Where to Eat – my favorite restaurants in Komiza

Komiza may be small, but the restaurant selection will leave your eyes, and your tastebuds satisfied. I found that fresh seafood is plentiful, the pizza on the island is exceptional, and there are enough stunning views of the Adriatic Sea to go around. Keep reading to hear about my favorite Croatian dishes, and where you should eat in Komiza – Vis Island.

My favorite restaurants in Komiza – where to eat

  • Pizzeria Charlie
  • Konoba Bako
  • Robinzon’s
  • Konoba Jastozera 
  • Dal mare Restaurant

Where to Eat in Komiza- Vis Island: Pizzeria Charlie

For my first night on the island I was set on finding a casual dinner with a view. I was starting to feel the jet lag, but I was also bright eyed and so happy to finally be in Komiza! 

My apartment was about a 5 minutes walk to the port where I went looking for food and a great view. A place on the boardwalk caught my eye that was perfect for people watching, and right in front of the sailboats. They swayed back and forth gently on the Adriatic Sea. Behind them? Tree covered Mountains that painted one of the prettiest backdrops I have ever seen.

Pizza and Wine- what a duo!

At Pizzeria Charlie, I ordered a salad, pizza, and my first glass of Vugava Wine. Vugava is a Croatian varietal made on the island of Vis that became my go to while I was on the island. Can you believe that a glass of wine was only 2 Euro? Chicago could never!

Speaking of Chicago- Living there all my life, I know a thing or two about pizza. And let me tell you- their Neapolitan style pizza was delicious and really hit the spot. I couldn’t have asked for a better first meal, as it seems they know something about pizza in Croatia as well!

Gelato and a sunset

I watched the sunset, sighed and smiled at least a half dozen times before wandering over to peruse the gelato shop which was conveniently perched on the boardwalk. How could I not? And so I enjoyed my first cone of many- with 2 different flavors of gelato of course. 

Where to Eat in Komiza- Vis Island: Konoba Bako

Tucked away just off of the pier and down the stairs you will discover Konoba Bako. This restaurant has a beautiful terrace right on the water with a gorgeous view of Komiza, Bisevo island, and a few sailboats in the near distance. 

I happily sat right next to the water and positioned myself so I could take in the water in Vis is so clean and clear- and the air was so refreshing. As an asthmatic who hails from a big city, the quality of air in Vis was quite shocking!

Fresh air and Fresh Seafood

As a welcome, they sent out their Tuna Pate. Oh so fresh and smooth, they seasoned it with sardines and capers. The perfect match. To drink, I ordered a glass of Vugava- my favorite Croatian White that gave my tastebuds a balanced and refreshing brightness that would keep me coming back to it again and again- I’m not one to mess with a good thing.

Scampi Buzara | where to eat in Komiza

For my main dish I ordered the Scampi Buzara.  It was served with a thicker cut spaghetti which was  perfectly al dente- all swimming in a sea of white buzara. White Buzara is a white wine and herb sauce.

» Keep reading below to learn more about the origins of Buzara and what makes it so special.

The scampi in Europe is always quite the adventure for this American. I had a fork, a prong cutter, and an elegant pick all to help me get every single bit of goodness out of this beautifully messy and delicious dish. And did I mention the bib I wore? I am not afraid of getting dirty when it comes to amazing food.  

Eating Scampi- the delicious last step

Years ago when I was in Italy I was taught how to eat Scampi straight from the Sea, and if you are brave enough- don’t forget to suck on the opening of the Scampi head. It’s salty and SO delicious. You may even impress the wait staff! My waitress at Konoba Bako passed me by- mid act- and waved her finger in the air while giving me a resounding “Good!” What a lovely human being- she was so kind to me.

A sunset Barbie would approve of

As I finished my meal, using the bread to sop up all of the buzara I could handle, the sun was setting over the island in a way that Barbie would approve of. Perfectly pink and vibrant. The clouds were spraying across the sky with splashes of white, pinks and a dark purple delights- with different shades of blue playing the part of a beautiful canvas.  

This stunning work of art continued to evolve as time went on, and so I raised a glass of Vugava to travel, to Croatia, and to my school year being over.  Always grateful to have these moments to eat delicious food, discover new wine, and enjoy it all while I watch the sun set over a mountain top. 

Where to Eat in Komiza- Vis Island: Robinzon’s

Robinzon’s is known for their Barbeque, and I’m not talking about Barbeque sauce- which I always tend to think of first. How American of me! But I digress. When I walked in, it gave me some deep South, down home American Barbeque vibes. Especially with it’s red checkered tablecloths and their own version of wooden picnic tables.  

If you have never had Tennessee, North Carolina, or Texas Barbeque, let me tell you that these details are a direct lineage! And as I sat in this casual space smelling that unmistakeable smoky aroma of food on the barbie, I couldn’t help but ponder how things came to be all over the world.

Squid on the Barbie

Here on the island of Vis, I would not be eating chicken or pork on the grill like I do at home- but Squid! I had squid (or calamari) many different ways while in Komiza, and every time I was shocked by the perfect firmness and flavor. This was no different and was charred to perfection.  And with french fries on the side I had a glass of Vugava that complimented the smokiness nicely.

Wanting to experience one more dish, I went for the sardines, which remind me of smelt fishing with my Dad when I was a kid.  It was always so much fun- a wonderful experience that I cherish- except when it came to touching those slippery little suckers. But once fried up? So good, but you had to know how to eat them.  

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Wait- How do you eat that?

And so when the barbequed sardines came out I felt like that kid again! Delighted, yet just a little scared. So I asked my waitress to help me navigate this cute little fish. She happily obliged, we had a good laugh, and I went on to enjoy a few last bites of Robinzon’s Barbeque. Never let a question of how to eat something stop you from trying. Ask for help, and I guarantee that your vulnerability will be embraced and the new flavors will be worth it!

My meal ended with a bowl of lemon water to clean my hands, and an orange liqueur. I do love the meal ending tradition of a liqueur- and orange was just another sweet ending to add to my list.

Where to Eat in Komiza- Vis Island: Konoba Jastozera 

Konoba Jastozera is quite well known for their lobsters, but also for their star table that was featured in the film Mamma Mia 2. Wanting to see it for myself, I made my way to the restaurant, hobbling along with a broken toe, a smile and an appetite! As I approached the restaurant, I met one of the many cats of the island-who seemed to constantly be posing, looking for a belly rub, or posturing for their next meal.  

As I walked in there was a lobster tank to my right,  To my left, a clear view of the port of Komiza, and straight ahead, a sailboat in clear view. Oh and a fig tree greeting me as well- which will come into play at the end of my meal.

Stuffed Calamari for the unexpected win

I ordered Vugava, stuffed Calamari (lord help me) and a side of grilled vegetables. My waiter Igor was kind and patient- I’m grateful for his insight with the questions I asked him. To start? A Tuna pate as a welcome which put the freshness of the tuna on display- no other flavors needed. I paired it with the Vugava- did I mention how much I adore this wine? I swear I tried other things.

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Rugged Romance for One

From the wooden tables and chairs to the wooden beams of this beautiful terrace all surrounded by a fortress of rock. I remember being struck by the majesty of the mountains and the sound of the waves crashing a bit harder on that day due to the wind. And the idea that there were lobsters swimming in the tank next to me was just so fun yet a bit terrifying at the same time! Even as a solo diner, I felt like I was on a hot yet somehow very mysterious date. Konoba Jastozera is rugged romance to be sure. 

Grill Masters

For my vegetable, I was served grilled zucchini, with tomatoes and peppers. The Grill gave it a rustic flavor that also brought out the sweetness and the special qualities of each of the veggies that only a grill can bring to the surface. 

The calamari was stuffed with cheese …kinda like a smoked provolone or a Swiss. Plus prosciutto.  When I asked Igor what the cheese was he playfully scoffed that it was a secret. Eventually I came to find that it was indeed a Trappist Croatian cow cheese bringing me all of this yumminess.

The charcoal AND wood fired grill cooked the calamari to peak firmness- and the flavors the grill gave were immaculate yet quite gentle. It just adds so much to the flavor profile of this meal-plus the melted cheese and prosciutto? I can STILL taste the way they all came together in melty delicious harmony. 


The Star Table

My advice is to make a reservation early in order to dine at the star table that was featured in Mamma Mia 2. Otherwise, I promise that the views are beautiful from every angle, so if you aren’t lucky enough to enjoy your meal there- you may be able to snag a picture like I did.

To end my evening, Igor brought me a glass of Fig Liquor made from the Fig tree at the doorway. 

Where to Eat in Komiza- Vis Island: Dal Mare Restaurant

Restaurant Dal Mare is sunny, welcoming, and my favorite place on the island to enjoy Al fresco dining under the shade. The restaurant is on the port, and so close to the water that I could throw a stone and hear it kerplunk from my chair.  

An ambiance like no other

I cannot express the peaceful feeling I felt as I enjoyed a meal, or just a glass of wine as I watched the small boats slowly bounce back and forth behind the stunning backdrop of sailboats, stone houses and burnt orange rooftops. Amongst the mountains and the sea, this gives the port of Komiza an ambiance like no other.

A space that’s Bright and so Pomallo

There may be white table cloths on the tables at Restaurant Dal Mare, but the vibe is very pomalllo.  Pomalo is a word AND a way of life in Vis that means to take life at a slow and easy pace.  With accents that reminded me of the lemons here on the island to music that had gentle movement, I loved sitting on the comfy yellow chairs at the front of the restaurant enjoying a bite to eat with a view. 

Besides my apartment, this was my happy place. 

Where and what to Eat in Komiza- Vis Island: The Octopus Salad

On one occasion, I had the Octopus salad for lunch.  This salad was just as beautiful to the eye as it was to the palate. The octopus was soft yet firm-  mixed in with tomatoes, fresh greens and white onion.   The flavor? Lemony lightness with the onion delivering a little bite to compliment the tartness.  Another Croatian specialty, this summery fresh dish was so delicious I could probably eat it every day for the rest of my life and be quite happy.

Red Buzara and Mussels

I also enjoyed mussels in a light red buzara sauce many times.  Red Buzara is another Croatian specialty that is simplistic magnificence! It will have you asking for more bread so you can scoop up every last saucy morsel.  I also recommend squeezing lemon on the buzara before digging in – it really makes the flavor pop. 

Cooking is one of my favorite past times, as is cooking with different cultural flavors in mind. Food and culture saunter through this world as a team, and even if they gain inspiration from other places- the root ingredients and mindset tends to stay the same.  With that being said, I was set on learning more about Buzara so I could bring it into my own kitchen at home in Chicago.

How do you make Buzara? An interview.

With the help of my new friend Dragana, the friendliest hostess on the island, and one of the brightest lights I have ever met! I was connected with Jure, the owner of Restaurant Dal Mare, so I could learn more.

Jure told me that a classic red buzara sauce “is made with olive oil, onion, garlic, tomato, and parsley. It goes best with shrimp, seafood, and shellfish.” I myself had enjoyed the red buzara with mussels, and a crusty bread of course.

I also tried the white buzara with Scampi, which Jure explained “is made with white wine, breadcrumbs, onions, garlic, and parsley.” White Buzara is mostly served with shellfish, and he warned to take the saltiness of the sauce into account, especially after salting your seafood.

A Specialty of the Dalmatian Coast

My curiosity of Buzara also revolved around where it originated. Was this a Croatian specialty? Or more of a specialty on the island of Vis? Jure explained that “Buzara is a speciality of the Dalmatian coast,” which is “the Croatian Adriatic coastal area” that includes “Vis and the other islands.”

It is also “believed the word buzara originates from the Venetian (Italian) word for a cauldron that fishermen used to prepare freshly caught seafood. Dalmatians invented the 2 types of white and red buzara, so it’s a Croatian technique.”

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The Komiška pogača, or Komizan Pie

“For Vis island and, more precisely, the Komiza city, we highlight our Komiška pogača. The pie is “dough filled with sardines, buzara, and salty sauce.”

Ah yes the Komiza pie! A simple yet delicious piece of the island’s history that begs the questions. What could be better than dough stuffed with delicious things when you are hungry? And when the ingredients are from the island of Vis? Nothing compares.

The secret to the sauce

And speaking of Vis. Why is it that the Buzara I make at home is not the same as the Buzara I enjoy in Croatia? And so I asked Jure to tell me his secrets…

“We make traditional dishes with special love. “That kind of dish is the most difficult to make because they already have their own soul.” <sigh>. My heart!

Where to Eat in Komiza- Vis Island: Final thoughts

And with that, I hope you are truly starting to grasp how special the island of Vis is. Their cuisine is based in simplicity. Yet because of the climate of the Dalmation coast, and the way Croatians understand how to enhance what nature has blessed them with, their food really does shine. I hope you enjoyed reading about where to eat in Komiza- Vis island. Don’t forget to favorite these restaurants on Google Maps!


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