Scary roads to Cap de Formentor


There are three words to describe Formentor and that are: wild, rough and full of gaps. Scary roads lead to Cap de Formentor is all the way up on the Island on the North-East side. You can’t be scared of heights or something because then it will be your worst nightmare. When you go from Pollença to Formentor the first road up is already pretty high and it keeps on coming. Formentor is undoubtedly one of the most impressive highlights: 13 km long, up to 44 m high and it goes steep down into the sea. This softly expressed ‘adventurous road’ leads to the lighthouse ‘Cap de Formentor’.

Scary roads lead to Cap de Formentor

During your trip to the lighthouse you have several look out points where you can stop and enjoy the view. The first one, is in my opinion the most impressive and largest stop. You can walk aaaaaal the way up high and have an amazing view over the see, the cliffs and Formentor.

Mind your step, mind your step, mind your step. You could think I’m kidding, but i’m actually not. The steps are small and where everything would be secured and have a nice little fence around the path in Holland, in Formentor definitely not. So mind your step, before you fall of the cliffs:)

The road to the lighthouse isn’t only popular for people who rented a car but even more for all the cyclist and people who love to hike. I keep amazing myself off all the cyclists who are driving without fear. And the cars trying to manoeuvre their way around them.
Below you’ll find pictures from the road to the lighthouse. When you’ve reached the lighthouse you’ll find a nice little restaurant where you can rest and enjoy the view. You can also buy nice little souvenirs to remind you of the trip. Also one of the main reasons, I went was that it was possible to see Menorca. Because when the sky is clear, it is possible!

Enjoy my wanderers!:)

Is the road closed to Cap de Formentor?

In the summer of 2018 the government of Mallorca disallowed he acces for private cars to drive up to the lighthouse. This blogpost was written long before that so that’s why I drove there.

♥ Read more in another article I wrote about the new rules and how to get there here.

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