Best cities for a city trip in Europe 2024

Since you all know I love traveling through Europe so much, I get this question a lot: ‘What are the best cities for a city trip in Europe 2024′? So I thought it was high time to make a list of my top five favorite cities for a city trip. So here’s a rundown of my favorites: Budapest, Madrid, Copenhagen, Paris and of course my hometown Amsterdam. Budapest for the historic buildings and history, Madrid for it’s gorgeous Plaza Mayor and the Royal Palace. Copenhagen to visit Nyhavn and Paris doesn’t really need an explanation or does it? And yes, my hometown Amsterdam which in my humble opinion doesn’t need an explanation either.

Disagree? Then quickly read on because I can tell you all about the best cities for a city trip in Europe with either your bestie, boyfriend or why not your whole family! Let’s travel the world again shall we?

hidden gems in Madrid
View of the Metropolis Building and Gran Via from the Circulo de Bellas Artes rooftop at sunset, in Madrid, Spain


Gorgeous spas, monumental buildings and let’s not forget the stunning architecture: Budapest has it all! This beautiful city is the capital of Hungary and is to say the least; very Instagrammable. There are ten best things to do: Vajdahunyad Castle, Hungarian parlement, Szechenyi thermal bath, nine bridges, Danube river, castle hill, heroes square, ruin pubs, Matthias church and fisherman’s bastion. My favorite? For sure the Danube river where I took a 2 hour cruise to enjoy the beautiful sights of Budapest. From here you can see all the famous landmarks and it’s as cool to see during the day as romantic in the evening.

♥ Read more about 10 best things to do and where to stay in Budapest


Madrid is the capital of Spain and the fifth largest city in Europe and in more than one way an amazing city to visit. To start, this city doesn’t feel as big as others and it’s quite intimate and really has that authentic Spanish vibe. It has very beautiful architecture and art across the city. Salamanca, Chamartín and Camberí are the best areas for a modern and cosmopolitan atmosphere. There is a lot to do in Madrid and apart from the main couple of spots like Plaza Mayor, the Royal Palace or Puerto de Sol it has so much more to offer. Try to find the hidden gems in Madrid and go for an authentic flamenco show (not the ones on the street, please), take a break in casa de campo, go on a tapas crawl on Calle Ponzano and more. Get lost in this city with your bestie or your lover. Madrid has everything to offer!

10 Hidden gems in Madrid


Not afraid of the cold? And are you in to discover the capital of Denmark? Then you should definitely try and visit Copenhagen. This city is increasing in popularity every year. This city is friendly and vibrant and you can experience hygge in the streets of the old city. Make some pictures of the colorful houses in the harbor of Nyhavn and discover the beautiful architect of the Amalienborg Palace. Amelienborg and Frederiks Kirke are also definitely worth visiting. Want to know more about my experience? Quickly read one for my 48 hours in Copenhagen.


Are you dreaming of Paris and looking for the perfect 48 hour guide? Paris is a city that has SO much to entertain, that it can be hard to choose. I have visited Paris 5 times, and normally spend 48-72 hours visiting the beautiful museums, exploring the different arrondissements (neighborhoods), and enjoying the amazing and ever-evolving food and beverage scene. However, my greatest joy in Paris comes from roaming the charming boulevards, gardens and The Seine River. While in Paris, my tote is always fully equipped with croissants, fruit and a beverage. You never know when you’ll be inspired to enjoy a picnic! Plus, some of my favorite Parisian moments weren’t planned- they happened while I was out for a stroll.  

» Tip: Carry a tote, or bring a foldable bag. Find a bakery or market near your hotel in Paris to grab your daily delicious essentials.

food & cocktail Paris


There is so much to do in Amsterdam from the best shops, the best restaurants and there is even more fun to do and see. Amsterdam is famous for it’s nightlife and for a good reason. You have some of the best dj’s coming from here, playing at the coolest clubs. But that’s not all; we’re also very big on art and museum. Go to Rijksmuseum for example and while you’re at it enjoy some of the world’s cuisines. Visit a concert or festival or go cycling through the city center along the canals. For sure this will be a lovely sight to be seen. My best tip? Go and rent a small boat to guide you through the canals, it’s my favorite thing to do and why this is one of the best cities for a city trip in Europe for sure!

» Be aware, as every city Amsterdam can be expensive. Read more here for the free things to do!

My favorite hotels in the best cities for a city trip in Europe

So where to stay would be your next question. I’ll make my list per city where I’ve stayed and where I would love to stay. Also do keep in mind some cities are more budget friendly and some cities you just have to look for the right time to travel. If you want to splurge, go to Copenhagen, Paris or Amsterdam. Want to go more budget opt for Budapest or Madrid. Are you planning to go on a female solo trip? Or want to know more about it? Definitely read our blog for the 16 best tips for solo travel! Table for one please and meet new people and these cities are the best cities for a solo city trip in Europe!

Budapest: If you’re in Budapest, go for an apartment because there are many good ones for a nice price for an ideal citytrip. Some of my favorites: InnerCity Apartments, Spacious Evergreen Apartment, d.Five Elizabeth Garden Apartment.
Madrid: Looking for a hotel in the city center with sky bar? Go to Riu Plaza España. Next time I go to Dear Hotel Madrid for sure, the view and the rooftop pool is just to die for. Want to visit a hotel that embodies Madrid for me? Visit and look at hotel Preciados.
Copenhagen: My person favorite? 71 Nyhavn hotel, housed in 2 converted warehouses in the Nyhavn District. Loving that 19th century? Go to Ascot Hotel (4 star). My budget-proof tip? Go to Good Morning City Copenhagen.
Paris: When you’re in Paris, you’re hotel should embodies this city as well in my opinion. So visit Hotel Beauchamps, Hotel de L’Esperance or Hotel Lutetia. All on my wishlist for next time, in typical Parisian buildings, with beautiful architecture and great locations.
Amsterdam: Our budget tip? Go to Hotel Luxer, situated right in the city center with all the Amsterdam vibes you’ll need. Want to visit the Jordaan area? Go to hotel Mr. Jordaan. Want to splurge? Go to NH Krasnapolsky (5 star), Hyatt Regency or Pulitzer Amsterdam.


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