5x most beautiful hotels in cultural Yogyakarta

In Yogyakarta you will find so many beautiful hotels that it will be difficult to choose. Staying in only one of these hotels is already such a treat. If you’re looking for the 5x most beautiful hotels in cultural Yogyakarta this list is going to help you for sure.

The absolute great thing of Java is that it is relatively cheap compared to the rest of Indonesia. Of course it depends on what budget you have so at every hotel, I have added the rates so that you can see the ones that are budget proof. My visit to the beautiful cultural Yogyakarta was part of my Trip of Wonders trip throughout Indonesia, read more about it here.

5x most beautiful hotels in cultural Yogyakarta

Hotel Phoenix:

This is the hotel I’ve stayed two nights in, with a room directly located at the pool. Do you see yourself lying there in the sun already? I sure do! For breakfast you find yourself in a quiet garden, so peaceful and head to the hotel bar later for the best cocktails ever.

Adress:  Jl Jenderal Sudirman 9, Jogjakarta
Rooms: 143 with terrace or balcony

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The Westlake Resort  

Are you looking for a hotel close to the cultural Yogyakarta? Then this is your hotel! This lovely hotel has a beautiful pool and is located directly on the West Ring Road. This hotel is elegant and has everything to refresh your body and mind. Choose one of the 7 room types and travel from here to Borobudur, Tamansari and Candi Prambanan.

Adress: Jl. Ringroad Barat, Bedog Trihanggo Sleman Yogyakarta 
Rooms: 125

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Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta Hotel

Are you looking for a hotel where you can relax completely? This is best done at Hyatt Regency, from a wonderfully comfortable room overlooking the tropical garden and pool. The spacious rooms and suites offer ultimate comfort. This 22-acre garden has beautiful gardens, a jungle and a nine-hole golf course. You will also find restaurants and of course a spa. If this is not one of the 5x most beautiful hotels in cultural Yogyakarta, please tell me more.

Adress:  Jalan Palagan Tentara Pelajar, Yogyakarta
Rooms: 269 

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Hotel Harper Malioboro

In the heart of Yogyakarta you will find the Harper Malioboro hotel, number 3 in the list of the 5x most beautiful hotels in cultural Yogyakarta. Why? This hotel is both rustic and modern and cozy at the same time and the perfect place to stay.

Adress: Jl. P. Mangkubumi No.52, Gowongan, Kec. Jetis, Yogyakarta
Rooms: 131

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Hotel Harper Malioboro review

Yogyakarta Marriott Hotel

Do you want to feel like a princess? Then this is your hotel. Luxury awaits here at our last hotel on our 5 x most beautiful hotel list. Very close to Pramabanan Temple and Borodur Temple you can unwind in this luxury hotel. Unwind at the beautiful outdoor pool with Javanese touches, the fitness center, the relaxing spa and two amazing restaurants. Staying at a Marriott hotel is always a pleasure and this one is so high on our list. 

Adress: Jalan Ringroad Utara, Condong Catur, Yogyakarta
Rooms: 347

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Yogyakarta Marriott Hotel review

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