co-working place and gym)
  • BAKED: Scrambled eggs and sourdough bread are you’re new go-to
  • Crate cafe: A lot of options for breakfast and lunch (nothing fancy but go here for the food)
  • Lima by Bali: The coffee here is great and the pancakes! (also bonus: view of the rice fields)
  • Rise & Shine Cafe: Order the breakfast burrito here and you’re full until the evening

The best restaurants in Canggu

  • Skool Kitchen: Did someone say charcoal grill? Open flame kitchen combined with killer cocktails
  • Penny Lane: Beer Battered Truffle fries and great burgers but also healthy bowls and the best rice paper rolls!
  • Bangkok Hustle Thai Food: The best Pad Thai, need I say more?
  • Moana Fish Eatery: Tahitian kitchen and if you like ceviche this is your place
  • Lola’s Cantina Mexicana: great food, great cocktails and nice atmosphere (make reservation)

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Things to do in Canggu

Top Things to do in Canggu

When it comes to things to do, Canggu has something for everyone. There are plenty of activities to keep you busy during your stay. Let’s learn about some of them:

  1. Have fun at the Beach Clubs

Canggu’s beach clubs almost perfectly face west; therefore, it is unquestionable that the sunsets there are breathtaking. Obtain a sundowner at one of the many beach clubs, such as La Brisa or Old Man’s, or simply get a Bintang and sit on the sand with your friends. 

  • Visit Finns Beach Recreation Club

If you are in Canggu in Bali and not visiting Finns Beach Club you are missing out on massive entertainment. The club is an ultimate party venue where you can play tennis, swim in the swimming pool, get a body massage and taste the food at multiple restaurants and cafés.

  • The Lawn Beach Club

The Lawn Club is located directly on Echo Beach. The beach club area is available for visitors to share food and drinks while listening to the waves crashing on Canggu’s black sand beach. I’ve spend my days here and the service and food is great.

Outside of the holiday season, it is definitely worthwhile to spend the minimum amount.

  • La Barisa Bali 

One of the top locations in Bali to watch the sunset is at La Brisa Bali, which is situated on Echo Beach. You can swim in their pool in the afternoon, then, as dusk falls, pick a wonderful position and take in the scenery while sipping a drink or beverage.

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  1. Learn and experience Surfing 

Surfing in Canggu, particularly Batu Bolong, is a breeze. Kayaks of all sizes can be rented for $3.50 for two hours, and if you’re not confident about just hopping in the water to learn, a skilled instructor and surf guide cost €20-€25 for two hours, which is incredibly cheap compared to anywhere else in the world. You can also try wind and kitesurfing in Canggu.

  1. Visit Pura Tanah Lot Temple

One of the must-do activities in Canggu is a visit to Pura Tanah Lot. The Bali Sea gods are still worshipped at Tanah Lot, even though it is immensely popular with foreign visitors all day. Convenient walkways and well-kept tropical gardens traverse the fields from Tanah Lot to Batu Bolong, with relaxation spots affording shadows and good perspectives to both outcrops. There are art shops straight in front of the temple to buy artistic stuff.

Want to visit more temples? Read more here about Ubud and Uluwatu

  1. Explore Graffiti

Canggu is home to many gifted artists who frequently create murals throughout the city. Even more, street artists from across the world visit Canggu to add to the scene. Explore the area and pick out your favorite item. You can rent a motorbike or a scooter to look for the best street art in the places like:

  • Batu Bolong Beach
  • Jalan Batu Belig
  • Pantai Batu Bolong
  • Outside Old Man’s
  • Jalan Pantai Berawa

» Check out all hotels & villas in Canggu

  1. Shop at La Laguna Gypsy Market 

Shopping at La Laguna is another great thing to do in Canggu. The market is full of a wide variety of items including clothes, food, spices, and other household items. You can also enjoy live music while shopping and having food at some restaurants. There are also great boutiques with beautiful and unique bikinis, great linnen pieces and beautiful jewelry.

♥ Want to go interior shopping like I did? Go to Seminyak


No matter what and when you choose to go to this great place, I hope this guide filled with tips of the top things to do in Canggu will help you out when you visit this place for the (first or second) time. Are you looking to travel further in Bali? Make sure to read our articles about Uluwatu too (world-class waves), go up the mountains and off beaten track in Amed or go to the best beaches in Seminyak. Want to visit the most beautiful rice fields and experience you’re own eat-pray-love moment? Go to Ubud.

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